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Senator Ha'leh 'Aegis' Yaweh Fyunnen

Aegis is a Player Character played by DocTomoe and is currently involved in the Senate plot.

Senator Ha'leh 'Aegis' Yaweh Fyunnen
Species: Lorath
Caste: Fyunnen
Gender: Female
Age: Yamataian Years 125 / Lorath Years 62
Family (or Creators): Na'ta Fyunnen (Mother) J'leh Fyunnen (Father) Ral'ta Fyunnen (Husband/Mate)
Height: 7'6
Weight: 175
Bra Size: 40C
Organization: Lorath Matriarchy
Rank: General
Occupation: Retired General, Senator
Current Placement: Senate Represenative

Physical Characteristics

Height: 7'6 Mass: 175 Measurements: 40, 35, 38 Bra Size: 40C

Build and Skin Colour: Comparing to conventional Lorath of the Fyunnen caste, Aegis is built comparatively lean in relation to the much more muscular conventional 'grunts' of the Fyunnen military ranks. Aegis' skin color is a pale white which borders a gray.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Aegis' facial features are those of a woman in her late thirties to mid forties, pronounced cheek bones, pronounced yet feminine jaw bones, modest lips, the onset of frown-line wrinkles, and well-groomed eyebrows. Aegis' eye color is an amber gold with black flecking.

Hair Colour and Style: Aegis often keeps her shoulder-blade length white hair in a loose braid. Her red dyed bangs are brushed to hang down to frame her face.

Distinguishing Features: Aegis' primary distinctive feature is her notable lack of large numbers of scars in comparison to the conventional Fyunnen of her age. Despite the lack of large numbers of scars, Aegis has a notable scar upon her right shoulder, this scar reaches from the front of her chest, to her back near the joint of her right wing. Aegis also has a light scar which is upon her cheek beneath her left eye.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Aegis' personality is quite tame in comparison to the zeal which is outwardly displayed by her peers. She considers her position in life to serve as a sort of anchor to her peers, superiors, and subordinates, capable of being relied upon to speak her mind on issues instead of being swept up in a train of thought. Often, Aegis' capability to remain firm on an issue has found her in the ill favor of some of her superiors, however, the very same trait is what earned Aegis her position as a general, and as a Senator.

Likes: Armor, hearty soups, and mentoring low ranking soldiers Dislikes: Contradiction, lies, manipulation, and round-about methods Goals: To serve the Matriarchy to her fullest extent until age forces her retirement from service



Aegis was born during the last legs of the war between the Lorath and Helashio. At the age of 30, she joined a branch of the Fyunnen caste's combat force which was established to find and detain rogue groups of Helashio and place them in internment camps. During Aegis' service, she established herself as a competent front line soldier, primarily excelling in maintaining defensive lines during melee combat engagements. Several times during her service she alone served as a capable physical barrier against sizable attacking forces of Helashio. In several occasions, Aegis has placed herself in the path of potential life-threatening harm for the greater good of the Fyunnen in the field of battle.

Twenty five years of Aegis' life were utilized in service to the Fyunnen in front line combat operations. From that point, Aegis took on command position rolls, eventually ascending to the rank of General. At the age of 125 Yamataian Years, Aegis retired from military service, and has taken the task of service as a politician.

During Aegis' military service, she was able to find and court a husband. From this pairing Aegis has managed to bear ten children, which have since grown and have entered service in the LSDF.

Senator Service

For a duration of YE 30, Aegis served as a senator in the Yamatai Empire as a representative of the Lorath Matriarchy. During her service, Aegis made a number of radical new propositions, and made her stance clear in regard to the policies set by the Ketsurui. Not long after the resignation of Empress Katsuko, Aegis left her place on the senate as the Lorath Matriarchy left the Empire in favor of the United Outer Colonies.



Throughout the whole of Aegis' life, her body has been trained, refined, and sculpted into a physical state meant for a capable front line soldier. Even in Aegis' middle-age, she maintains her physical strength and capability. Aegis' physical strength and agility is comparable to that of an ID-SOL.


From the age of ten Yamataian years, Aegis has been trained in both formal and practical leadership skills essential to command large groups of soldiers or individuals. Her leadership capabilities have been refined over the course of well over 100 Yamataian years.

Survival and Military

From the earliest of her years, Aegis has been taught skills essential to the survival of an individual in front line combat. For approximately two thirds of her life, Aegis has been in the process of refining and honing her skills in military command on both strategic and tactical levels of operation. Along with Aegis' military survival skills, she has undergone training for long term survival techniques in various environments.


As is expected of all Fyunnen, Aegis has been trained in the skills essential to maintaining her living space, providing her own meals, and maintaining a clean and organized living environment. Aegis' domestic skills have also been refined by motherhood, and the need to manage a household for several years.


During Aegis' service, she has taken on the role of a commanding officer. Due to the demands of being an officer in relation to the task of understanding and relating to the psychological state of her subordinates, Aegis has refined her skills in understanding and relating to the feelings of those around her and knowing how to handle various situations involving the emotional states of others. Currently, Aegis is in the process of refining her diplomatic presentation which has unfortunately suffered due to the direct and fully disclosed nature of her military assignment.


Since the age of twenty Yamataian years, Aegis has been drilled and instructed in the use and function of conventional Lorath melee armaments, and recently has taken training courses in modern Lorath weapons including ranged weapons such as rifles and pistols.


Due to the demands of front line combat in regard to the capability to communicate, Aegis has been educated in the use and function of Lorath communications equipment. Since the recent leap in technological capability, Aegis has undergone additional training in equipment operations and is capable of utilizing both Yamataian and Lorath communications and computer equipment. Aegis has been trained to understand, speak, read, and write in Lorath, Helashio, Yamataian, and Nepleslian.



  • Three stonethread fiber triple layered robe.
  • Four sets of leather garments, various styles
  • One natural silk robe, red.
  • One synthetic silk dress, red.


Fyunnen Gear

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • One skin tight stonethread fiber leotard
  • Six pairs of stonethread fiber boxer-briefs
  • Three support-bras.
  • Two sets of weighted exercise clothing


  • Electronic Money Card

Cybernetic Augmentations

  • Stonethread laminated skeletal structure
  • Limb ligaments and tendons artificially strengthened through grafted synthetic fibers
  • Titanium carbide support plates in left and right arms
  • Augmented knuckle bones for increased hardness and durability


Senator Ha'leh 'Aegis' Yaweh Fyunnen is currently a senator in the Lorath Matriarchy. She receives a weekly salary of 5,000 KS (equivalent) per week.

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