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YE 39

YE 39 is the in-character Yamataian Calendar year that aligned with 2017. It began on January 1, 2017 and ended December 31, 2017.


The start of YE 39 lines up with the start of AR 942 on the Iromakuanhe Calendar.

Notable Events


Flag of the Yamatai Star Empire
Yamatai Star Empire

In YE 39, Yamatai is fighting the Kuvexian War.


Star Army

Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia


The Union

 Flag of the Union
Gartagen Union

  • Empress Aunsla M'iusht Vishtais liberated from Imprisonment By Heram J. Wazu, offers marriage as a reward.
  • Gartagen Civil War advances to the Union achieving upper hand.
  • Ujia B'huakitab Bronzi A'soongao named hand of the Empress—the first in 3 generations.
  • Official contact with Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth made.
  • Gartagen Union declares war on the Lorath Matriarchy.
  • War with Lorath Matriarchy ends with Nepleslian annexation of Matriarchy.
  • Relations with Yamatai and Yamatai's Treaty With The Gartagen Union fortified, due to Yamatai's rush to the Union's defense.
  • Diplomatic relations with The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Resumed.
  • Civilian colony of Su'kan founded.
  • Contact with Su'kan lost months later
  • Technological development occurs, with Gartagen Powered Armor in development.
  • Gartagen long-range communications intercepted a Kuvexian battle plan.
  • Operation UIFA forms after Fleet Marshal Quamerat Eesis contacted several galactic powers.
  • The United Interstellar Fleet of Allies defends the Ambassadorial space station of Nibiru from the Kuvexian fleet that first forced the fleet itself to form.
  • The Gartagen Union and the Vekimen Defense Task Force merged, forming a country called simply 'The Union'. Now Vekimen have citizen rights, as well as a seat on the council. The VDTF is considered a vassal.

The Constitutional Dominion of Erseetu

 Flag of the Dominion
Constitutional Dominion Of Ersetu

  • Frigate HMS Nemesis recommissioned and deployed to patrol the northwestern trade routes.
  • Line of Battle Ship HMS Harleach Castle completed and commissioned, tasked with venturing out of Ersetu space and exploring beyond the western frontier.


The Uso's Star Organization starts exploring the west. Van Banning and her associates make an attempt to trigger a Nepleslian Intervention into the west by using Alex Tasuki's mental implants to cause a massacre.

The The 4th Great Elysian Celestial Empire helps to cover this up, not wanting the Nepleslians to encroach upon the west. At the same time Raphael's mother makes a play for controlling 188604. Though this is stopped, the Uso's Star Organization is left in a precarious position: Help the Elysians or deal with the Elysians' attempt to destroy them entirely instead of just taking over the planet.


  • Corgan Garret is named the new High Sheriff.
  • A strange report about crop circles alerted Uso to a string of disappearances. Corgan and his android girlfriend were dispatched to investigate the cause.
  • Koga Akemi returns after a good while, bringing new life and excitement back to the planet!!


 Flag of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth

Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth

Other Factions

New Technologies

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