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YE 41

YE 41 is the current in-character Yamataian Calendar year. It began on January 1, 2019.


Notable Events


Star Army Events

  • Mandatory review for the following Star Army ships and equipment:
  • Planned end-of-service for the following Star Army ships and equipment:
  • The YSS Kaiyō, built over two years ago, had the original mission of instigating the Kuvexian threat, though the ship's namesake, including the YSS Kaiyō II, has only had one direct encounter with Kuvexian forces. In a strong attempt to rectify that and re-align mission objectives with mission outcome, the YSS Kaiyō II began a tour of duty around and in Kuvexian space.
  • 2月 YE 41: White pants and tights no longer authorized for the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35


Nepleslian Events

New Technologies

These are some new technologies that debuted in YE 41.

  • None yet
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