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Adley Hayabusa

Adley Hayabusa is a player character played by SirSkully.

Adley Hayabusa
Alias: Six
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33A Female
Year of Birth: Late YE 31
Organization: Independant
Occupation: Gun for hire
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: N/A
Character Theme

Physical Description

Adley’s current body, that of a Type 33A, it bears a striking resemblance to her original body and then the one she re-sleeved into before this one but with some clear changes that those who know her would recognise – Adley stands at 5’9” with dark violet skin wrapped around her deadly hourglass figure, with wide hips and a sculpted, heart-shaped rear that taper into a thin and athletic midsection before being broken up once more by her generous E-cup bosom.

She chose to keep the barcode that was imprinted on the right butt cheek as a standard when she was created, it has a suspicious number of sixes in it but files on her back up the claims that it chose her and not the other way around – additionally she decided to go without the tail that once swished around behind her with so much life and a personality of its own.

Adley has a rather v-shaped jaw that frames her features and leads up to her elongated, elven-styled ears that each end in a point – her almond-shaped eyes glow a fierce golden colour that matches her personality, Adley’s lips are pert and peachy as they sit below her delicate nose. Her hair is as white as freshly fallen snow, kept shaved short on the sides with the top long enough to fall to the base of Adley’s neck but it is usually kept back in a stumpy ponytail.


“Spontaneous Combustion” is a term that could be used to sum up Adley’s personality rather easily, she is a doer and the exact nature of what she is doing can change in a heartbeat – one second Adley could be trying to convince somebody by exposing a bit more of her cleavage and the next she could be holding a knife and threatening to neuter them for staring too long.

It’s rather hard to predict what she will do or say next unless you are one of the few people that manage to truly get close to her, to those few people she is warm and loyal – if not a bit of a friendly bully and a tease.


Adley was “born’ in late YE 31 as a NH-29 who was slated to become a Saint Operative from the moment she finished basic training. The Purple-skinned Neko’s social skills were a little too volatile and unpredictable to make her any good for undercover work but there was something she was scarily good at, killing.

You look into the records for one “Adley Hayabusa” and you will find a rather impressive track record in her wake, she transferred into a Type 33 body at the first opportunity available and changed a few visual elements – the tone of her purple skin was darkened, her hair became white and her eyes were brightened but she lost none of her lethality in the process.

Adley switched bodies again into a type 33a with even further saturated colours when they were first released in YE 36 and then finally one last time in YE 38 when she got bored of military life and bought her way out, taking a rather curvy type 33a on her way out to have some fun now that the only person she needed to look out for was herself. Adley began roaming around from job to job and from bed to bed as a merc that popped up sporadically around the place to get paid and have some fun before falling off the grid once again.

Skills Learned

Star Army Common Skills

SAINT skills

Fighting: Adley is an exceedingly lethal individual, be it an anti-materiel rifle in her hands or the gatling turret ripped from a starship you can be sure she will leave a trail of bodies in her wake. She can get surprisingly creative with her methods for killing people, once completing a contract with her hands and feet bound – but the person she had been paid to kill was dead, he had a toothpick sticking out of his femoral artery.

Entertainment: Adley is a rather entertaining person, at the least things are never boring with her and at the most she can be rather flirty and fun when she feels like it – so long as the person she is going after stays interesting enough for long enough.

Social Connections

Terrins Dassau (old friend) Gin 'Silver' (friend) Sute (friend) 'James' (friend) Galactic Horizon (occasional employer)

Inventory & Finance

Custom tailored suit of Photon Stealth Armour Gift GH-W2-6F_TAMiR Gift 2x The Shank Gauntlet Gift -Electromagnetic Blade Zen Armaments 'Little Killer' Snapshot PDW -Suppressor -Reflex sight -Laser pointer -2x mags Black hiking backpack Folding Monomolecular Durandium Knife Can of whipped cream

Clothing -Olive, hooded flight jacket -White tank top -Red hi-tops -Black skinny jeans

Finances Inital balance +3000ks Payment: GH +3000ks Purchase: Lil Killer -100ks Purchase: Snapshot -330ks


OOC Information

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