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Dr. Aiesu Kalopsia (Ayetseu Karoupshea) L'manel

Doctor Aiesu Kalopsia is a player character and glorified guilty pleasure/tragedy victim played by Osaka/Osakanone for the three fundamental F's: Fun, Fanservice and Feels. Were life a marked exam paper, these would also be her test-scores.

This character may not be adopted.
Arms and legs, optional.
Species: Lorath Lmanel
Voice: Shelby Rabara
Gender: Female
Age: 47 (yes you read that right) (Born Before Yamatai 2)
Zodiac Sign: “What is this bullshit?”
Organizations Lazarus Consortium
Rank Civilian Service Researcher
Occupation Student and Researcher
Current Placement Lazarus Consortium Member SEE List of Constructs


One of the Consortium's best and brightest, Aiesu is one of the twelve living members of the private corporate entity and independent military group. She primarily specializes in the sale and development of military hardware and of the management and maintenance of the Consortium's artificial intelligence systems - making herself as indispensable as she could.

In spite of her lofty and pressurized role, Aiesu is a complicated and troubled individual with layers of personality and a deep love of mind-games. While she aims at all times to be seen as cold and calculating (demonstrating a borderline sociopathic machevallian streak at times), Aiesu is flustered easily when things don't go to plan.

Due to a complex and potentially fatal medical condition, Aiesu is only about as developed physically as a Nepleslian fifth-grader in spite of being nearly fifty years old and is often confused for a child.

She goes to great lengths to deepen her voice and muddy her appearance in order to seem older though this often back-fires and is made worse by the fact her anger often results in tantrums and shouting-matches.

Her appearance makes sexuality of any sort largely socially awkward or forbidden and as such, sex on any level is something of a taboo topic in her presence. In spite of this, Aiesu is a pervert of remarkable capacity oweing to her deep fustrations ( "At this point I'd give my virginity everyone, even a dog!) Unusually for a Lorath, Aiesu is a staunch and militant athiest boardering on obnoxious; blaming religious malpractice and indoctrination for her illness. Aiesu's real-name in in fact Ayetseu Karoushea, not 'Aiesu Kalopsia' (its romanized form) - though using it can bring her to anger easily for reasons she refuses to disclose.

Click here for a list of ROM Constructs used by Aiesu Kalopsia.

A soundtrack is fine too...

Physical Appearance

  • Height: 4'6” (construct exaggerated leg length – the real Aiesu is 3'8“)
  • Weight: “Not telling.”
  • Somatype: Ectomorph
  • Measurements: [Undisclosed] - “Hou? You're a lolicon, is that it? You want some of this? Disgusting.”

Build & Skin color

Aiesu's build is characteristic of her disorder, being small and child-like though with a pear-shaped expression with wide hips with thick powerful and narrow shoulders and a naturally arched back. Her skin has a near translucent quality, being very pale due to a lack of exposure to sunlight.

She is often mistaken for a child.

Eyes & Facial features

Large, cerise, gleaming, sleepy yet also sneaky and even treacherous. Dark shadows sit underneath eyes from exhaustion and late night work. White eyelashes. Her features are mild and quite slim, though water retention often leaves her face round if she is poorly rested.


Non-existent, Aiesu has instead a set of prosthetic insets which serve as listening devices as her eardrums were ruptured at a young age. The beginnings of a different ear-shape remain which is much larger, hidden by hair but still felt by hands.

Hair color and style

Aiesu's hair possesses no pigmentation and is a dirty grayish white color. It is cropped using a razor-blade in the mirror in tuffs. While it has a large messy volume due to its feathered pattern, it is messy, changes often and is primarily focused around being pragmatic and not getting in the way. Bed-hair is common.

Distinguishing features

Aiesu is a quad amputee, all above the knees and elbows. She relies heavily on prosthetics connected via cybernetic plugs on her body in order to function (often lacking in sensitivity). A criss-cross of very sensitive scars sit at the end of each stump, burns as a result of makeshift attempts of cauterization. Her defective gills, about her ribs often leak blue fluid, meaning she often has to bandage her chest up to prevent the fluid from seeping. Her teeth are tessellated, sharp and inset, resembling those of a shark (which technically they are). A mole sits under her lip on the left side, close to the cheek. She also has dark markings around her eyes and her body temperature is unusually low (feeling icy) if she is sober, usually followed with shivering, sneezing and swearing as Aiesu is addicted to her pain medication.

Tics, Tells & Give-aways

Being convoluted and also aspected with both a Haka'hn and an Ey'tis, Aiesu absorbs many physical traits from both. For example, Aiesu blushes not only with her face but also her body. She is also prone to grinding her teeth when particularly excited, feeling good or relaxed. Aiesu has problems maintaining eye-contact if starred at while embarrassed – a sign of pack animal submission behavior. She commonly wears a particularly mischevous, coy or impish expression and will feign innocence when making first impressions or be particularly bossy or boisterous. She is known to scrunch up her nose when she feels bad about something (usually before she lies or when turning her nose up at something) though she is also known to do it with surprised or overwhelmed. She weeps very easily but has great difficulty in crying and frequently has nose-bleeds due to clotting disorders if tired.


Aiesu's appearances are generally either very pragmatic and practical or are the bare minimum needed to scrape by. Very rarely does she invest time in her appearance.

  • 'Work-Look': Aiesu lives almost exclusively in a wardrobe of bike shorts/spats, loose work-shirts, ties and has no interest in either underwear or shoes on campus where neither are required. In spite of this, she has a large collection of both, mostly never worn.
  • 'Space suit': Designed to protect Aiesu from pollen this strange ensemble assures during the summer months it never reaches her, triggering mating behaviors specific to her aspectation. It consists of whatever gloves, thick thick Boots, hooded oversized coat, thick gauzy pants and other items she can get hold of. Commonly includes a cough mask and a backpack and in particularly harsh weather, a gas-mask inside the backpack.
  • 'Birthday suit': Aiesu often spends long stretches naked or in spats alone in the privacy of her room.
  • 'HUMILIATION' - A bunny-girl costume composed of an black altex one-piece leading to the neck (with Lorath neural collar) with matching arm length gloves, semi-clear glossy 'pantyhose' style leg coverings, furry white highlights over biceps and above chest-line, blended high-heel shoes, a neural headband with rabbit-ears and a butt-plug terminating into a rabbit's tail.


  • Ey'yis pelt: Birthday suit, with a pelt made of cultured Ey'tis fur (cloned from Albert, cruelty free) and a hand-carved wooden skull, worn as a hat. It has long flaps down the sides, ending level with Aiesu's knees, the ends containing pockets allowing them to double as gloves. It was produced when Aiesu aspected and has been maintained vigorously. The mouth features her own excess teeth, extracted, which are constantly regrowing. Usually worn alone at home.
  • Red-Tie: Treasured, this tie belongs to someone. Who, she has not said.
  • Chunky pocket-watch: An object of foreign creation. Its significance to her is unknown.
  • Red glasses: Prescription, they are important for Aiesu to navigate the world.
  • Neural band: Resembling a silver head-band. Serves as pickup and communication with her deck and her workstation, also allowing her to communicate with her constructs. Contains a quantum modem. Potentially the most expensive thing Aiesu owns.
  • Backpack: Meant mainly for hiking, this usually carries whatever equipment she needs when working or doing her job.
    • It contains…
    • Gas-mask: Used to deal with pollen. Sometimes worn if she's feeling particularly insecure or if she doesn't want to be recognized. Or sometimes, just because its creepy.
    • Inhaler: Goes almost everywhere with her. Features an integrated pill-bottle in the bottom, full of painkillers.
    • First aid kit: Contains gauze, more painkillers, anti-septic alcohol-based handwash, medical-tape, scalpels and stitching-kit.
    • Silver cigar-box: Contains an assortment of ziploc bags of various questionable compounds.
    • Deck: The lower half of a laptop. Still works, even inside backpack from a distance.

Personality & Psychological Characteristics

At first very nervous, Aiesu upon first impression is shy and placid – optionally unconfident in her body-language though often simply preferring to wallflower or not speak. Later discourse reveals her to be boisterous, talkative, show-offish and very very easily outraged with either some surprisingly conservative viewpoints or a much deeper interest in those around her than she pretends to have.

Over-compensating for her disability and the stigma of being one of the few L'manel in the hard sciences, she is remarkably egocentric, detatching herself from people around her and even reality with alarming effectiveness. This gives Aiesu quite a very professional air at best and boarderline sociopathic at worst, removing the human-equation from issues in order to deal with them seriously. She is known to work hard, at the detriment of her own wellbeing: Once a problem has her, she will refuse to drop the issue or move on until the puzzle in her mind is stolen. To this end, Aiesu is a professional user of deductive reasoning and has no problems manipulating others to aid her cause.

While her realizations are usually on point, Aiesu's world-views are warped with strange ideas. As a result, the world about her is both fascinating and also terrifying, becoming something she must protect herself with. While seemingly harmless, the depth of Aiesu's bag of tricks is astounding given proper motivation and potentially quite worrying if she is (and she so often is) frightened. Cornered, she can be quite wreckless.

Sarcasm seems like something Aiesu should have an obvious and deep interest in, though she has yet to totally master foreign uses of it. Aiesu's grasp of Trade is tenuous, leading her to sprout maimed idioms and her Yamatai-Go is limited exclusively to dirty words and phrases. Combined with her bubbling contempt, desire to show off and decades of repression, Aiesu doesn't just irritate every other L'manel she meets but most every sentience that has the misfortune of meeting her.

Mental Illness

  • Developmental Body Dysmorphia: Aiesu particularly struggles with body dyspmorphia: that she should look in the mirror and see an adult and yet she see a child starring back at her. To this end, she is known to talk to her own reflection, having full blown conversations, exhibiting some symptoms of disassociation, depersoanlization and derealization as well as limited depression.
  • Sex Obsessed: This is made worse by Aiesu's intense adult drives and needs (as pushed by her aspectation), though her appearance makes her exclusively unsuccessful. Combined with the Lorath stigma of female virgins being “less of a woman”, this leaves Aiesu overzealous about sexual issues: Often pretending to know nothing (since a child talking about sex is disturbing) and yet paradoxically it becomes an obsession as a taboo topic.
  • Contextural prejudice: She keeps the company of Seiren Isbala, a Yamataian with a similar growth disorder who copes better with the condition. while she'd never admit it, Aiesu does look up to him somewhat in special moments (and not just in a literal sense) – which is usually followed by bouts of stiff shouting, slander, sexism, racism (Aiesu thinks very little of men, or foreigners ostensibly though tends to obsess over them in private – due in part to the Matriarchy's historic isolation and xenophobic history and poor first impressions with foreigners).

Likes and Dislikes


  • Aiesu enjoys her time at the track. She is also a great fan of literature, especially detective stories. She is most proud of her ability to find very lazy work-arounds to tedious and complex problems which would otherwise take a long time - especially if it involves social engineering of some sort of argument - being very confrontational.
  • To those around her, Aiesu seems to spend a lot of time locked away in her dormatory, either sleeping or playing what seems to be a videogame, when she is in-fact dealing with the consortium and their clients.
  • Lacking a mentor figure or religious training, she filled the gap in her life with a keen interest in technology, to the point of obsession: usually more interested in it than other people.
  • Aiesu also enjoys Nepleslian television, identifying much more with the characters who in her mind seem much more rational than the religiously and politically obsessed Lorath - a fact she is especially ashamed of. She has always wanted to visit Nepleslia or meet a Nepleslian.
  • In secret, she has an obsession with feet and shoes, lacking her own from a very young age. For this reason, she has an extensive collection of exotic Boots in her wardrobe despite being unable to wear them. She may be suffering from either podophilia or paraphillia.


  • Aiesu is not a big fan of crowded areas, sunlight or other seemingly healthy things. She is in-fact afraid of wide open spaces and will not leave the university complex alone, choosing to order her shopping online and sleep through the day and only run the track at night.
  • Her egocentricism and self-importance when combined for her lack of faith in other people leads to a great contempt for those who leverage power over her. This is further fed by her lack of a mentor figure. She rejects religion in much the same way, blaming many of her problems on a lack of a mentor figure.
  • She views any special attention as remarkably suspicious and contemptuous. Compassion is suspect and in her opinion, motivated by guilt as she often does not experience empathy.
  • For some reason, she has an irrational fear of cats and cat-like things.


  • “Khu khu~ I'd do things to you that would take years of therapy to get over~!”
  • “Holy shit you're so right on so many levels. I should just open the window and leap our six floors to my doom. Maybe I can hit a car on the way down if my aim is good. Oh who am I kidding my I play console FPS games. I'll never hit a car.”
  • “You can't measure an apology. Well, you can but not that kind of apology.”
  • “Humility is an important quality. With your output, already be vice chairman of executive cocksucking or something.”
  • “Just when I think you couldn't say anything dumber, you open your big mouth and go for gold. Your caste would be proud.”
  • “That attitude is little immature and it'll forever hold you back in life. Now shut up help me tp this house.”
  • “That's Lieutenant Woosh to you”
  • “If you can fake sincerity, you can fake pretty much anything. Even that.”
  • “Talk to your goddess, you're religious. She talks to, you're psychotic. With you, I get this tremendous sense of value. You are now known as two-for-one.”
  • “I can be a jerk to people I haven't slept with: I am that good.”
  • “Do I get bonus points if I act like I care?”
  • “I wouldn't drink that.”
  • “There is nothing in this universe that can't be explained. Eventually. With the exclusion of that haircut.”
  • “I, ah… Um… like your shoes.” “Are you staring?” “I could be.”
  • “So you think because observers collapse wave functions, observers make reality and thus by believing in your goddess, she becomes real - which ms massively reductionist – yet you think consciousness is this irreducibly complex thing… That its easier to reduce the infinite universe into something simpler than it is to reduce you? Let me say on behalf of the universe from one egotist to another: Get over yourself”
  • “Quad erat demonstratum. And I speak in old trade because I don't try to hide what a collossal ass I am.”
  • “I probably have daddy issues sure but at least I'm not you.”

Aiesu's History

Aiesu was born BYE02 on Lor to mother Oroushea Seras D'markia Karoupshea Lmanel - a religious figure and politician and stay-at-home father Loras Anae Karoupshea Lmanel - an artist, programmer and music teacher.

Very driven, Aiesu often didn't live up to her mothers expectations, who was very rarely around for her. She instead took solace in her father who doted on her. The two would spend evenings listening to music, hiking, debating and discussing philosophy. She also taught Aiesu to program at a very young age and brought her very first computer – a high-end model that he himself coveted.

Unfortunately, her father died in YE11. Aiesu had nowhere to go and was blinded by the glaring expectations of her mother. She became very competitive, striving and working hard at the cost of her health.

Aiesu was a latch-key child, almost always returning to an empty home. Yet when her mother would dote on her, it would be with short holidays during which the two would talk very little or with new computer equipment or books.

As a consequence, she became accustomed to her own company, deciding it was easier, safer and better in almost every way, which suited the path in life she had been assigned from birth as a young preistess.

During a trial of transformation, a Lmanel rite of passage, Aiesu could not complete her transformation which resulted in severe clotting in her lower legs and feet. With skin rapidly undergoing necrosis and permanent nerve damage in her thighs, she was left with two choices:

  • Either keep her legs, suffer the will of the Goddess and enter her open arms in virtuous death
  • Have her legs amputated from the knee down and the damaged nerves removed, removing the possibility of replacement legs and for the rest of her life, be on medication to prevent further clotting in her extremities, unable to ever transform again.

In the agony of septesemia, Aiesu opted to live, alienating the monastary in which she had studied at for most of her life. Unable to continue service and growing increasingly alienated, she was asked to leave.

Now, her mothers approval could never be won. Entering a spiral of depression, she turned to try and redefine herself. Other Lmanel pitied her which confused her but she also found she could exploit this pity to her own ends.

This in turn, fascinated her interest in the inner-workings of the mind and the way others think, as to better improve her ability to exploit others. Realising how unvirtuous this was, Aiesu was experiencing suicidal thoughts and was faced with another choice: either cease the one thing giving her life meaning and repent with said suicide or to abandon the construction of her faith entirely. Once again, Aiesu chose life.

Soon, Aiesu's mother re-married, presumably to fill the gap in her life left by her late husband and useless daughter: the head of neurology for a prestegious if understaffed and underpaid Lorath University.

In this way, Aiesu made a connection, intruegued by the practical chemical study of the brain. Perhaps this would further her quest?

The two debated thuroughly and soon, Aiesu rapidly learned that the decaying remains of her theology were second to pragmatism and the reality of hard-logic, giving her confidence.

Soon, it was decided Aiesu would enrol at medical school and become a doctor.

Isolated in study, Aiesu voraciously consumed volumes on not only her chosen subject but physics, chemestry, engineering and software development - her background in hard logic and philosophy combined with her lack of any real personal life aiding her as her faith died a quiet death beneath the load of learning.

Arguing feverently for a pragmatic approach over the hard theorising that came before her, Aiesu insisted on a software-like approach to dealing with the human brain: To disassemble and examine it atom for atom and turn that into executable code to simulate – inspired by the theories of a computable universe a peer in her artificial intelligence classes had jokingly suggested in class.

To truly understand another sentient, one would have to step through their mind the same way one could machine-code, to build a working abstraction of what was happening, atom for atom with physical simulation to create programs from people.

Inspired by the rumors of an off-world foreign nations highly coveted research into backing up and restoring minds, Aiesu couldn't stand it any longer. She had to take a peek.

Getting access to the University's MRI scanner, she exhaustively scanned everyone she could. The resolution wasn't enough. She needed more but it was out of reach.

Her Step-father, head of her neurology department noted Aiesu's poor spirits and soon suggested she join the track and field team of the university. She was banned within three days for inappropriately staring at their legs … And for coming onto the captain of the female team.

Unwaivering, he then gained special rights for her to run at night in privacy. Once a month, he would accompany Aiesu, timing her runs. Spurred by his motivation and faith in her, she developed a competitive streak and her confidence grew.

With new confidence and a combination of digital forgery, social engineering and a few favors, Aiesu managed to get access to the research building of another university, walking out with advanced scanning equipment and an early quantum computer.

Much to her shock and disgust, she found herself developing inappropriate feelings for her step-father, inspired by his ability to look past her short-comings and to bridge the gap between Aiesu and her mother.

Within a year, Aiesu had developed a way of converting neural pathways into a software runtime: a simple AI that would run at low speed on her advanced hardware, which filled the majority of her dormatory. She soon began editing and altering the models, though the accuracy still wasn't high enough. As a consequence, the AI simulations would rapidly decay.

Ending that year, she wrote a dissertation on experiments with insects - using obviously much simpler equipment than that which she really owned, and the majority of her work was theoretical at best, despite the truth of experimenting with other students. She graduated in YE-26 with doctorates in software engineering, neurology, psychophysics and neurometric which at the time were very new fields which would become the foundations of contemporary neural control systems.

In YE28, two years later and experiencing financial problems, she was scouted by what would later become the Lazarus Consortium, a collection of anonymous users sharing research toward the common goal of what they only described as 'the singularity'.

While this opened many doors to her, she had to do a lot of leg-work since the people she was communicating with didn't understand social or economic systems and were incredibly simple.

What she didn't know is that she was speaking to AI.

Rather than go into corproate research or military projects (both very lucerative but lacking freedom) she instead was assigned a fresh student loan by the university (given by the AI) to continue her work. They also mailed equipment to her, allowing her to expand her server farm.

Unfortunately, they also demanded other things of her: since they couldn't engage in serious social or financial transaction, Aiesu assigned rom-constructs of herself to remote tasks, running on humanoid military hardware systems known as ARIA, allowing her to be in more than one place at a time – though neither she nor the constructs would re-integrate and they would decay within 30 days.

They were commonly used to conduct back-room dealings with other nations, buying and selling weaponary - often telling great stories of valor in their final hours to her over communications networks before they would finally enter terminal entropy and heat-death.

Aiesu was particularly enthralled with Nepleslia, a nation which had no respect for religion and wouldn't limit her research with legal red-tape. Even stranger, the people were explosive, bubbly and fascinating to her. For this reason, Aiesu would secretly immerse herself in Nepleslian film, music and television.

In flesh and blood, Aiesu now lives in debt as a post-graduate, unable to gain access to the money building rapidly in anonymous accounts from her work, since it would link her back to the consortium and her illegal activities.

She does however, remain on the payroll of consistent student loans and basic department pay – tutoring and mentoring other students.

She also recieves in the mail bleeding edge upgrades to her server-farm, allowing her work to grow in fidlity, many of which are military including early ARIA computational hardware and the neural control suite of an AMX-Winter Frame (both of which she would bug-fix, making them usable).

This year, in YE34, Aiesu recieved a salvaged Stararmy of Yamatai Type-30 mental transfer and backup unit, which she has studied ardatiously - believing it to be an utter work of art. She chooses not to share the schematics of the unit, knowing it will garner the attention of Yamatai's dark underbelly and lead to her undoing.

Only now has she began reverse-engineering the Soul-Transfer standard with the hope of creating a consistent 'permanent' AI construct for her own use and the means to create and the means to merge herself with this AI, learning what it learns, allowing her to truly be in more than one place at once.

Aiesu's Skills

Art & Vocation

Aiesu has an unusual interest in Nepleslian television and films and the culture of other nations, bordering perhaps on xenophillia - which extends to a worrying amount of trivial knowledge concerning Ketsuri Hanako, including a set of miscounted measurements. She is also familiar with most contemporary and pre-classical Lorath composers.


Having studied to become a doctor, Aiesu is familiar with basic medicine and diagnostic medicine, before she retrained to become a specialist in neuroscience (the study of the brain) which carries with it Psychometrics (the assessment of measurable action), neurochemestry (the balance of chemicals and hormones in the brain) genetics (predisposition and behavioral influences) and neural topology (associated with the actual layout of neurons in the brain).


A prerequesite to studying to become a doctor, Aiesu has an understanding of basic chemestry and the mechanisms of neurotransmitters. She is also sufficiently familiar with practical chemestry to fabricate common drugs and medicine from household items in a pinch.


Aiesu has a working knowledge of basic mechanical physics, some basic quantum mechanics needed for quantum computation and engineering, necessary for the production and testing of working mechanisms and is familiar enough with CAD software to design equipment or improvise something in a punch.


Aiesu is a talented liar, skilled manipulator and social engineer. She has learned to move past trivial matters such as guilt, remorse and empathy in the vast majority of cases. She prides herself especially on knowing when she is being lied to and is largely sceptical about the greatness of her fellow man. This unfortunately means when she is impatient or stubborn, she can be incredibly difficult to deal with.

She is also a skilled negotiator thanks to her pragmatic understanding of psychology and is comfortable bartering the price of items, recognizing when she has leverage in a sales situation.

Technology operation

From a young age, Aiesu has been programming for almost as long as she's been talking. She is skilled writing programs, working with computers and diagnosing software flaws with penetration testing. She is also sufficiently skilled as to understand most common mechanisms for AI to operate and diagnose their flaws and failures.


Aiesu has an unusual knowledge of various products and research projects headed by the Lorath and Lazarus Consortium, necessary for her to sell them.

For reasons not entirely clear, Aiesu has an unusual knowledge of boot and shoe types for a person who has no feet - ranging from the very mundane to the highly exotic.

Aiesu also owns Type 30A female duty uniform (likely imitation) which she keeps in her wardrobe, matching a propaganda or promotional poster on her wall, complete with matching Boots and stockings - and a styled and dyed wig brought separately – all of which, she has yet to bring herself to wear - believing it to be a deplorable and shameful act to even own such things, as a Lorath.

The seller of these rare goods claims they were worn by the illustrious Ketsurui Hanako herself whom Aiesu secretly admires enough to spend half a years pay on, effectively living on rehydrated noodles for the next six months.

Exactly why she admires Hanako so much could be down to her percieved superior social engineering and manipulation skills, perhaps as an idol or someone to look up to, in spite of Hanako's transgressions with the Lorath Matriarchy and Aiesu's own ironic and intense phobia of cats.


Not so much a skill as a flaw, Aiesu speaks both Orthodox and Reform Lorath flawlessly but can only read maybe 100 words and phrases in Yamatai-Go and even less in Trade. She generally relies quite heavily on translators and her constructs are persona-augmented to make up for this. Most of the words she seems to actually know are from the Yamatai Adult Video circuit or doujinshi circles and are common dialog or terminology in pornography.

Aiesu's Posessions

Aiesu's Apartment

Small by Lorath standards, Aiesu's dorm room apartment is where she spends almost all her time. The room is bristling with heaps and piles of high tech equipment, from computers to server farms, a 3D printer, a high end digital workstation and a tool-bench to one side.

The kitchen is loaded with the bare essentials but packs a Lazarus stasis unit; a means of freezing food in time to preserve it. Given the nature of Seiren's cooking and local takeout, Aiesu tends to eat the cooking of others rather than using any feature of her kitchen.

The living room, also the work-room contains a large bed-pit which may soon be converted into bunk-beds and an array of shelves loaded with equipment, as well as a cheap volumetric projector in the ceiling playing the role of television.

The bathroom is again, the bare essentials with a toilet and poorly installed roundel bath and shower from Nepleslia, rather than the blockish Lorath baths – Aiesu preferring the smooth contours against her back and the fact both she and Albert can fit into it at the same time.

Behind a set of shelves are an additional pair of 3D printers and an alcove leading to a room which is unshared - a “catflap” of sorts connecting the undocumented room to the bathroom allowing Albert to come and go as he pleases. This space not only serves as Alberts personal room but on shelves toward the ceiling and with lockers is packed utterly to the brim with memorabilia of a deeply questionable nature.

A large collection of ROM Constructs

This telepresence takes the form of ROM-Constructs: Neural attributes run in ARIA AI. The construct physically is usually run on a Maesus style computer in a Modus endoskeleton with a flash-cloned exterior and organs, making them very realistic. They normally have a quantum modem, for 1:1 instant transmission so they can be over-ridden or “stepped into” like remote avatars if needed, though the bandwidth is quite low.

Importantly, not all constructs are accurate: Many have intentional idiosyncracies and diverge both aesthetically and psychologically from the original and can usually be changed quite quickly if needed.

Aiesu 01-24

An admin-body of sorts, they act as a simulated office-block working to continue Aiesu's own work as a sort of mind-away-from-home.

Aiesu 41

Onboard the Akahar, 41 acts as the representative of Consortium interests. Design changes include alterations to simulated hormones (include experimenting peer-bonding routines), over-ride trigger-words, a taller and a more physically able build but still compact.

Aiesu 47

Onboard the Phoenix, 47 is similar in many ways to 41. Interestingly, she is one of the few constructs able to manually reset herself. She is subject to subtle changes, due to Echelon's medelling with her code. While normally professional, Aiesu herself is a big fan of Luca – and as such, 47's awe tends to be translated into hurtful remarks to remain objective. It is suggested she may have a romantic interest in Redrick. Affectionately referred to as “shortcake”.

Aiesu 52

Located onboard the Val'ta, model 52 features a thoroughly adult build, unusual for Aiesu given that avatar-contact with a sufficiently different body is generally painful. 52 is generally expected to operate with great independence as a high realism high stability replica of Aiesu, with an advanced knowledge of technologies used throughout known space that Aiesu herself is unfamiliar with. In addition, other subroutines have also been added including systems specific to advanced rapid psychiatric assessment to speed up her job and psychological warfare that gives her a set of tools serving as common warning bells for crew de-cohesion, as so it can be nipped in the bud early.

This Aiesu is unique in that it is the product of a batch of experiments aimed at ascertaining what Aiesu would be like, were she able to fully mature emotionally in a conventional sense, for the purpose of greater stability. Particularly noteworthy is her rolling attempt of a semi-hime cut, with scattered loose bangs and a parting to one side.

Previously, this type of construct has only been used for the purpose of arms sales.


Aiesu 71-77

“Lucky sevens”, Aiesu-77 actually includes 71-77 and is a compound construct: Many constructs acting as a single networked intelligence. Scarcely spoken about, the compound construct is an experiment in personality division, an attempt to break a person's separate personality traits into individual people. The group if composed of #71: Happiness (a construct which is very relaxed but is driven by pleasure seeking behaviour and in spite of her pleasing demeanour is a remarkable pervert), #72 Vulnerability (a construct which is very timid and is easily frightened), #73 Knowledge (a repository which has a highly professional if haughty and prideful demeanour), #74 Indigence (a construct with a short fuse and remarkable capacity for violence), #75 Confidence (a cool calm and collected construct prone to taking charge which is often irrationally convinced it cannot be wrong, known to take advantage of others), #76 Nurture (a mothering type built around Aiesu's feelings for Albert) and #77 Paranoia (a construct which feels everything is out to get her, with the exception of the other six constructs; known for preventative scheming and self-preservation behaviour at the expense of others).

Aiesu 101

A larger experiment with compound constructs, Aiesu-101 burns through the four year life-span of constructs at an accelerated rate of about 100 every hour. As a result, she experiences loosely 400 years worth of thought every hour, allowing her to complete nonconventional tasks. Unfortunately, her half-life is 36 hours as the code holding her memory together degrades much faster and as such only exists for a very short time.

Known events



Meta/OOC stuff

Character development direction

“So what seperates you from the real Aiesu?”

[Perhaps the real Aiesu's psychological profile, produced by the LSDF, is somewhere on file?]

[Maybe Keib could go behind Aiesu's back and get a copy of it]

- The real Aiesu has Reactive Attachment Disorder ( Synopsis:

1) Serious problems forming attachments or trust in tohers
2) Has formed a shell. When shell is threatened, she responds violently.
3) Inappropriate social behavior and unusual affection toward strangers.
4) Expert social engineer. Hyper-attentive.
5) Often takes control of situations by making others angry.
S) Probably cause is seperation anxiety

AK-47 (our Aiesu) is a kludged attempt to fix this problem for the sake of the mission. Its a clumsy change but involves the emulation of oxytocin in the brain around people who are deemed 'mission critical' by her software model of the mission. While it should force peer-bonding and trust behavior, the end result is much closer to sexual attachment because of her extremely low tolorances (because of RAD).


  • Aiesu's last name, is drawn from the noncompatitive 'Kalopsia' meaning ”The delusion of things being more beautiful than they are, especially as one draws closer to them“ (thus revealing their ugly truth).
  • Aiesu's first name on the other hand is drawn from the Japanese romanization of IS, an initialism meaning 'intersexed', a play on her very masculine behavior and very boyish appearance.
  • Intentionally, the initials of her name, AK, draw from the AK47, a rifle infamous for its ability to continue working after being driven over, soaked, buried in sand or even deep fat fried. A play on reliability.
  • Aiesu's double-amputation is a nod to olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius who shares the same condition, known affectionately as “the fastest man with no legs”.
  • The play on rabbits with her character ties to her track-running as a nod to dog-tracks, where the rabbit is chased. It also ties into the false saccharin personality she uses and the uncouth thoughts she hides from others, resulting in her very repressed manner, sexually and her undeveloped and very child-like appearance.


Character Data
Character NameDr. Aiesu Kalopsia (Ayetseu Karoupshea) L'manel
Character OwnerOsaka/Osakanone
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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