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Cronovis, Van

Cronovis, Van is a player character played by Akallas.

Cronovis, Van
Species: Ironmakuanhe
Gender: Male(former), Ahermaphrodite(Current)
Age: 37
Height: 180 centimeter
Weight: 100 kg
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Independent

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 180 centimeter
  • Mass: 100 kg
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: He has an muscular build, and his “skin”, where they show up, is grayish black color where clothes do not cover.

Eyes and Facial Features: Due to his own chemical accident that burned off his face and head, he wears a custom-made mask-helmet that covers his entire head.

Ears: black with a single teal line running across the middle of the ears. The ears have two antennae sticking out from it from the tip and midsection, both facing backward. Yes, the ears were also burnt off in the chemical accident mentioned before.

Hair Color and Style: No hair. He got it burnt off in an accident, and had it replaced with the mask-helmet. But he remembered his hair being an unrestrained short black hair.

Distinguishing Features: The black mask-helmet. The mask has three “eyes”, all of which are no bigger than five mm in diameter and black in color, placed where the bridge of his nose used to be and where his temples used to be. This allows him a almost 360 vision, though not exactly 360. He can also pull out small weapons like pistols, knives, and small SMG's, if he had them stored in his body in his thighs, chest, stomach, or forearms.

Body Type: Having gone through a FMBC(Fully Mechanized Body Conversion) procedure, he discarded his biological body in favor of an antifragile machine.

  • Skeletal Structure: In place of his quartz lattice structured bones, he has Aerudirn skeletal structure reinforced with triple layers of complex weaves of carbon fiber. The structure can withstand extreme stress. Last lab experiment performed at Solan Starworks determined that the skeletal structure would be able to take multiple hits from sniper rifles behaving to repair themselves.
  • Muscular Structure: All joints and tissues have been replaced with synthetic muscles composed mainly of graphene and carbon fibers. Circuits running through these muscles are protected by multiple layers of graphene, which would allow the circuits to survive the stress given off by the muscles.
  • Energy System: Van has two energy systems to use from: he can rely on a miniaturized cold fusion reactor in the center of his chest, or highly efficient “stomach” that replaced his real one. For the second option, he simply has to eat food by opening a “mouth” on his mask-helmet. The food would be processed much the same way as it would in a mammal, but he produces less waste from the food he intakes.
  • Nervous System: He does not use neurotransmitters organic beings use. Instead, he has converted his nervous system into a chemical neurotransmitter. It sends signals faster than most sentient species's neural activities. It is, however, only just a bit faster than Ironmakuanhe's nervous system.
  • Circulatory System: Instead of the blood and vein system that organic beings have, Van replaced them with a cooling system that uses liquid nitrogen. This system built to take in the output radiation of the cold fusion reactor and to keep the overall system cool. However, due to the natural size of a Ironamanuken, the size of the system as well as its contents are pretty small. As a result, it can take only so much heat from bot external and internal sources.
  • Telepathtic Abilities: Zip. He can no longer experience any sort of telepathtic abilities that exists in some form or another within his race.
  • Joints: At each joint, there are sockets available for standard Iromakuanhe artificial limbs to attach to (he thought of this in case parts of his body are rendered useless).

Overall, this body type has been designated by Van himself as FMB-01.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Tinkerer and Gatherer.

He likes to keep his hands out there around him, always touching and pulling. He collects technologies he is not familair with and reverse engineers them for the sake of passing time. He doesn't take people who don't learn from their experience stupid, and in worse scenarios, refuses to communicate with them.

Van can be a stubborn man when it comes to what he wants or wants to do, which mostly involves looking through a microscope, creating better versions of existing technology, or pulling out a piece of useless scrap metal wherever his hand goes. If someone tries to stop him, he will appear to have stopped, but will continue to do whatever he wants to do behind others' back. Unless ordered to do so by authorities.

If threatened, he will strike back in equally same measure, believing in the philosophy of “an eye for an eye” when it comes to self-defense. He will never aggressive seek out others to harm, even if they had wronged him before. He will only react to bad elements when they come too close to him or his property for his comfort.

Now, when he is not working on anything like surgeries, researches, or passing his time with his tinkering hobby where a strict professionalism or absolute concentration is required, he switches between two distinct attitudes. The first is the gloomy, cold, and hard attitude many AI's built as war machines would have. The second is a much more jovial and lively attitude where he goes out to make friends and enemies alike. Of course, he won't overstep the boundaries set on him unless he feels that he can get something out of it.

  • Likes: Making new tools, adding new features to his mask-helmet, making medicine, growing herbs for medicine, making drones, psychology, furry little rodents
  • Dislikes: warmongers, backstabbers, idiots, ignorants, grunts, zealots of any kind, “magicians”.
  • Goals: Immortality (secret), make a “Bigger-in-the-inside” technology, making medicine, making devices for protecting others, seeing the stars with his own eyes, and eventually setting up his own R&D company.


Family (or Creators)

Cronovis, Haeeir(mother-pharmacist). Cronovis, Alvivan(father-doctor). Cronovis, Myn(Older brother-Biotechnology researcher).


Born to a prestigious family and extended family of genius researchers, doctors, merchants, and celebrities, much was expected of Van. The boy did his best wherever he could to make sure that he would not fail those expectation. And nothing really happened for a long time, because -hey, genetics are genetics- he met their expectations, soaring through high level education and physical training imposed on him.

Until he reached the age of 20. While he was taking a light jog in the neighboring park, he was struck from the back by a mugger and left to die. Police and paramedics arrived at the scene and took the bleeding body of Van to the hospital.

When he woke up later that day, he heard a shocking news from his personal doctor, his father: Van won't be walking again.

Van sunk into a brief depression, during which he often contemplated suicide. However, he came out of it and he had a new goal: to fight against his crippleness.

Before, he had been learning about how to become a business manager like his uncle, Kival Cronovis. From the accident and on, his focus turned to biotechnology and artificial limbs. And he began to study to build himself his own limbs. Limbs that would be made with his own hands.

So he studied.

And studied.

And studied.

And studied to a point where his family of overexpectants became very wary of him. Van never left his room in his parent's mansion. He had stacks of books reaching over three meters. A makeshift bulletin board from multiple cardboards on one side of his wall that held incomprehensible notes.

It took his family three years to begin talking to him about getting him to stop studying. At first, he let the matter go; it was his own endeavor. While he was sorry about living on his parent's house and “leeching from them” -only he used this term about himself. Then years went by as the talks became more heated between his family and him.

Finally, the talk went out of hand his seventh year into studying. And fists flew between brothers. In the struggle, they struck a cabinet filled with chemicals that Van was studying, and all of them were spilt on the poor boy.

The chemicals ate away at him until he had no hair, ear, eyebrows, and large amounts of skin.

His family called the hospital immediately, but when the ambulance came, he outright refused to go with them and locked himself in the room. When his family demanded that he allow himself to be taken by the ambulance so that they can fix his face and head, which were just burned, he shouted back to them saying that he will get his face fixed by his own means. Confused and unwanted, the ambulance left.

This caused the family to quiet down again, feeling guilty about what happened to their precious son and brother. But Van was … happy. He was happy because this pause in his family's behavior gave him the time to finish his study.

Ten months after the accident, he left home, escorted by four men.

His family didn't hear from him for an entire year.

Then one day, there was a visitor. The visitor was of average “tall” height, reaching about 180 centimeters. He had a mask-helmet over his head, and in place of his ears, there was a odd shaped mechanical “ears”. The man was dressed in a black vest and white button-up long sleeve shirt with a pair of clean black formal pants.

“Sorry for leaving so abruptly, mom.”

That caught the family off-guard.

Then Van spilled his story about what happened.

He contacted one of Solan Starworks' scientists, suggesting a trade between them. The scientist was reluctant at first, but after seeing the schematics that Van offered, he was enthusiastic. A mechanical body that had the same antifragility as a mammal's body, yet was completely adjustable by simple commands like “increase muscle mass by 50”. This was of course given that there was enough raw material to work with (aka food).

The scientist and his team begged Van to give them the schematics. And Van agreed on one condition; as Van held the patent, he would give the scientist the sole business partner for the biotechnology that he created and in return would give Van and inform him of any and all upgrades that they build upon the original schematics. The scientist agreed.

The body's features were based on Van's genes, but the face was removed in favor of a mask-helmet that would give more room for armor thickness and space for built-in machines.

The family, while shocked with the events that occurred, welcomed him back.

After working many years under his father and mother, he decided to build his own path. He discussed much about it with his family and extended family, and came upon the conclusion that he should first see what is out there in the world. Perhaps he could form a contract with the military to have him aboard one of the patrol or exploration ships outbound as a physician or something.

But he had a goal now at least. He would see.



He can speak and understand any and all languages that has been recorded and translated. Having a machine-brain helps. However, he cannot learn a new language without “upgrading” himself, which requires that he take a day long downtime since language takes up huge parts of processing.

Technology Operations

He can operate with most sorts of machines, from personal vehicles to frigates and mobile communication devices to miniaturized and buffed up supercomputer housed in his own head. Given enough scrap parts and a small furnace to work with, he can easily “cook up” a device of his own design.


He has worked under his parents, a doctor and a pharmacist in charge of their own hospitals and researches, for seven long years. He knows how to perform surgeries, make antidotes to poisons, and do first aid. Unfortunately, he doesn't know much about other species's anatomy, which he is taking brief downtimes for (The downtime -“sleeping”- can range between a second to whole days depending on the size and applicable uses of “downloading” knowledge). Not only that, he has learned of many things before his conversion and one of those things is psychology. He has licenses for a pharmacist, a general physician, and paramedics. He also has Ph.D in General Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, and Biology. Having studied deep into Ironmankune's physiology and having studied biotechnology as well, he can easily distinguish different augmentations, both old and modern, and the means to fix them should he have the right equipment.

Fighting and Physical Skill

Unfortunately, Van had been studying too hard; while he read much about how people train for combat, he never trained himself in any sort of combat. While he has the body of a perfect soldier, he does not have the necessary training that should go with it. So basically, thanks to his conversion to a fully machine body, he can throw a steel-crunching uppercut, but he doesn't have the speed or the flexibility that would bring out the full effectiveness of that punch.


Standard Uniform

  • 4 white, long sleeve button-up shirts
  • 3 black vests
  • 4 pairs of black formal dress pants

Workout Clothes

  • 1 Standard Workout Outfit
    • Sleeveless Mesh T-Shirt, Dark Blue
    • Padded Slipper-Socks
    • Long Exercise Shorts, White w/ Dark Blue Trim
  • 1 Standard Swimsuit
  • Swimming Trunks, Dark Blue or Light Blue (Male Only)


  • 4 Pairs Smart Woven Boxer Briefs, Black

Firearms and Combat Gear

Standard Gear

  • 1 Built-in and modified rifle in his left arm (Had this guy smuggled)



  • 1 Black Briefcase
    • Multiple datapads
    • Multiples schemetics (unknown design)
  • Wallet, Dark Blue
    • Identification Card, with Name, Corps and Home District
    • Homing Beacon Tab
    • Starting Funds

Personal Hygiene



Cronovis, Van is currently a Vayshirin in the Astral Vanguard.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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