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Koga Akemi

Koga Akemi is a character made by Amaryllis and played by Ametheliana and raz.

Akemi (明 Brilliant, 美 Beauty)

Koga Akemi
Species: NH-29H Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Formerly Female Currently Male
Age: 7 (Born YE 33)
Height: Formerly 146cm (4'9“) Currently 5'6”
Weight: Formerly 39kg (85lbs) Currently 130lbs
Organization: Currently Independent Formerly Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Adventurer/philanthropist /singer/business owner
Rank: Formerly Ittô Heisho
Current Placement: Anticipating Deployment 1)

Physical Characteristics


Akemi decided to take on the body of a man and is now a slender, wiry 5'6“ and 130 pounds with a face largely as feminine as before and a still plenty dainty figure.

  • Height: 145cm / 4'9”
  • Mass: 38.6kg / 85lbs
  • Measurements: 74-56-91 / 28A-22-36

Build and Skin Color: Akemi has a very firm, wiry build. Her shoulders are narrow and her hips are quite wide. Her skin is snow white. As can be seen by her measurements, she is very small, even for a Nekovalkyrja.

Eyes and Facial Features: Akemi's eyes and lips are bright red. Her eyes are large, round and prominent. Her eyebrows are full and thin and her eyelashes are also full and somewhat long. Her face is round and heart shaped. Its features are smooth. Her nose, mouth and chin are small. Her nose is pointed and her cheekbones are high. Akemi's face is somewhat thin and angular yet it is also soft. It is very youthful. Her lips are full.

Ears: Akemi's ears are short, thin and pointy. They point upwards slightly and backwards. They have no fur covering.

Hair Color and Style: Akemi's hair is pitch black. It is straight and symmetrically parted in the front down the middle. It reaches the end of her back. It is silky smooth and shiny. She takes very good care of it.

Distinguishing Features: Akemi has no hair on her body besides her head hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. She has a small serial number tattooed on the bottom of her right foot. She wears the Type 22 bodysuit instead of the new standard working uniform. Despite having modified her scent and taste like typical NH-29s she still has three fingers and a thumb per hand, four toes per foot and two incisors between her canine teeth.

Voice (Singing): Yui Itsuki Examples: 1,2,3,4

Flavour: Rich caramel

Scent: Chocolate and peppermint like a peppermint patty

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Akemi is a fun-loving, carefree and outgoing Neko that loves to tease people and mess around. Being created to simply fight and add another faceless productive member to society when she retires, Akemi has thought about life and has come to the conclusion that it is ultimately meaningless for all people. She also doesn't believe in morality as she doesn't believe in free will. As a result she has decided that instead of despairing she'll just have as much fun as she can with her life and do whatever she wants.

Akemi is a generally friendly and kind person, but she's capable of anything and could do horrible things without caring much about the consequences given her beliefs. She can also be very forgiving as well since it isn't particularly hard for her given that she doesn't believe anyone is responsible for what they do. She's a very caring and thoughtful friend and person in general but she likes to pretend to be blase, capricious and ditsy. Akemi doesn't care at all about not being a naturally born human and doesn't envy much less physically and mentally robust Nepleslians.

Akemi thinks of herself as a good listener, a fair arbitrator and someone who is very reasonable when she is serious. She takes pride in being logical and capable of making tough decisions without letting emotions impair her judgment.

  • Likes: Being acknowledged/praised/complimented, her hair, cute clothes/things, appearing feminine/cute, fighting, exercising, training, power armor, hands on work, shamelessly hitting on people, being goofy, teasing, kaserine, being informally in charge
  • Dislikes: Failure, not coming in first place, being under-appreciated or unnoticed when performing well.
  • Goals: Become an ace power armor user and a great fighter in general, earn the respect of her fellows, gain a sense of belonging.In the long run Akemi wanted to become the most decorated and distinguished member of the Star Army's infantry but that is no more now that he has a burger Empire to run outside of Yamatai's bellflower shaped umbrella. Sleep with Aerin Tatst, Sachiko, Ketsurui Kotori and other famous/powerful females or males in adorable female form. Defile a Lorath princess if the opportunity presents itself. Create a successful international business, found a powerful clan, become royalty, get a star, planet and/or nebula named after her, become a senator, drop a moon, become famous for being famous, become a war hero, get named hottest Neko alive, tame a Nightmare with her charm, make Luca Pavone her manservant, become the most famous Yamataian in the universe, attend an IRC and knock up some chick so she gives birth to twins during it and ruins everything Shimizu Akina style.
  • Hobbies: Practicing singing and dancing in private, listening to music, watching television programs, reading, viewing art
  • Sexuality: Akemi is highly attracted to petite women that look and act cute. She also finds well endowed women much taller than herself quite enticing as well as frigid, austere and/or taciturn types, especially if they give her cold looks of contempt and disgust. Bonus points are awarded if they are shy or concerned about being plain looking. Akemi doesn't care about monogamy and would delight in intruding on the romances of others and building herself a harem. She enjoys pretending to be a submissive, a masochist and a sadist depending on whatever will get her the most amusement out of a situation.


Family (or Creators)

Star Army of Yamatai


Akemi performed excellently during her initial training and the subsequent three months of specialized space infantry training she received. She got along well with her instructors and fellows nekos. She impressed her trainers with her eagerness to learn and serve. She received her training at the Black Sands Test Range, a place that only SAINT Nekovalkyrja and combat arms go to for training.


Mission 14.2 - The Battle of Yamatai

Akemi is assigned to and first arrives on YSS Eucharis as it is about to engage the NMX in a massive fleet battle over Yamatai. There she is sent to engineering and tasked by Takeyu with repairing damage throughout the ship as it is incurred by enemy fire. The efforts of the crew successfully prolong the length of time their ship stays in action, but it is eventually taken down by zombie Pineapple when she fires an Aether Beam Saber-Rifle at one of its main engines. Akemi attempted to stop Pineapple, but the Mishhuvurthyar that had taken control of her seriously injured her. Luckily a power armor team from the Vesper quickly teleported aboard and took out both threats. After the ship made a successful emergency landing in the ocean and the crew had escaped in shuttles, Koga immediately tried to join the others in fighting the NMX survivors from another nearby ship that had also crashed, but Hakujou refused to let her go. She appealed to Hanako and was granted permission to fight. She shared her first enemy kill, a Ripper, with Nathaniel Kygra. After the crew had finished dispatching the enemies on the beach Hanako called the Vesper to have her ship towed. Later the crew went to Kyoto to help the First Legion defend the city from a large group of NMX power armors, tanks and unarmored foot-soldiers. During this battle, Akemi accomplished her first unassisted enemy kill which was another Ripper. In addition, she along with Sune and Blueberry saved Hanako from two Rippers that had gotten the drop on her. The battle for her crew came to an end when precision orbital strikes were called down which took out the major threats leaving only parasites and NMX Nekovalkyrja unarmored foot-soldiers to be dealt with.

Mission 14.3 - Aftermath

During the morning hours of the next day after Akemi's first on duty, a short award ceremony was held. She was promoted two ranks, from Santô Hei to Ittô Hei and awarded four medals. A little while later she volunteered to go with Sune on a trip to gather supplies for the Eucharis. While she went with him Takeyu and Ramiro worked on repairing the ship and Hanako, Helen and Reika went over the Miharu logs to gather intelligence on the NMX and information that could be used to decide future missions. After returning successful, Akemi became an apprentice to Takeyu in order to become a fully qualified ship's technician and took on the responsibility of maintaining the Eucharis' power armor and related weapons. Both positions were granted at her request. During her absence from the ship Yui visited and Hanako decided they would next head to a planet to the far south of Yamatai in unknown space in search of a clone of herself that was supposedly there.

Mission 14.4 - Trading in the Shadows

Akemi and her fellows had no trouble gathering their supplies. Sune warned that a man they would be getting supplies from had questionable clientele despite running a legal business and some might prefer to steal his goods instead of buying them. Sure enough, on their way back to the ship, a bus full of armed bandits tried to block their way. As the designated driver, Akemi dealt with them by ramming the truck into and past their vehicle while Sune and Victory opened fire on them. The bandits did not pursue. Later they encountered some emergency workers clearing rubble and recovering people from a badly damaged building. She asked Sune if he wished to stop and help. She ended up rescuing a mother and her daughter and assisting Victory in safely extracting an armed man that thought she was an NMX neko. The rest of the ride back was uneventful.

Mission 15.1 - Gifted

The Eucharis left on its course to the unknown planet which supposedly had a clone of Hanako. During the trip, the ship received many new crew members and one old one which was Konoka. It was decided that two groups would land on the planet. Akemi was placed on Alpha team with Konoka which was led by Sune. It would land in power armor and be tasked with drawing the attention of enemy forces to itself and keeping them busy. Beta team was to first scan the planet for enemy installations and the clone of Hanako before either team landed. It would approach the planet in a shuttle coated in stealth material and try to rescue the clone. Both teams would have all their equipment coated in stealth material. After being briefed on this plan, Akemi asked Konoka if she would like to be her roommate and she took her up on her offer. Later that day, the crew celebrated Yule Tide Holidays. A tree brought by Yui was set up in the lounge and Mango cooked a variety of treats for everyone. The next day Konoka and Akemi found presents from Hanako under the tree. They opened theirs together and socialized a bit. The two found themselves hitting it off quite well. Yaichiro sent Kuroi in a Bellystabber to deliver spare parts for the ship as well as some LAMIA power armor and gifts for each crew member. When the crew finally reached their destination NMX ships appeared almost immediately afterwards and sent their own forces to investigate the planet. Some battle pods destroyed Beta team's shuttle, but they all survived and successfully landed. Some Alpha team members made poor landings which temporarily split them up. Together they faced a large force of heavily armored soldiers supported by spider tanks. Sune was killed by one of the foot soldiers. Battle ceased between both sides when they retreated as an NMX bomber dropped an aether bomb. Alpha team narrowly escaped the blast radius. Beta team also encountered a bomber and had an equally close call. Both teams eventually met up and climbed to the summit of a mountain where they set up a small base with a communications center. Eventually the two teams split up to find the clone. Ramiro found her in a cave he stumbled upon by chance when he sought to escape orbital bombardment by an NMX ship. Once she was found everyone made their way back to the Eucharis in shuttles. Enemy fighter pods attacked once again and some of the soldiers exited their shuttles in power armor to defend them. Akemi was one of them. Eventually they made it to the safety of the ship and it withdrew. Hanako's clone revealed she had lived a peaceful life living off the land. She fused her mind with the original Hanako.

Mission 16 - The Nest

After the Eucharis was resupplied and repaired at Virginia Fleet Depot, it set out to lead an attack on a recently discovered NMX base in unexplored enemy territory. Its objective was to destroy a shipyard and then move on to other targets. Two away teams were made to infiltrate the structure led by Helen and Sune. Helen's team was responsible for obtaining an enemy ship to use to escape the shipyard and launch further attacks from while Sune's was to overload its main reactor. Each Eucharis crew member was given a four soldier escort to command. Both groups approached the installation using stealth shuttles. Akemi was assigned to Helen's team. It suffered massive casualties, but managed to complete its task. All of Akemi's soldiers were killed and she was horribly injured, but she did the most to rescue four Gartagen prisoners, potentially saved Reika and Helen from being overwhelmed by NMX Rippers by backing them up while others were elsewhere and played an important role in making the commandeered ship operational. She also calmed down a new crew member who was very shaken up as this was her first mission. Sune's team also succeeded as did others with their own goals. The shipyard's weapons had caused heavy casualties to the attacking ships, but with them taken out the overall operation was a success.

Joining Task Force Lantern

Upon voluntarily joining the new unit Akemi quickly alienated herself from a few of its members (Anju, Koko and Siv) by being overly “friendly” with some of them. During the task force's stay at Pisces Station she encountered an extremely cute AI named Kira that acted as a guide for the area and took a great liking to her. Because of Akemi's fondness for her she ended up joining the crew along with her sister sprite Rika. At Akemi's suggestion the two of them decided to upload their minds to full scale Nekovalkyrja bodies.

The First Mission

The crew's first mission was to deal with Independent Worlds League terrorists that had commandeered three Star Army ships. The Ryuusei were split up into three teams, one for each ship, with Koko leading Akemi's. Though two of Akemi's team members died during the operation, things went very easily for her and Koko. The enemy ship ended up crashing in the middle of the ocean of an unnamed planet with the team still in it. As a result, Akemi got to spend some quiet time improving her relationships with Koko and Kiyoshi while the three waiting to be picked up.

Second Mission: The Story of Silent Angels

While exploring Leo station one of the members of the task force met a troubled looking little girl and approached her but she ran off leading him into a region that was a station sensor dead zone where he was killed by an unknown assailant. The task force learned of a gang of child slavers led by a former UOC Peacekeeper that was probably responsible. It then prepared to infiltrate the gang's base and ended up killing all the enemies within. Akemi ended up killing her initial targets with perfect, quiet precision which kept their presence hidden as they advanced and she killed the gang leader as her commander wasn't interested in taking him alive. The children were safely rescued and Akemi kept her commander who was badly injured during the operation from sustaining further harm.

Third Mission: The Swords of Heaven

In YE 36 the task force is alerted to a Iromakuanhe cruiser, VSV Boutros, crash-landing in a working district on the edge of Hopetown in the Kitsuhoro province. The Iroma do battle with the local defense forces which are part of private company as the planet is ruled by many factions and corporations rather than a unified government like YSE. Akemi and her companions are tasked with finding out whether or not the Iroma are responsible for initiating hostilities as the media is claiming they have come and attacked the planet as an act of war. This operation reveals that the company has been infiltrated by Lorath who wish to steal unique Iroma technology under the guise of subduing invaders. Upon landing the task force still had't decided whether or not to use stealth when actually approaching the aliens. Akemi decided that was a bad idea so she marched forward and explained that they meant no harm and only wanted to talk and that she would go over to them alone if they wanted to speak up close, in person, within the safety of their fortifications. Her team was subsequently attacked by the corrupt defense forces and she flew over the walls the Iroma were hiding behind to join them. She then spoke to one of them to find out what was going on and after going through a firefight with many distant soldiers and tanks she was led to Garuda and Mu'Tasim, the latter of which was able to explain things being the commander of the ship. After some time the Lorath came with many mecha and power armor to infiltrate and steal from the Iroma ship. On top of that they planned to crash a modified Elysian ship on the Boutros and the camp around it to get rid of evidence and witnesses. Akemi lost an arm and was knocked unconscious but she got back up and single-handedly killed many power armored enemies and defeated a mecha with the help of the Iroma leader using one of their Solenoid Bazookas. Her team dealt with the enemies, activated a force field with the Boutros and broke apart the descending ship saving the Iroma.

Countering negative media depictions of Iroma in media after the mission, Akemi explained how the corporate Kitsuhoro Defense Forces had traitors within it that worked with Lorath to try to steal the Iroma ship's technology creating an artificial conflict. He also explained how he fought side by side with the Boutros' crew to help save them and it and that the Lorath pirates were at fault for the falling ships and nuclear explosions.

Origin's Ake Terraforming Team

Still working as a soldier Akemi goes off to Dawn Station to help a team of Origin Industries workers terraform an unexplored planet as a guard because the last team that was sent down disappeared. She befriends a young girl on the team and successfully fends off a pirate attack.


Akemi founds a brothel, booze and food business which he names after himself and decides to become a man. Akemi then starts his business in Nepleslia and later partners with the Nepleslian government to make Nepleslian military rations and have his company set up establishments that travel and settle down with it at bases. Using the advanced technology of the setting he manages his enterprise remotely by employing virtual reality, long distance communication technology and the ability to transfer or experience sensations through another's body across vast distances through an android or a linking of digital brains.

LSDF Val'ta

Akemi enlists with the Lorath for the heck of it and starts off as the lowest possible rank knowing that he'll probably get the equivalent of his Yamataian rank eventually. He jokes around with some female Lorath and thoroughly ruffles their feathers while befriending one of their friends who enjoys some cheeky banter. He successfully completes an easy exploratory mission that essentially amounted to him shooting a chump with his NSP on stun right in her coin slot.


Akemi can most often be found on Planet Osman as he made a claim there with his burger Empire.

Danko Clan

After having found out about a samurai clan and met their leader, Akemi trained at their castle on Yamatai for a few months.


He has bought space ports from Geshrinari Shipyards and three of them have been installed.


He has started a charity and hopes to build it with others.


Akemi has opened Embassies for his Kingdom. The CockPit on 188604 and The Funspot in Funky City.

Racing Team

The Havok Customs' Racing Team, a joint venture between Havok Customs, competes in the EP-76cm class of the Nepleslian Airbike Circuit. 10% of the team's earnings are donated to Akemi's charity, which delivers supplies to impoverished areas of the known galaxy.

Service Record

Year Assignment Rank Date
YE 33 YSS Eucharis Santô Hei 11 Oct
YE 33 YSS Eucharis Ittô Hei 12 Nov
YE 34 Task Force Lantern Jôtô Hei 22 Aug
Ittô Heisho After Task Force Lantern

Skill Areas


Akemi is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Yamataian and Nepleslian. She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.


Akemi received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. She is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons she is trained in include energy pistols and rifles, knives, swords, power armor and grenades. She is especially skilled in the use of power armor and evasion.

Technology Operation

Akemi is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.


Akemi received basic mathematics training, up to and including algebra and trigonometry.


Akemi has studied the history, laws, culture, customs and etiquette of the Star Army and Yamatai Empire. She has researched the development history and science behind all forms of power armor and related armaments she would have access to information on. She has memorized the specifications of each iteration of each model and has studied how they are produced. Akemi has done this because she wishes to know as much as she can about her equipment.

Maintenance and Repair

Akemi knows how to maintain and repair any power armor and related armaments she would have access to information on.


Akemi has trained in a wide variety of gymnastics to improve her combat performance. Her general coordination, sense of balance, spatial awareness and flexibility are impressive even when compared to that of her fellow nekos. Consequently, she is exceptionally graceful.


Akemi started practicing singing and dancing during her initial standard training upon being made. She has become quite good at both. She has learned many forms of traditional Yamataian dance as well as countless dance routines from modern music videos. After being gifted a custom Adante Keyboard by the head of the Tamahagane Clan on behalf of it and its corporation, Akemi also took to learning it and is pretty proficient with it. She hones her skills daily through casual and serious practice sessions.


Koga, Akemi has the following items:

Item Description Reason Date
Star Army Combat Award Battle of Yamatai YE 33
Star Army Service Award Battle of Yamatai YE 33
Tomoyo's Kikyo Battle of Yamatai YE 33
Star Army War Medal Second Mishhuvurthyar War YE 33
Santô Hei Rank Pin Basic Training Completion YE 33
Notable Career Served more than one in-character year YE 37
Distinguished Career Served more than three in-character years YE 37
Experience Successfully completed more than 5 missions YE 37

Personal Items

Business Items

  • SSCC-XL containing Rhenium
  • Bucket of Paint, Gray
  • 1 Ge-Y1-3a - Henkei-class passenger
  • 1 Ge-Y1-2a - Henkei-class cargo
  • 1 Ge-T1-1A - Transatmospheric Shuttle
  • 4 Ge-H2-1a - Amatsu-Class Spaceport
  • 10 Ge-Y2-1a - Hanto-class
  • 10 Ge-Y2-W3300 - Anti-Armor Turrets
  • 10 Ge-Y2-W3301 - Suisei Active Anti-Missile System
  • 10 Ge-Y1-W3100 - Anti-Ship Turrets
  • 20 Ge-V1-1a - Hoshou Fighter
  • 400 EM-G22 2a Emrys Industries Tactical Suit
  • 10,000 Units of Instadrunk -
  • 250 EM-G7 Emrys Environ suit Note: Black with red accents
  • 1 EM-G4-2 Filter Mask (Advanced)w/ Battery and Filters -
  • 1000 1 EM-G6 Emrys Ship Jumpsuit - Note: Black with red accents
  • 100 EM-G8 Gravity Boot
  • 10 EM-J2-3a Douryo Android (Deluxe)
  • 1000 EM-O1 “Tadayou” Series Drones (Patrol)
  • 10 EM-J3-1a “Dennis”
  • 10 “Ernie” Protection Robot
  • 100 EM-J4-1a MARI (Base)
  • 4 EM-J6-1 “Rayleigh” (Base + Med + Command)
  • 100 Emrys Uno Sunglasses
  • 650 EM-W2 Emrys Plasma-Pulse Pistol (P3)
  • 9 Boxes of Precious Gemstones
  • 3 Big Jewelry Boxes (Uncut Gems!!)
  • 1 Medium Jewelry Box (Expensive Jewelry)
  • Medium Jewelry Box (Uncut Gems!!)
  • Small Jewelry Box (Uncut Gems!!)
  • 3 Treasure Chests?! (Uncut Gems!!)
  • Luggage/Duffel full of 20,000 assorted diamonds of various sizes
  • 40,000 quad Crystalline Audio Sensor Array and 500 dual sensors.


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2510 KS 490 KS Game Buddy + Anaba
12510 KS 10000 KS Year-End Holidays Gift from Yaichiro to Eucharis Crew
0 KS 12510 KS Donated to Yamatai Defeat! Hunger Fund
3,440,000,000 KS worth of a mix of currencies3,440,000,000 KS Selling over 1700 tonnes of Rhenium to Spacers 2)
3,409,500,000 KS worth of a mix of currencies 30,500,000 KS Buying ships and space ports from Ceshrinarii Shipyards 3)
3,368,500,000 KS worth of a mix of currencies 41,000,000 KS Buying Civilian VANDR through Aashi 4)
3,363,200,000 KS worth of a mix of currencies 5,300,000 KS Buying Emrys Products 5)
3,362,780,000 KS worth of a mix of currencies 420,000 KS NAMtech backing for tech 6)
??? ??? Race Team Backing 7)
3,352,000,000 KS worth of a mix of currencies 10,000,000 KS Buying Abwehran tech 8)
3,002,000,000 KS worth of a mix of currencies 350,000,000 KS Donation to One Two Red Blue
3,003,000,000 KS worth of a mix of currencies 500,000 DA Annual Salary from Akemi's
3,001,600,000 KS worth of a mix of currencies 1,400,000 KS Buying mecha and guns 9)
2,991,600,000 KS worth of a mix of currencies 10,000,000 KS Buying gems and gifts 10)
2,977,747,000 KS worth of a mix of currencies 13,853,000 KS Buying sensors and arcade game stations 11)

OOC Notes

Adopted here.

Koga Akemi CAN12) be adopted as he was an adoption already and Wes makes the unofficial rules and that's one. He also made these more formal adoption rules, so he may be adopted, but only after Ame and raz have been gone for a year and after a week of them not replying to an admin's email to [email protected] and/or forum PM to Ametheliana and raz.

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