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Afton is a player character played by Readlliea.

Species & Gender: human/male
Date of Birth: Ye:9
Occupation: former detective; unemployed
Rank: civilian; escaped patient
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. 188604

Physical Description

Afton's appearance is a rather shocking one, for one the six ft five man is rather scrawny due to being malnourished. Ghostly pale white skin covers his body where angry red scars and black thread don't cover. Sticking out of both sides of his head are ram horns, having been lightly coated with metal to give them more potential for damage. Due to the weight of having both of these horns, he does sometimes have a hunch when moving or his head constantly tilts to either side when he does make himself stand up straight for too long. His messy light brown hair isn't even in its length, the left side is longer than right. His bangs are swept to the left and kept out of the way.

His body is littered with many scars, the most noticeable ones are on his face. The left side of his face is badly damaged, on top of a nasty burn mark. His left eye has been sewn shut. His chest and part of the front of his neck is connected to a large burn. There is also a long stitch up his chest and going down at a angle. On his right hand, his middle finger has been reattached through this sewing method and the top of his arm has also been sewn. On his left hand his pinkie and ring finger have actually been sewn together! Though there is a burn that takes up most of this hand, making it look more malformed than the other one due to the ugly scar upon it.

In terms of clothing, he currently has a white shirt that the chest area has been ripped open down to his waist and it now has stains from dirt on it. HIs pants share a tattered look but only near the button. HOwever, he's lacking a pair of shoe and the undersides of his feet have been burned. Resulting in the feeling there having gone away.


Afton was once a man who had a courageous heart. He held a strong sense of right an wrong and wanted to protect others from injustice. He was devoted to his job but this resulted in his social life deteriorating quickly and him often spending his free time alone, isolated as he worked on things he should've left alone on his time off. For all his good intentions, he was very foolish and couldn't keep himself from interfering with others affairs and investigating leads on his own when told to have stayed put; which eventually resulted in his current situation.

In his current state, he's greatly rattled. It isn't uncommon for him to be muttering sudden rambles to himself as if he has someone huddled close by or for him to break out in a full on rant not related to the conversation. While his marbles are loose, he does wish vengeance on those that have tormented him. However, he does his best to not inflict this vengeance upon others who aren't involved at all. However, if push comes to shove and his marbles get more loose, he'll end up lunging out at anyone nearby. Regardless if they have anything to do with what happened to him or not. When he calms down or snaps out of it, he may or may not realize what happened. Resulting in him sometimes just ignoring what happened and going back to a slightly social person; while someone is bleeding in the corner.

Even with his tortures that he suffered through, he is willing to socialize. Not the best at it, he does put effort into it as he hates it when things remain far too silent when there are people in the room with him. This is a way to piss him off if there are people in a room and it's just ungodly quiet for him. The man is used to noise on a daily basis and it's more relaxing for him for their to be some sort of noise in the room he's in; in fact, he'll even resort to making random noises to stave off the quiet. While his memory of who he was and the past is messed up, he does know that he wasn't meant to be in the asylum as a patient but as for why he got there and went through these tortures, he doesn't recall.


Born on Planet Showdown, his birth name was Zenigata Benedict. He was the second born out of three children and the only boy. However this didn't cause too many problems save for the normal sibling bickering. One day, he meet a young girl named Agafya Sasha Irinushka. She was the new girl on the block and being a kind youngster who didn't have his own friends at the time, reached out a welcoming hand to her. Sure he was a little older than her but he didn't really see why age would matter to just be friends with someone.

Their friendship lasted until she left and while she left on good term, Zenigata wasn't sure how to keep in touch with her at the time. As he was in the police academy at the time, he wasn't able to look into ways to do that neither and eventually, he graduated. Now being in the academy wasn't a walk in the park and he had to slowly make his way through the ranks to become a detective like he wanted to. While holding his kind heart and wanting to help people, he did see some things that got to him but he tried hard not to let that show. Being a cop of any form isn't easy and keeping yourself the way you usually are, is a harder feat.

Alas, Zenigata's luck ran out when he was given a case involving some missing people who were all connected to one place. A mental hospital that neither victims had seemed enrolled at yet, they had given it consideration as he learned when he started investigating. The staff seemed helpful but they made it rather clear that they wanted all the patients and guests left alone. For a bit, Zenigata was able to keep to that, until the evidence started to point towards a certain patient. Questioning the patient in question was hard, as they seemed rather paranoid but the young detective wasn't certain on if that was due to illness or out of fear. Though it was what they started to ramble about that made Zenigata lean more towards the fear paranoia route than illness. They mentioned how patients would vanish, some would come back worse than when they disappeared. Those that did return seemed to be mute from whatever they went through, as they often came back with new aliments and even wounds. The conversation was cut short after the patient dropped the name of Gerale, as one of the doctors opened the room that they were in. They were quick to request that Zenigata leave and not wanting to make the situation get out of hand, he agreed. Though he heard the patient he had been talking to start screaming out Gerale and the detective could just see the doctor sedate them.

Course, Zenigata was already in trouble as the doctor would inform their superiors of him not keeping to the earlier request. As well as the patient having screamed out the name Gerale so the detective would hear it. As he was looking into Dr. Gerale, Zenigata would return home to find it broken into and ransacked. Annoyed at this, he was about to call the break in, in when he found a note. 'Watch where you stick your nose Detective, you might end up regretting it.' It was all the note said and it had been written with a pen on paper. Rather than taking the hint or doing the smarter thing and getting help with this case. He didn't report it and kept on with his investigation. This lead to him being rendered unconscious a few weeks later when he was going to his car.

Upon waking up, he found himself in the presence of Dr. Gerale, who commented on how annoying that Zenigata had become to the hospital. Course Zenigata tried to get lose but he was unable to and he soon found himself in the same situation as the missing people had been thrown into. The Hospital was more of a asylum in its lower floors. Filled with far more unstable people who had undergone terrible treatments that did them no good. The doctor joked about how they already had someone in the station that would make his disappearance seem like nothing as they would've said he admitted himself into the hospital. Unable to cope with the stress of the job any more. Thus would begin the tortures and experiments that would leave many scars as well as break his mind as they had desired. Unable to keep track of the days or weeks as his mind broke further, he wasn't aware of how long he had been down there being tortured. But one thing somehow managed to stick in his mind, he wasn't suppose to be down there. For whatever reason, he wasn't suppose to be in this place.

The horns had just been sewn in when he heard the doctors talking about transferring him to a off world facility that they had just opened up. With this in mind, Zenigata hatched his own idea in his loose marbled mind. He could get out during the transfer, though…when would he try? Unfortunately, he was sedated when they moved him from the facility and onto the ship but he did wake up during the ride. Something else seemed to have gone wrong though, the ship's systems started to malfunction and that gave him; and those else who were on the ship, a chance to bolt. Course, other patients were taking the chance to give in to revenge or just plain madness. As the former detective found a dead security guard in the halls, taking their badge and rushing off. They were unable to not kill anyone as a doctor tried to stop him with a sedative and the two ended up in a scuffle. Getting the needle from them, he stabbed them through the eye with it and injected the sedative into them. However, it seems that the sedative wasn't that and was a poison as the doctor squirmed and ended up lifeless on the floor after a few minutes. Pushing forward, he was able to use it to gain him access to areas that he wouldn't be able to. This included where the escape pods were, now the pod had requested coordinates to a planet in the nearby system. Not knowing any nor fully understanding it, he just typed in random numbers and the pod made the most likely connection before ejecting from the ship. The planet that the pod choose? 188604.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Afton has the following notable skills:

  • Police training;hand gun and hand to hand combat

Social Connections

'Afton Hiles' is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Afton has

  • Id tag, damaged and reads 'Afton p. Hiles' Security pass
  • 1 torn up white shirt with dirt stains
  • 1 pair of pants

Afton currently has 0 KS.

OOC Information

In the case readlliea becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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