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Aashi Nath Werner

Aashi Nath Werner is a player character played by Ametheliana.

Aashi Nath Werner
Species & Gender: Iromakuanhe
Year of Birth: AR 886/ -12 YE
Organization: Hlaraian
Occupation: Privateer Hired by the Astral Vanguard
Rank: Captain
Current Placement: Ulyshi

Physical Description

She is 6' and weighs 150 lbs, with a 32DD bust and weighs more than she looks due to her species' superior bone structure being denser and quartz-like. She has the common blue eyes of her people, the Hylaraian of the Iromakuanhe. Her thick hair falls to her waist and begins as a deep black that soon fades to a twilight blue on the lower half. Her skin is the color of burnt sienna, a warm brown color that only her people could make look this good.

She is wiry and tall, with thin ankles, wrists, even knees and thin elbows and shoulders, and especially waist. She has large, jutting hips and breasts that are themselves, too, large, but appear small in proportion to her wide hips. From each Iroma twisting, thick, smooth horns push past their temples and above their head. Over the years fluorescent material will build up in the cones of the eyes of Iroma and they will take on a much brighter hue, making her eyes an even lighter hue, almost completely icy blue.

Exoskeleton plates cover a good portion of the body and the spine juts out a bit because of this. Along the plates on her body are small ports for receiving medicine and interfacing with organic machinery. On her neck, for instance, there are four. They close up when not in use to prevent injury. The plates that cover them run all along their body to in blue lines. These blue lines reflect the geometry of her body and are tertiary in design on her. She has tattoos the same color as these lines on her body, on her face and they are in the pattern of lines on the bottom of her cheeks.

Beneath her skin, like all Iroma, she has a neural clusters that let her share information with anyone dense enough in the neural cluster department to receive it within a .25 meter radius. This grants her touch-based empathy and intuitive understanding of nervous systems by being able to understand them fully. Iromakuanhe’s empathy is a two way channel as they don’t “feel” another so much as “share” with them, making them vulnerable to psionic or telepathic attacks. She is also able to share dreams because of this.


She was born to a people that are the result of a symbiotic relationship between Makuori and human colonists. It is apparent in every facets of her being that she is the mixture of the two, very different peoples. The average Iroma is driven by the goal to seek out the knowledge within their nation, but she is determined to find it elsewhere. They are also understanding that blind obedience is dangerous to themselves as solitary beings and as a group, as she demonstrated by taking flight of her home planet in search and conquest.

Among the many years locked away, she developed a strong personality than greets everyone that meets it warmly, and speaks to them coolly to the base of their being. As a pirate, though, she has to put on many different faces to survive, and can be uncouth when the need arrises as well as hot-headed and temperamental if called for, but she is always in the utmost control of herself.

She may sometimes be naive, as many of her race sometimes are, but she, nor they, are ever ignorant.


Pre RP

The long solar cycle of the planets the Iroma inhabit does wonders for their appearances and thus, there is a slight difference in the actual biological age versus the one their appearance exudes. Not only that, their bodies do not begin the aging process until they have reached their 60's, which is 90 YE. They look much younger than many other species do at their age, biologically as well. For instance, she is 66 in Yamataian years but looks younger than 25, if that. The current year in the Iromakuanhe calendar is 936 and she is 50, having been born in the AR year 886. The Yamataian calendar puts her birth year at 12 years before the calendar started, or -12. Her people live well into their 100's, topping off around 150 AR years.

She was born on a verdant planet of Hlarai, a place where the people are altruistic and good-natured in a tropical, canal-citied world. She spent her childhood there with her mother, father, and twin sister, as nearly 30% of births for the Iroma are twins.

At 16 AR years, she was exposed to Cohronl culture as she explored the Iroma planets and off planet space stations and Iromakuanhe Arcology biospheres on vacation one year when she was growing into young adulthood. The idea of exploring the outer systems more fully, to grow in knowledge and understanding outside of her own sphere of influence was exhilarating to her. When she returned to her family with the good news of her life decisions, they turned her choices down instantly. Before her new Cohronl friends could leave her planet, she hitched a ride and so began a new life for Aashi Nath, one that ended a few weeks later with her in a cell. There she sat for 15 years, spending most of her early adulthood there. Thankfully her people have an extremely extended middle adulthood, or she would have spent a good part of her life being locked away.

She spent that time honing the inherent mental capacities of her species. The systematic disposal of all unwarranted thoughts and energies within her system was overwhelmingly productive for her mental capacities. Anything unnecessary to perfect cognitive and psychological functioning were expelled and the likelihood of them reappearing, nearly demolished in that time of intense mental awakening.

The small organization that had taken her was not noteworthy after their dispersal back into the underworld after the Astral Vanguard found her and the others locked away there. Some of those that were rescued that day made their way to the crew of the Devata Pirate Ship, a ship headed for exploits. She was enlisted on the crew as a bonafied member of an actual roster only one time throughout her career as what at first was what seemed to be a position aboard a military vessel. Instead it was one aboard a pirate ship with a salty crew and a long history of pillage and conquest across the Outer Systems and beyond.

She made herself useful too many times for superiors to not take notice. She was capable and confident, but not overly cocky when commanding. Her presence aboard the ship made it streamlined and the wealth they acquired, pillaging and prowling, always ready to take what doesn't belong to them. She was good at it, then became great. She became advisor to the Captain of the Devata and the commander of the crew on missions away from ship. She flexed authority over her shipmates well as she went up the ranks and was able to work out a coordinated plan with the Captain in which they staged an attack and the killing of the Captain, in which Aashi Nath took over. She seized power of the Captain-less ship quickly and reigned the Outer Systems for 20 odd AR years.

She became abandoned by her ship and crew under mysterious circumstances and knows not why they abandoned her, what they are going to do to all of the treasure she's amassed, or what she's going to do with only 13000 KD.

She had heard of criminal and pirate hangouts across the cosmos, and knew some of the ones on Neplesia by name and location. She found herself at one, asking about who would be looking to hire a well-seasoned space traveler, as she put it. She had heard of a few, one named Uso, another few with much less simple names than that, and still more with worse reputations than her. But she was told this Uso, she's looking for members for her crew, but not just any members. Aashi Nath thought she had a pretty good chance of finding this Uso woman.

RP History

Aashi entered a Ge-L6-1a - Taishita-Class (Heavy Freighter) in the shipyards and met the Neko, Uso. Aashi piloted the nameless freighter off planet and back to Uso's, Planet Osman. The two of them discussed many things and Aashi grew to like the leader.

On a mission to gain alien miners and personnel with Uso and one of her crew, a mercenary named Takimori Ronin, the trio negotiated a deal with the aliens. Set to steal Yamataian-made power armor specifically for aliens in exchange for the labor, the three were pleased with their abilities and left planet jovial. Ready for a relaxing night, they popped in a Nepleslian movie. Only after the movie did Aashi and Uso talk about her position on Uso's crew, to which Uso made Aashi the Captain of the now named freighter, The Pumpkin Eater.

Back on planet, Aashi was able to meet more of the crew and also those that were indispensable to Uso, such as the leader of the Ragnarok and military of the planet, promising to help him find deals to build housing for his troops.

She also happened to meet Ulysses Werner, a man that used to be employed to hunt pirates like her by Nepleslia, but had since found himself as part of the planet's intriguing developments. The two bonded and were able to see each other again. He took her aboard his ship, The Necromancer. She stayed the night, but had a nightmade about her dream and the young pirate boy aboard it, trying to save her from the dark cloud from which tentacles lashed out of. Ulysses was able to calm her and they spent the rest of the day on the planet, in which time he bought her a bracelet after she stole him one. The Sheriff, Codebreaker Arccos Two Three 52-9683-7587 found the pair and demanded he give up the stolen jewelry. He did so and the trio found themselves in her office minutes later, talking about plans for the planet.

Arccos and Aashi got along well enough, but it was with Ulysses that Aashi connected with more. She got to know him on a deep, personal level over the next few months as she built a hotel, called Nath Tower, for OSO.

The two went on a vacation to a resort planet and at the end of it, a bounty hunter cornered Aashi and Ulysses in their hotel room and, in the chaos, Aashi was shot in the shoulder.

She eventually made her way back to the Iruotl System with her friend and bot, 46, and got herself fixed up by the doctors there and briefly met with her family before heading back to Osman.

Aashi and some of the OSO crew found themselves being roped in to a game show where the prize was Aashi's reunification with her ship. Though at first it was tempting, Aashi quickly came to realize she wanted to find her ship, but she wanted to do it her way.

And so, she set out on her own after tearful goodbyes with Ulysses.

Finding the Devata

The thread detailing the events in this section can be found here: Aashi Nath the Dream Stalker

Aashi Nath's old pirate ship, The Devata, was the goal Aashi set for herself, going to Null to catch a ley line up to North of the Blue Rift Expanse, where Aashi bought a Civilian Erla VANDR. Ten hours later, she picked up signatures of her ship. Her old ship was surrounded by enemies, which she slowly picked apart until she got communications open with her old ship. A young member of her former crew spoke to her, and that is when she heard how her crew had died and ship had been left to rot.

Mishhu. Tons of Mishhu. They had overtaken her ship while she had been dream walking and the young crew member had gotten her to an escape pod before initiating a scalar burst to wipe out the whole of the ship, including infected crew members before he himself was thrown from the ship in his own escape pod.

When she learned this, Aashi was in a rage and fought to protect the Devata, but once she had gotten on board and sent a message to Ulysses, the ram-shackle crew the young boy had put together had been or was being killed by boarders. Moments after Aashi had gotten to the bridge, he was killed by the boarders. Aashi vacc'd every last one of them.

She loosened the Devata's weapon systems against the ships and when the enemy ship made to escape, Aashi rammed the Devata into them, splintering the unshielded ship into pieces. She fell to the floor, crying.

Ulysses had gotten there just in time to stop Aashi from entering a depression at the state of her crew and what had just happened to her young savior. He carried her to her old and untouched cabin and the two spent many hours together, in which time Ulysses proposed to her.

She made plans with him to take over a system South of the Astral Cluster that they named the Ulyshi Star System.

Their wedding was next to the Lecce River in Caal Rehd on her home planet of Hlarai. The blue churning water and pale yellow cliff that they stood on was the perfect backdrop for the event.

At the reception, Aashi's sister's boyfriend got to talking to Aashi. He worked for the Astral Vanguard, which outright upset Aashi, but he went on to tell her that they were willing to commission Aashi to become a privateer to take out New Veyrin Republic ships. Ulysses calmed Aashi and she took the offer. Ulysses, though, struck a deal that Aami's boyfriend had to call in a favor and absolve Aashi of her crimes. He was able to.

The newlyweds then shared a dance, vowing to love one another for the rest of time.

Aashi became pregnant to twins and gave birth in YE 40. Only recently has she found time for herself between being a new mother and a fearsome privateer for the Commonwealth. Coupled with it is a yearning to find a way to get the Kuvexian War out of the sector she has made her home in.

Skills Learned

Aashi Nath has the following notable skills:

  • Telepathic Abilities:
    • Empathy- ability to tap into the nervous system of other creatures and share their thoughts and minds.
    • Dreamwalking- ability to tap into the dreams of other creatures of they are willing to participate.
  • Combat skills: On her first mission aboard the Devata, she was asked to perform combat and was a terrible fighter, but after being utterly demolished while looting a freighter, she asked to join the fighting club on board the ship and started as the weakest link before climbing her way to the top, around the same time that she became advisor to the Captain.
  • Linguistics: She encountered all sorts of species and languages on her time aboard the pirate ship and learned a few of them, one of which being a crippled form of Nepleslian called Conlang, which sometimes combines words, leaves out many particles and conjunctions, and is quick and to the point.
  • Piloting skills: Capable of piloting her starship and star fighters she has acquired over the years for her ship.
  • Culinary skills: Prepared many of the meals for hungry crew members nightly when she began on the ship, but only does it occasionally for her crew on special occasions or big meals.
  • Repairs: The go to girl for tinkering with this, fixing that, or solving mechanical issues on the Devata, though at this point in her career she's more of an instructional aide to assist others in learning, rather than being hands-on.
  • Stealing: Overall her most coveted skill, as everyone that knows her knows she's the thief to beat. None others have and none can.

Social Connections

Aashi Nath is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

  • Promise ring from Ulysses S. Werner
  • Two gold rings, one with a dazzling blue gem and another completely gold in the shape of her familiar's head
  • Forty gold chains of varying sizes and karat
  • One violet blue dress with slits up the sides, so that it only covers her front and back, leaving the bottom of her hips and the sides of her legs exposed
  • Two over the knee high boots, four inch heel
  • Long deep blue overcoat, much like a shouldered cape that flows brilliantly down her body, made of highly durable material and capable of protecting her from minor blows, waterproof
  • Socks, underwear, custom-fitted bra with knife storage and knives
  • One jeweled bracelet, given to her by Ulysses Werner
  • Pants that fit
  • Ammunition Crate, metal, containing 500 rounds of 10x25mm KZ
  • Box of 20 Star Army Type 30 Sleeping Gas Grenades
  • 106 x Waterskins
  • 20 x Pitons
  • Blue bra
  • Assorted lace underwear
  • Zip-up black hoodie with bullet hole in right shoulder
  • Tan ankle boots
  • Crop tops and tank tops in purples, blues, and black
  • Black shorts
  • Sandals
  • Shorts for sleeping
  • A finely modified Solanii Laiz Pistol, detailed in gold and amethyst. Blank gold plate on polished walnut grip; with a sigil of Aashi's familiar added there.
  • Engraved bracelet, locally made on Osman from Arccos
  • Imported “Documentary” of famous pirates of the Astral Cluster, heavily dramatized, from Jason Zero Zero
  • Solanii Laiz Carbine From Jason Zero Zero
  • 1 Plain Tapestry (Night on Hlarai) From Corgan
  • A locally Osman made 'sand-globe' model of the new palace… except shaped like a tetrahedron from Queenie
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Concussion Grenade (White stripe)
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Sleeping Gas Grenade (Pink stripe)
  • Crate of NAM Scalar Pulse Grenades
  • Lo-Moto Motor Bike - Regular Edition (A Basic Motorcycle)


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3250 KS Starting Funds
8250 KS 5000 KS 1st Month's Pay
13250 KS 5000 KS 2nd Month's Pay
12750 KS 500 KS Shopping Trip
12500 KS 250 KS Salvage Giveaway Shipping Fees
17500 KS 5000 KS 3rd Month's Pay
22500 KS 5000 KS 4th Month's Pay
1,010,785 DA + 22500 KS 1,010,785 DA Gift from Ulysses


Iromakuanhe are capable of attaching living creatures to their own being and living with them in a symbiotic relationship called Symbiotics Overview. Hers is a Independent Symbiote that has a biochemical sharing of DNA at creation of the familiar. It is a living being that shares nonverbal commands and cues with Aashi. It is a Matai Skyfish found in Iromakuanhe Fauna. It is two thirds of a meter tall and ~20 cm in length. Her familiar has two flappy wings and self motile ~30 cm ribbons coming off of its body with a thin tail. It comes from her homeworld and is a mascot for the city Matai. It is brightly colored save for its black stripes that spread from its tail and mouth. Only Aashi knows its name, but everyone on the Devata seemed to call it “A” for “Aashi”.

Enhanced Empathic Abilities

Recently Aashi has gotten a Saturation Type Endosymbiote in-between privateering for the Commonwealth. This gives her an enhanced empathic ability as she is able to reach into the memories of people and give her memories as well.

OOC Information

In the case Ametheliana becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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