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Abigayl Dorkley

Abigayl Dorkley is a player character played by Semjax.

Abigayl Dorkley
Species: Nepleslian/Geshi Mix
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 6'0“ (182.88 cm)
Weight: 132 (59.87 Kg)
Organization: None
Occupation: Pirate
Rank: First Mate
Current Placement:

Random Things

Theme Songs URL Reasoning
Forever Free - Blood Stain Child Abigayl in all meanings of the word is a free spirit, as such she is forever free.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'0“ (182.88 cm)
  • Mass: 132 (59.87 Kg)
  • Measurements: 36C-31-35

Build and Skin Color: Abigayl has an exceptionally toned body that she takes a lot of pride in. Her body in particular has the muscle of a well trained soldier, whom kept her womanly figure. She has decent sized chest, and a decent sized rear end as well. Her skin is a nice creamy brown color, unlike her dads dark brown color.

Eyes and Facial Features: Abigayl's eyes are slightly Yamataian in that they look more asian like. Her eyes are green. She has a rather feminine face, her features are soft and she has slightly puffy lips and decent sized eyelashes, and a slightly pointed nose and a beautiful smile. She has a slightly rounded chin, with cheeks that are perfectly healthy showing a slight roundness to them.

Ears: Abigayl has the typical ears of a Nepleslian.

Hair Color and Style: Abigayl, much like her father, has long black hair that goes down to her rear that she usually wears straight unless going into combat, which she then wears it in a bun to keep it from getting in her way. She prides herself in how silky smooth and well kept her hair is.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Abigayl is an extremely friendly and caring woman who enjoys the company of others, which is odd since she is a pirate. Despite that friendly, and charming nature that she has she can be serious and strict when times call for it. She has been known to party hard, and is rather promiscuous normally, and gets even more so when wasted. For the most part she is a kind and loving soul who has a party hard, party harder mentality.

  • Likes: Chocolate, Vanilla, her Father, The Black Vipers, Boys, and Girls
  • Dislikes: Enemies, Disrespect, Insults towards her father, Traitors, Disrespecting the Creed
  • Goals: To help her father become the strongest pirate ever, and by proxy she herself as well.


Family (or Creators)

Rogyr "Iron Giant" Dorkley (Father/Alive) Jun Hoshikawa (Mother/Deceased)


Abigayl was born to Jun Hosikawa a former medic of the Star Army of Yamatai, and Rogyr “Iron Giant” Dorkley a former Star Army Veteren and former NSMC Marine in YE 11. She herself never went into the military, however, she chose to live a civilian life. Her mother died giving birth to her, since then she was always taken care of by either a nanny or her father during offtime. As she got older she diverged into the darker more shady side of living and started becoming a rogue so to speak and learning how to master the art of deception.

Due to the fact her father was away 90% of the time thanks to the Nepleslian Military, she would find herself doing rebellious things to try and get his attention. She would party consistently and bring boys home, and even girls home, and have a lot of sex just so the Nanny would voice her concerns to her dad. This consisted through highschool and up into her adult years.

At the age of 20 her father decided to retire and come home. Within a few months he was dissatisfied with his retired life and picked up Pirating as a hobby. Abigayl, eager to keep up with her father, enlisted onto the ship and became his first mate rather easily after proving herself. It was during the next five years that her father trained her in all the skills she knows now in terms of combat and survival.

At the age of 24 she and her father, along with two other founding members; Kyle Berkley and Jane Berkley, salvaged a Vampire-Class Patrol Craft and named it the Taipan. They quickly decided to raid a nearby settlement to make a name for themselves. Unfortunately it went bad and the law enforcement wound up killing Kyle, while Jane, Her Father, and herself escaped back to the Taipan. She comforted Jane, however Jane left the group at the next starport leaving her father and herself to fend for themselves.

Episode 00

As such Abigayl and her father decided that they would start at a refuge for criminal scum located deep within the Nassau system. They found their goal a small settlement located on the Nassau System's most habitable planet, known as Morant. Abigayl sent out fliers all over the settlement to attract attention and waited in a strip joint known as The Slimy Hole. There she met the future crew members of her ship, Lilith Oakheart and Kiettisuk "Kiet" Juntasa who instantly made an interesting impression on her. She took a bit to get to know Kiet and Lilith, easily taking a liking to both before Lilith left the Strip Joint temporarily, upon coming back Lilith was covered in blood…this worried Abigayl so she decided to cut her recruitment short, cause people had friends in this place.

Without another thought, Abigayl lead Kiet and Lilith to the space station where she had parked her ship. She lead them up to the ship, but before they could get in they were suddenly attacked by a group of outlaws. A large Yamataian Man (Named the Gunslinger), and two Gartagen lackies held them at gunpoint demanding that Lilith be handed over for her indiscretions against the Gunslingers friend whom Lilith had killed at an earlier time due to him attempting to violate her. Abigayl prepared for a surprise attack, knowing full well that they might get hurt, but before she could engage the group at the edge of her ships ramp a Gartagen male in power armor stepped out and dissuaded the three from engaging any further, as they retreated they declared they'd get their revenge. After a bit of discussing, the group learned that the man was Viras Mortanes Dies and Abigayl offered him a place on their ship as a thank you, and he accepted it. After this, the group got on the ship and headed back towards the Vampire-Class Taipan.

Episode 01



Abigayl knows Yamataian and Nepleslian.


Abigayl is pretty well off in fighting, her father trained her to survive in combat when she decided to help him. This training makes her qualified, at least in her fathers eyes, to pilot power armor and survive in combat situations as if she was trained by the military themselves. Ever since then she has used her fathers STORM armor to combat enemies when she is not trying to be stealthy. She'd have the over-all skill of a well trained NSMC Marine.


Abigayl learned how to do the more shady like skills during the time her dad was in the military, she learned how to master the art of Lock-picking, Pickpocketing, Sleight of Hand, and Seduction. Seduction being her best skill due to her promiscuous looks. She also learned how to be very street savvy. She'd be considered a Master in this.


Abigayl was trained by her father in the art of survival, she is pretty good at it though by no means a master. She is capable of surviving in the wild for a week or two at best without trouble. She would be considered a Journeyman in this.


Abigayl is a very good driver when it comes to mechanical things and has shown aptitude in Mecha Piloting and Driving. She has also some knowledge in how to drive tanks, however she never actually drove a tank before. She would be considered a Journeyman in most driving and piloting vehicles except for the Tank which she would be considered a rather poor novice in.


Abigayl is really well off physically, having a voluptuous body backed by a strong amount of muscle she is capable of doing exceptionally taxing tasks. She would be considered an Expert in this skill.


Abigayl follows a party hard, party harder mentality during her downtime. As such she has learned to entertain in a large amount of ways from sexually pleasing her partner to mixing drinks to dancing and everything else. She has perfected the art of most party based things and is an expert in the others, she is definitely a girl who knows how to enjoy herself.


Abigayl Dorkley has the following items:

(Note: All these items are items smuggled from Nepleslia by her father, with the STORM Power Armor given to her by him. Each one can be located within the Inventory Section of the Taipan. Got permission from Koenig to do this.)

Power Armor Loadout

  • NA-M1-2R Storm - Painted Pink and black with a skull painted on the face.
    • NAM Universal Assault Carbine UAC-01R
    • NAM Anti-Armor Vibro Broadsword ABV-01R
    • Weapon Case (Storm)
      • 8 Grenades
      • 20 Magazines for the UAC-01R
    • NAM Forearm Mass Driver FMD-03R
    • NAM Rapid Missile Launcher RML-01R (4) (ARROWs)
    • NAM Push Pull Guard PPG-03R
    • NAM Twin Scalar Array TSA-01R



  • 10 Pairs of Boyshorts
  • 10 Pairs of panties
  • 10 pairs of Boots
  • 10 pairs of shorts
  • 10 pairs of pants
  • 10 shirts
  • 10 Tube-tops
  • 2 bras
  • 1 Black Trench-coat


  • 3 Boxes full of different drugs and Alcohol for partying.
  • 1 Box full of 'personal' items
  • 2 Boxes full of Porn


Abigayl Dorkley is currently a First Mate on The Taipan.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS - 2207 KS Starting Funds
793 KS - - Starting Funds
1793 KS 1000 KS - Episode 1 Completion

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