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Adelphress Svenghouli

Adelphress Svenghouli is a player character played by Zekec.

Adelphress Svenghouli
Species & Gender: Separa'Shan Plythus Female
Year of Birth: YE 18
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Science Officer
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Imperator

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Imperator

Physical Description

Height: 6 Feet & 2 Inches

Mass: 180 Lbs

Tail Length: 12.2 Feet

Build & Skin Color: Adelphress is somewhat plump, although most of it is muscle, not fat. Despite being a scientist, she needs to be in shape in case she is thrown into battle, therefor she exercises regularly to keep her fitness up. She is by no means considered skinny, having a pretty good sized stomach and chest. On the bottom of her tail, she has scales that are of a light green coloration. On the top, it is a deep, swamp green color, which covers the entire tail, excluding the underbelly. Even on top of the swamp green scales, there is an even deeper coloration of green dots, that cover the entirety of her tail(except the bottom). Her human-like torso is a pale tan, sometimes even looking like it has a tint of green.

Facial Features: She has an angular face, with pale blue eyes. Her eyes have slits, like most of her species, and are of an almond shape. She has thin, long black eyebrows as well as short eyelashes. Her ears come to a point, and are on the bigger side. They often have golden stud earrings in them off-duty. Her black hair is very thick, and is long enough to reach a few inches below the meeting of her two bodies. It usually is in a regular braid, tied at the end with a gold colored hair clip.

Voice: Her voice is similar to this, somewhat deep.


Personality: She is a very shy-like person. She rarely speaks, unless needed by a superior officer. She often freezes when randomly talked to. When working, she is very hard working, often getting done quickly. When she is not working however, she rarely leaves her quarters. She has a lot of patience, and can withstand people making fun of her for a long time…although there is one exception. If someone hurts her family, she will retaliate with double the pain. Once you get to know her, she will be very outgoing(as long as your her friend), and very kind. She has a habit of making constant noises, whether it be from her mouth, tapping her tail or hitting a surface. Adelphress likes to think she would die for her family, or anyone she deems worthy.

Likes: Animals, Species(Sentient), Planets, Exploring, Finding new Civilizations.

Dislikes: Needless Death, Witnessing People Suffer, Sharp Surfaces.

Fears: Death of Her Family

Goals: To become a great officer and biologist like her mother was.



Adelphress Svenghouli was born in YE 18 in a Separa'Khan fortress. She was daughter of a Separa'Khan Biologist and Soldier, while her father was just a civilian on the Separa'Shan homeworld. After being born, she was soon taken to the world to grow up with her ever growing family. She always was fascinated with other worlds and species. She just loved the idea of so many different sentient beings…all working together, and she wanted to discover new ones. But it was unlikely she would due to having to help take care of the family by working regular jobs. Her family had 7 kids besides her, her father and grandparents. Most of the time her family was almost broke, living day by day with barely any money.

About the time she was 10, her mother was killed in an away mission on a far off world. While it did not affect most of her siblings in a huge way, due to barely seeing her mother, it hit Adelphress hard. From that day, she promised that she would become a biologist and join a ship like her mother. She began researching and studying plant life and animals. Because she was so involved with getting good in biology, she did poorly in school, often getting C's or D's. Aside from Biology, she started working out a lot, knowing she would need strength if anything happened like her mother.

She grew ever distant from her siblings, who always made fun of her anyways, and especially now. Her father left them, for reasons unknown, so they stayed with their grandparents for good. She only ever had one friend growing up, when she was about 16 they met at school. It made her settle down her work and actually enjoy life. This did not last however, when her friend moved somewhere else. Once she had graduated school, she signed up to join the military. After looking at all the ships, she requested to be aboard the Eucharis, but before she left she was once again cursed with the death of family. Three of her siblings died from someone that broke into the house. Although she was not close, she was heartbroken, and it made her ever determined to do well in the military. She did not know much about off world species and planets, and she knew it would be hard..but she needed to do this, for her family.

Current History

She was accepted onto the Eucharis, but it was short lived. After her very first mission on the ship, she was transferred to the Imperator.

Skills Learned

Adelphress Svenghouli has the following notable skills:

Social Connections

Adelphress is connected to:

  • Zleagn Svenghouli (Father)
  • Keevrress Svenghouli (Mother - Deceased)
  • ??? Svenghouli (Sister)
  • ??? Svenghouli (Brother - Deceased)
  • ??? Svenghouli (Sister - Deceased)
  • ??? Svenghouli (Brother - Deceased)
  • ??? Svenghouli (Brother)
  • ??? Svenghouli (Sister)
  • ??? Svenghouli (Sister)

Inventory & Finance

Adelphress Svenghouli has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

Adelphress Svenghouli currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case Zekec becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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