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Agustin Bash

Agustin Bash is a player character played by SolunaII.

Agustin Bash
Species: Abwehran
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Height: 6'8“
Weight: 315 lbs
Organization: Nachrichtendienst
Occupation: Analyst
Rank: Unteragen
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Bounty Hunter Series
  2. LSDF Akahar
  3. NSV Gam'trosha

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'8”
  • Mass: 315 lbs
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Broad shouldered, heavy set, chunky apperance, short thin legs, thick arms, thick upper chest, oily olive tan skin

Eyes and Facial Features: Blue, light sensitive eyes naturally but right eye is cybernetic with 3 red zooming lenses that constantly cycle. The cybernetic puts a leadish circuit bord pattern around his missing eye.

Ears: Large and detached with 3 golden earrings on left ear

Hair Color and Style: A greasy mess of unkept Grey/Black oily dreadlocks that have to be constantly pushed out of the face.

Distinguishing Features: A cybernetic eye that has a circuit like lead colored markings on the skin around it. Legs are permanently immobile so they are weak from no use. Scar on back of head from a bullet can be visible if hair is moved.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Unorganized and messy just like his hair, scatter brained genius, has a fond connection to people who can break his introverted shell. Loves to tinker with computers or machinery to try to get everything working again. Trigger happy and at times can be superstitious, this is shown by his many little neurotic rituals he does each day, could even have a mental break down from not doing them. Prone to memory loss, and often confuses his dreams with reality creating new complex memory's to fill the void in his mind. Has been know to have an almost warped sense of humor. Cares deeply for all forms of non sentient life. During rare times his former self will kick in making him a deadly effective and skilled Analyst, however this can only happen when in a focused state, which is again rare.

  • Likes: Tinkering, computers, and small animals
  • Dislikes: People looking down on him, forgetting crucial things, impatient people
  • Goals: To jumpstart his memory of what happened after his accident on the battle field, to find the family he can never see.


Family (or Creators)

Has no recollection of his family, family has been told he was dead for fear it could overwhelm him and cause him to be induced into a coma. Despite this fact, he wishes deeply to find them. His mother is a surfacer and his father a nightwalker, he has 6 sister and is the youngest among them, he is the only male among them.


Agustin Was a honest honorable reliable solider who in the heat of battle was shot though the eye damaging his brain. He was shot mere millimeters of crucial parts of his brain he needs to live, it was a reckless attempt to save a wounded mans life, even though it was an enemy. Of course this was pretty much inevitable, if you ask his fellow army men they will tell you he was a good man with good intentions who thought he was the only being in the universe that could make it a better place, this was reflected in his training, opting out of the standard strategy and developing his own style, blowing away even his higher officers at times. Now that man is gone and in his place a sickly confused one, with his fits of genius of course, but these are the only times where that man comes to the surface giving his friends and loved ones hope that somewhere down there he still lives, and could possibly come back to them. This has had an unfavorable effect on his life including the immobile legs he now wears proudly. His former life is a mere memory to him now and all he knows is his new job as an Analyst making him deadly efficient at it, or he would be if he could just focus On the task at hand…

He couldn't bear to leave the military but with his current condition he is much to unfit for combat and would indeed be a liability on the battle field, so with some negotiating he was given a place as an analyst in an entirely different branch of the military. He isn't qualified for prosthetics because his legs are not severed, so he uses a specialized wheel chair to move. This isn't so much a problem because with 4 arms you can still move, shoot and hack at the same time.

He can recall some things like his race being a mixture of night walker and surfacer, but he can't remember his two parents nor his many siblings witch he can remember the quantity of but not a name or a face. He had 6 siblings, and he was the youngest of those, he wishes deeply to find his family, but he can never know them for fear of it completely crashing his mind into coma. This coma would result from his mental trauma and post traumatic stress disorder coming into the perfect storm with his brain damage, the overwhelming memory flow would most likely put him into shock. His cybernetic eye is by far his worst physical problem, having to lower his immunity causes him to be susceptible to many ailments adding another level of treatment to his already routine medical check ups.

As a child he was the dreamer in the family, and it was his wishful dreaming that inspired his six sisters to become major forces in the political world. His family has been told that he is dead, and in a sense they are correct, for it truly is a new man inside the body that they have come to recognize as him. If anyone had ever said that there is a thin line between madness and genius, Agustin would be their prime example…


Communication (encryption)

If only people could understand what he was trying to get across with his cryptic style of communication. But in his field of work that has become a Good thing, and he is exceptional at writing almost indecipherable codes. He is experienced in code writing and by far this is his greatest skill and asset.


While he doesn't recall all the different attack formations and stances and strategies from his past life, those things emerge as instincts while in a battle scenario. He has lost a lot of his edge on this once he became a chair bound desk jockey of the military but he can still hold his own in a fight pretty well even with his immobilized legs.


Tech is something that Agustin gets and can do well, because of his years of tinkering with mechanics he knows of tech works on the deepest level. While no formal classes have been taken on this subject, with some time and a team of people he can reverse engineer a piece of alien tech for military use.


Though he is scatter brained, when he can focus on a topic his mind becomes cold and calculating to a scary level of accuracy. Even the biggest equations take almost no time at all when his mind becomes like a computer, but those times are rare, most of the time he can't focus on the equation enough to remember to start. His mind is like a sharpened blade with a handle coated in slippery oil.

Rogue (stealth, deception)

With this skill he can write complex deceptive coding and can mask files and signals to gain passage through enemy territory without a hitch. When it comes to the digital world he can make anyone invisible. Or look like a friend, enemy or civilian on a scanner.

Technology Operation (hacking)

He is skilled with tech of all sorts after many years of breaking it apart he can operate many kinds of tech though his knowledge of how it works on the deepest levels. He is ok with this, it's hard for him to decode codes that aren't as complex as his own because he looks to much into it, rather than just looking at it from basic simple levels and working up.

Maintenance and Repair

After years of identity searching after the accident, tinkering and repairing things had become sort of a hobby that quickly grew into a proficient skill. His obsession with fixing things stems from his mind wishing to repair his own legs… His method of repair is to first break the machinery down even more so he can look at everything, and while this can be unconventional at times nobody questions him or his methods, because he's never not been able to fix something, and is by far one of the most trusted with machinery in the branch.


Agustin Bash has the following items:


2 Duty Uniforms 1 Cold Weather Uniform 1 Dress Uniform

Uniform accessories

1 Rank Pin, appropriate rank, which goes on turtle neck collar 1 Workout Uniform 4 pair of black boot Socks 4 black cotton briefs

Weaponry and Tools:

mdp-04_service_pistol with 2 additional magazines combat_utility_knife Wooden Medal Case, velvet interior, engraved with Branch logo on top Put your medals in here.

Personal Hygiene: (to be reissued when needed)

1 bottle of shampoo 1 bottle liquid body soap 1 toothbrush and tube of toothpaste 2 washcloths, white 2 towels, large, white


Electronic Money Card (New characters start with 9000 Abwehran Credits) starkwerk_touchcomputer


Agustin Bash is currently a Unteragen in the Nachrichtendienst

Occupation: Analyst
Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

He is a handicapped Analyst for the Abwehran armed forces.

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