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Aekos Sersilin

Aekos Sersilin is a NPC controlled by GM Sigma who appeared in the Senate of Yamatai plot.

Aekos Sersilin
Species: Separa'Shan
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Organization: Order of the Templar
Current Placement:

Character Description

Aekos Sersilin is a male Python from Essia System, aged 36.

Aekos is a congenial character, but generally conservative in nature. Despite his conservatism, he is also aware that change and progress often go hand-in-hand and is willing engage in negotiation and compromise. Aekos just doesn't like it, especially when it is rapid. He is also very physically fit, befitting his active duty service as a Templar.

He has black and red scales, giving him a decidedly deadly image and a bald head. He wears little ornamentation save for the belt worn by all Templar and usually only wears a tabard that bears the insignia of the Separan Templar.

Outside of his duties, he enjoys slow, peaceful and relaxing activities, especially if they are outdoors. Aekos cannot swim but he does like lounging by the side of lakes and rivers on warm days. He hates mountains and the cold.

Physically, he is large and muscular and drawn to his full height of 7'2“ (excepting his tail), could rival a short ID-SOL in size, if not strength.

One strange thing about Aekos is that he believes that the Nepleslian word “radish” means “ravish.” So far, no one has spotted the problem.

History and Relationship Notes

Aekos was brought into a Temple as an orphan, one of many such victims from the pre-Yamataian era wars. All of his life, he grew up resenting the fact that he had no mother or father or siblings. Yet, when given the alternative to leave the orphanage when he came of age or join the Order, Aekos chose to stay in the only place that he knew.

As a young male Templar, Aekos excelled in the turmoil of internecine conflicts between the Essian city-states. He proved adept at both the martial and political arts. In his youthful spare time, he tried to dabble in visual arts and music but failed to progress very far due to his own low self-confidence and perceived lack of skill.

However, Aekos's successes mounted over the years, dispelling his childhood hesitancy and replacing it with a “Can do” attitude. He gained experience fighting to restore order on Essia and political affluence as part of the teams negotiating the peace treaties between the various levels of the city-states' government.

As a member of the Order, Aekos is discouraged from having intimate relations outside of its members. He himself is uncertain about how he would react to a serious offer to couple with a non-Separa. Similarly, he is uncertain if they would consider him human or alien.

With the new law calling for planetary senators to report to Yamatai, Aekos had reached the status of a Templar infantry regiment commander. While the rank may seem lowly compared to international armies, the Templar only possess a total twelve infantry regiments, making it a highly prestigious position, especially for one so young.

Aekos was one of several candidates short-listed for the position of Senator. After a period of interviews and debate, he was chosen for three reasons. He had the practical experience of mixing warfare and politics, he looked deadly, and most importantly, he had a conservative nature. The last was considered most important because it meant that he would, at the end of the day, look out for Essia's needs first and Yamatai's second. He was also less likely to support laws which he did not understand and therefore slow down the process of voting, if only to call for explanations.

With his appointment, command of his regiment, “The Blackadders,” fell to his second in command and would remain so until Aekos returned from his duties as Senator. He was, de facto, only commander in name.

In YE 40, he was replaced in the senate by Anslen Volontany and returned to Essia.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Nepleslian, poor Yamataian
  • Fighting and Physical
  • Leadership
  • Knowledge (Law, Religion)
  • Survival
  • Technology Operation
  • Strategy & Tactics



  • 6 white tunics
  • 2 tabards
  • 2 brown leather belts
  • 1 black hooded travel cloak
  • 1 black SynAraS armor vest


  • Survival Knife, Type 22 and sheath; hung on his belt
  • “Ceremonial” guisarme, symbol of office for a Templar infantry officer; also been used to kill people and as a walking stick.

Items and Accessories


Aekos Sersilin is a Yamataian Senator and Templar, though the latter does not pay him.

Current Value Income Expense Reason
3000 KS 0 0 Starting Funds

OOC Notes

Sigma has stated that he wishes to opt out of the adoption policy making this character ineligible to be adopted.

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