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Abart'huse Theisilis

Abart’huse Theilisis is a player character played by BRindustries.

Abart’huse “Barry” Theisilis
Species & Gender: Separa'Shan (Pythus) Male
Year of Birth: YE 16
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Infantry
Rank: IttĂ´ Hei
Current Placement: YSS KaiyĹŤ II

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Kaiyo

Physical Description

Abert’huse Theisilis is a tall, lightly tanned Separa’Shan of the Pythus lineage.

His facial features consist of a pair of pale green slitted eyes, lightly pointed ears, a small patch of scales on both of his cheeks and a fairly wide jaw, which has multiple joints that allow it to slack. Topping it off is his fairly short, light brown hair that is usually combed back, with a single, small braid hanging from his right temple.

As a Separa’Shan, his most distinguishable feature is his long, sandy beige serpentine tail, coloured in a fairly plain pattern of grey, with some yellow/black highlights painted on as per family tradition. One notable difference compared to other Pythy is his belly scales being a much darker colour than his “top scales”(the same dark shade of grey as his pattern. While deemed to be a birth defect by local physicians, it doesn’t seem to have any adverse effects on his body.

With a total length of 18 feet (head to tail), he is usually a little over 6 feet high. While he can vary his height to some extent, this is the one he’s the most comfortable with. He sports a fairly sturdy body type, broad but not particularly muscular, though his physical strength is somewhat above average.


Abart’huse is a fairly calm and attentive individual, albeit a bit naïve sometimes. Due to his sheltered, peaceful upbringing he hasn’t experienced all that much hardship in his life, which could become a problem in combat. Being raised in a large family, he’s pretty sociable with others and can read people’s feelings quite well. While he’s a thoughtful and caring individual, he’s often more prone to acting on his gut feeling rather than rational thought.

As one might expect from a half-snake, he likes warm places and relaxing after a hard-day’s work. In his spare time he likes to indulge in his hobbies. While he does enjoy goldsmithing a good bit, he also likes the occasional sketching as well as music and sculpting other small things. He also shows a lot of interest in learning new things about life beyond the skies of his planet, lending a sharp eye and ear to all the new experiences that await him.

His favourite food is plain boiled eggs.


Abart’huse Theilisis was born in YE 16 on planet Essia.

Pre-RP history

Born into a family that runs a small but fairly successful jewelry business, Abart’huse grew up in a peaceful environment, along with his other sliblings. His father is a goldsmith with renowned skill, as well as the current head of the business, while his mother originally descended from a small warrior clan, associated with the Order of the Templar, which is primarily where Abart’huse’s sturdy build hails from.

Soon after his ascension into adulthood, he was tought by his father in the art or goldsmithing and other skills typical to the making of fine jewelry. Despite not being the best among his sliblings, his fine motor skills and keen eye for detail allow him to make most impressive pieces of jewelry.

As he grew older, he learned more and more about cultures and civilizations beyond the stars, especially of the Yamatai Star Empire, fascinated by the vast and colourful diversity.

However, due to ever growing competition, their family business was having a harder time to run properly. Knowing that they’d need to improve and expand their business, he as well as some other sliblings set out to travel the world in search of new opportinuties for their business, be it materials, techinques, or anything else useful.

After not-so careful consideration, he decided for himself that the Star Army of Yamatai would be an excellent opportunity to travel the galaxy, partially influenced by his mother’s combatant background. He would enlist soon after that, following the basic training regime and signing up for the base 3-year service contract.

RP history

-To be continued…-

Skills Learned

Abart’huse Theilisis has the following notable skills:

  • Art and vocations: Being taught in goldsmithing and other kinds of jewellery-making by his father from a fairly young age, his skills in doing such are well above average. While not the best in the family, he does enjoy tinkering around quite a bit. He also enjoys drawing from time to time.
  • Domestic: Being raised in a pretty large family, as is common for Separa’shan, he has grown up doing plenty of chores and helping out around the house.
  • Physical: His Separa nature as well as his mother’s combatant background make Abart’huse a tough nut to crack. Especially his tail is highly resistant against hefty amounts of blunt trauma and basic cuts, as well as very muscular. This impressive tail strength as well as overall size make it an excellent tool in various situations, mostly for movement. Climbing trees, falling from fairly large heights, hanging off structures, carrying large amounts of luggage, sprinting at high speeds, all can be done with relative ease. While being very strong and tough, the tail isn’t as fast or nimble as that of a Venis, but he has been exercising it regularly with help from his mother, in preparation for his enlistment.
  • Culinary: Helping out with cooking was one of the many chores he was subjected to in his youth. As such, he's picked up a good number of cooking skills, though nowadays he rarely uses them.
  • Mathematics: An important part of his jewelry making skills, AbartĂşse has adequate mathematical skills for the sake of metallurgy, calculating various kinds of geometrical shapes, and keeping track of materials and finances.
  • Fighting: While he has barely had to fight at all before enlistment, he'd spent plenty of summers at his grandparent's farm, shooting off birds and small rodents that messed with the crops. With enough practice, he had become a fairly good shot with a very simple but effective pneumatic rifle.

Social Connections

Abart'huse Theisilis is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Power Armor

Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor

Note: the left arm's Ke-M2-W2910 Forearm Pulse Cannon has been replaced with a Ke-M2-D3000 Forearm Ellipsoid Shield

Abart'huse Theisilis has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

OOC Information

In the case BRindustries becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
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