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Addaiel Ryu

Addaiel Ryu is a player character played by Blizzard.

Addaiel Ryu
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja Male
Date of Birth: 1D 1M YE 40
Organization: Zenjinkaze Fighting High School
Occupation: Student
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Battlefield Education

Physical Description

Addaiel is on the larger spectrum of Neko, standing at 5'8“ with a sleek, toned physique like that of a swimmer. After undergoing a gender-reassignment surgery at a younger age, he packs just a little more muscle than the average Neko, and his shoulders are slightly broader, though its more for aesthetics than function.

His ears are pointed, furry and along with his tail are the same color as his hair.

His skin is a sun-kissed gold, and his long, brown hair is swept backwards on his head. His eyes are a striking shade of sapphire, and seem to be ever-watchful, like a bird of prey. These eyes are a gift from Tomoe, one of his mothers.


Addaiel could be described in one word as serene. He's not a broody or shy sort by any means, and rather enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new things, but never quite shows strong emotions whether they be positive or negative.

No matter the situation, he has a tendency to subconsciously be on the lookout for vantage points, wind-speeds, and target ranges, as well as observing the minute details of a location. This is a gift from his other mother, Skadi. He moves silently, like a wraith, and has a tendency to scare others by inadvertently sneaking up on them.

Addaiel's main interests are marksmanship, nature, and animals. When outdoors and studying the many creatures that inhabit the wild, he seems to develop a childlike curiosity that can't be sated. Moreover, engaging in conversation about these two topics are a surefire way to get him to display genuine excitement.

While he doesn't outright display it, Addaiel feels somewhat insecure and lonely as one of the few “catboys” in the galaxy. He follows the exploits of entrepreneur, engineer, and fellow catboy Jackson Winston-Allibaster Howard, and looks to him as a sort of childhood hero.

Likes: Marksmanship, Elysian boxing, bushcraft (survival, outdoor skills, etc.), zoology, biology, Havok Customs, Yamataian rap music, dragons, lemon-flavored sodas.

Dislikes: Essays, pop music, butterscotch, Kuvexians.


Addaiel Ryu was born in 1D 1M YE 40.

Addaiel was the result of a torrid love affair between two infantry Neko- a sniper, Skadi, and a riflecat, Tomoe. They served aboard a Yamataian vessel in YE 39, and planned to start a family once Skadi's contract expired. Skadi eventually became pregnant with Addaiel in late YE 39, though she hadn't given her child a first name, only a surname: Ryu, or “dragon”. He was to have Skadi's looks and her personality from the end of bootcamp, but he was to have Tomoe's eyes.

Unfortunately, Tomoe was killed by Kuvexians before the child's birth, and the loss saddened Skadi so much that she no longer wanted to keep her child, as the memories of her lover associated with it would be too much to bear. Rather than aborting the fetus, she gave birth, reenlisted, and entrusted the child to an old friend, Cadiel. Cadiel was an eccentric Elysian Star Army veteran and zoologist. It was he who named the child Addaiel, after his great grandfather. Perhaps it was this more masculine name, or something else, but little Addaiel wasn't alive long before she decided to be changed into a boy.

Over the next four months, Cadiel raised Addaiel as best as he could. This included many excursions into the wilderness of Yamatai, where young Addaiel learned fast the different animals species of the world, and of those of worlds beyond. Cadiel taught him many useful survival skills for those that enjoy the outdoors, and even helped Addaiel cultivate his natural talent for long-range shooting, given to him by his mother, whom he has only received contact from once in his life.

In a period of only a few months, Addaiel has placed in and won many amateur shooting competitions, becoming something of a child prodigy, and gaining the attention of Zenjinkaze Fighting High School.

Social Connections

Addaiel Ryu is connected to:

  • Skadi (Biological mother, MIA)
  • Tomoe (Semi-biological mother, KIA)
  • Cadiel (Adoptive father)

Skills Learned

SAoY Common Skills

Star Army Common Skills Inherited from mother at birth. Many of these skills haven't been practiced, but the knowledge of them is there. It's akin to having watched a martial arts instruction video without having actually tried the moves- you've seen it, know what it looks like, but there's no way you could do it yourself.


Fluent in Trade and Yamataigo, as well as some choppy Seraphim. Addaiel can't hold a conversation in this language, but can recognize a few key words and phrases.


Addaiel is first and foremost a marksman. He is easily capable of hitting a target within 1000 yards, while being able to calculate for wind and other variables, from a variety of positions. He has never tried it under live combat conditions, however, and has never hit anything but a paper target. His weapon of choice is a Styrling Longbolt, though due to his inherited gifts from his mother and some minor instruction from Cadiel, he is familiar with the operation and maintenance of the Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 33 and GP-12 Phased Pulse Rifle.

When it comes to hand to hand combat, he isn't as skilled as most, but he has been taught the basics of boxing, as it is a popular sport on Elysia, and he was raised by an Elysian. He can throw a good punch and block most incoming hits, but that's about it.


Addaiel has spent a lot of time outdoors, studying animals and their different traits, behaviors, and anatomy. While not nearly encyclopedic in his knowledge, he definitely knows his animals, and knows somewhat how to “communicate” with them.

He is also somewhat skilled at identifying different plant species.

Survival and Military

Addaiel inherited his mother's basic military training at birth, and was also taught extensively by Cadiel how to survive in the wilderness. He can find water, construct shelter, build fire, identify edible fauna, create tools, and is adept at hunting and concealment- excellent traits for a sniper.


Addaiel, like his mother, has an extremely acute attention to detail, as well as a photographic memory. Even after a chaotic event like a fight, Addaiel can recite minute things like what perfume his opponent was wearing, or a burned out bulb in the ceiling, several days after the event is over.

Inventory & Finance

Addaiel Ryu has the following items:

  • 1 Summer Gakuran
  • 1 Winter Gakuran
  • 1 Exercise Uniform
  • 1 Pair Swim Trunks
  • Identification/GS Card
  • 1 Starkwerk Touchcomputer w/ civillian Kessaku OS and PANTHEON access
  • Several sets casual clothing
  • 1 Set formal wear
  • 1 Pair worn, heavy duty leather boots
  • 1 Drake named Lightning (Havok Edition) (gift from mother) (black, blue eyes)
Total Additions Subtractions Reason
100 GS Starting Funds

OOC Notes

This is a SARPified version of my Ayenee character, Addaiel. The Addaiel of Ayenee is a beastmaster who controls a dragon and has the ability to speak to animals. Like this Addaiel, he's a crack-shot with a rifle.

Ryu is Japanese for “dragon”, a nod to the Addaiel of Ayenee.

In the case Blizzard becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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