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Damadian 72-6932-0441

72-6932-0441 is a player character played by Stubbledemu.

Damadian 72-6932-0441
Species & Gender: Male Freespacer
Date of Birth: 19日 7月 YE 27
Organization: monarchy_of_dovania
Occupation: Combat Medic/ MoD Representative
Rank: DRS-1 Knight Apprentice
Current Placement: Regiment 001

Physical Description

Damadian 72-6932-0441 is a Type 3 spacer android(around 90% synthetics), and thus he looks very much human for the mainly synthetic organism he is. 72 has a blue eye behind a permanently affixed goggle. 72's other eye is not visible, covered by a panel with a black screen, Which is wired to show expression based on that of the rest of his face. on the side of his head. His right arm and both hands are created of synthetic, yellowish skin, usable for fighting, grabbing, and as a dummy for IVs. 72's mouth is skin colored rubber, allowing him to show emotion if needed and not too uncanny. His forehead is a round dome, covered in green and blue wires plugged into various areas around his cranium. He is about 6 ft(1.8 m) tall, and weighs about 182lbs(82.5 kg). 72’s right leg is a very primordial prosthetic, with a red base and silver-colored foot, magnetic as to assist him with zero gravity. Overall, 72 is seen as one of the more biological Freespacers, with the majority of the lichen across his body covered beneath his clothes. The symbiotic organisms that are visible across his skin are a teal in color, protruding from his skin like fungus rather than mossy life forming tattoos or designs across his body.


While his previous personality was suppressed, Damadian 72 still has some sort of sympathy for that of the biological, mainly pertaining to humans or similar humanoids. Despite being a Freespacer, he doesn't like the religious 'spacers or unruly AI. It is unknown if the latter was done by the Monarchy or is a remain of his orginal attitude. He appears to be human in his attitude(except for the occasional errors), until the programming for the Hippocratic oath kicks in when he marks someone as [patient]. His actions follow the simple protocol: [If (action) benefits patient(or self if patient = 0), then do (action), else ignore (action)]. This is the code that 72 follows, programmed into him when he joined Regiment 001 in order to keep his AI in check, so he doesn’t betray his commanders or his Monarchy, a fate too common when employing Freespacers for tasks. Despite this limiting of effects, 72 still has traces of sympathy, although very limited. Damadian can appear cocky in how he speaks, however this is mainly do to his ability to analyze. This FTL analyzation, however, is slowed down exponentially to cause him to appear as if he is thinking. A lot of the time, this is 72 interfacing with his MMI. His voice makes up for it, as his voice is most comparable to 'a stereotypical army doctor/field surgeon.' Sometimes, especially when speaking to those that are of alien origin that are either his same rank or below, 72 gets agitated, verbally and minutely physically so. Before he was shipped out, he was reprimanded when a patient said that he knew he had a disease because they looked it up, prompting 72 to attack said patient with a scalpel. It has been said to be a technical error with his mainframe adjusting to the new Dovanian programming, however it could be his old self breaking out of the restrictions and firewalls.


72 was once a part of an infamous gang, the Vent Serpents, who would mainly sneak into cargo ships and jack the ships or the supplies in the Kovax System, using the orbit of Vandenberg as a major point for pirating. After the gang tried to heist “just another ship,” it was a sting as government agents burst out of everywhere and tried to kill the gang. Fortunately, almost all of the gang escaped with their lives, unfortunately, 72 was the exception. He was presumed killed, so they sold his body to a Nepleslian Medical Research station on orbit around a nearby moon. The station caught wind of his past for his data banks, and reprogrammed him to help those in need. The doctors and engineers replaced broken and missing parts, in order to give him “a second chance at life.” Because he was the first project of this program, he was very much a patchwork being in appearance, but not in programming, due to the aid of an advanced and very expensive personality matrix. 72 could analyze options based upon their value among a series of different programs, such as the Hippocratic oath, emotional meaning to others, and a sense of selfless duty. This frigate, however, crashed on the planet of Vandenberg. The crashed ship was stumbled upon by 72’s crew, however he had little recollection of their past due to being processed through a mental chop shop. Upon meeting of the pirates, 72 rejoined the gang, but with the sudden change of personality, they handed him over to the doctor of the crew. With the doctor of the pirate ship finding 72’s new medical roots, he assigned 72 with a job as a medic in order to readjust to the pirate lifestyle. As the pirates discovered the uselessness of the human doctor and prior tensions pertaining two of them, these two conspired to kill him. 72 tried to stop this, but the doctor was gravely injured, so 72, listing the doctor as a patient, killed the two of the pirate crew, however, the doctor was killed and the remaining two fled on an escape pod. Being stranded in the middle of the Western Frontier, 72 was picked up by a Monarchy of Dovania patrol. After the Monarchy took 72, he was instated into their ranks and his programmed medical knowledge was put to use. 72 continues to recall his past gradually.

Skills Learned


From his reprogramming into a medical spacer, 72 now knows genetics and xenobiology in order to help his now deceased crew, which composed of both humans and biological humanoids.


Through training with the doctor of his old crew, Damadian 72 learned how to create new substances in order to create helpful organic and inorganic compounds.


As one of the most important languages in the universe, 72 can read, write, and speak Trade. In order to integrate 72 into the Monarchy of Dovania, he was 'taught' the native language, meaning he can read, write, and speak Xuno. Being a Freespacer, 72 can speak and read Six Cog and Freefolk, meaning he also uses the terminology. Can read and write Binary.


Can use hand to hand combat and weaponry(prefers scattershot). Damadian 72 learned the skill of combat when he was with the Vent Serpents, at that time he wasn’t a doctor but gunner. Due to the Nepleslian medical facility planning to use him for front lines in the future, they left in this skill, but limited it so he cannot initiate combat.


Is proficient in psychology and sociology.

Medical & Science

From the medical facility, 72 learned to do surgery and first aid, and learned pathology. Being in the Nepleslian system at the time, 72 also learned the Nepleslian 7-Line system. With his being a Freespacer, 72 knows moderately about cybernetics and endosymbiosis. He has the equivalent of EMS training.

Technology Operation

Being on a star ship before he was 'reborn,' 72 could use computers and networking, a trait that the doctors and engineers didn't think of erasing.

==== = Social Connections

72-6932-0441 is connected to:

With the amount of reprogramming Damadian 72 has gone through, mainly regarding his memory, the memory of his Mothership is buried beneath a seemingly impenetrable firewall, however, with the trend of 72 regaining his memory, it could be that one day he may remember his place of birth.

While 72 has no family, he sees the deceased doctor, who's name appears in his hard drive as [01100110 01100001 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010 0001010], a name he was always remember. As for the rest of his pirate crew, near the beginning he felt as if he remembered them fondly, but through their disdain for the crew's doctor, he realized that they either had changed, or himself had changed, for better or worse. The two of the rest of the pirate crew(categorized as IK and SY) were killed by Damadian after the injury of the doctor. One person who 72 had a strong connection to before his mind wipe was a person labeled in his programming known as [BF].


Inventory & Finance

72-6932-0441 has the following:

Standard issue clothing and equipment


Trike Compact Assault Shotgun(Holographic Sight, Sling)

Galactic Horizon Scatter-Shots(92 rounds) Galactic Horizon Slugs(100 rounds)


Laser scalpel

Constriction band

Liquid bandage 3 in(4)




72-6932-0441 currently has 567 DT.

OOC Information

This page was created by stubbledemu on 11, 02 2018 at 12:47 using the Character Template Form.

In the case stubbledemu becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
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