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Alastair Belmont

Alastair Belmont is a player character played by Spaceeye.

Alastair Belmont
Species & Gender: Minkan Male
Date of Birth: YE 14
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Second Officer
Rank: Taii
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyล II

Physical Description

Alastair is built looking guy. He stands 6'3โ€œ tall and weighs a good 200lbs. He has long white hair that fades to black. His eyes are blue like a sapphire. At times he will sport a goatee but also go clean shaven. His voice is deep but has an old English hint to it. His chest is wide and manly. His arms and legs are bulky yet lean. His 10 pack is something guys dream of having. Some say his butt is firm and strong enough to bend zesuaium.

His trade mark outfit is a tailored suit with an English fedora hat. Even when in uniform he will sneak on his fedora hat at times.


Alastair is a gentleman at heart. When he walks into a room one can not help but feel the urge to bask in his glory. He is smart, cunning and learns the rules inside and out. Whatever the occasion Alastair will master and execute to perfection. Having been to different areas of the empire he has learned to be thankful for what he has. While he came from a life of privilege he was never one to act like it. He treats everyone around him with respect and high regard. Sometimes his way of solving challenges can come off as odd and very out of place for a person in command. While Alastair follows the rules without fault, his moral guide is not always pointing to good.

His one glaring flaw is that he has issues with being able to separate command from leisure. He will at times be all about the mission then switch to being all about taking care of the people in said mission. This disregard for his rank can lead to misunderstandings with his fellow crew. For example he might want someone to get out and have fun at a club but instead of just asking he will make it an order. While this is not a real order, the crew have no way of knowing this since he is the commanding officer.

On a more personal note, Alastair takes great care in how himself and others dress. A clean, well pressed outfit is the key to success. On the flip side he always believes woman in uniforms is very attractive.


Alastair Belmont was born in YE 14 in what is now Kyoto, Yamatai. He was not originally from the Belmont family, being adopted when he was young. Same say the Belmont family killed his family and out of regret took him in. Others say he is just some slum bastard child the Belmont's took in out of pity. One thing that is not a mystery is how quickly Alastair moved up the ranks with in the family. His proper form and strong bond for family made it easy for him to befriend all those around him. Growing up Alastair and Mikodimus Liber Belmont spent many hours together. Some even say that Miko took after his older brother. While he was adopted never once did Miko ever refer to him as anything other than his brother.

When he reach his teenage years he was entrusted with running trade routes. It did not take long before he was running his own ship. He managed to be the youngest captain in the family. Not long after this he was managing a fleet of ships for different trade routes. One day in his early 20s an accident happen to one of his ships which he blamed himself for completely. In truth it was no accident but an act of pirates out on a raid. The ship they manned was quickly smash but not before it was too late. This was the turning point for Alastair, having witnessed the awesome power of the empire to enlist.

Basic training at Fort Ready for Alastair was at best a fun time and worst a joke. He had such strong experiences already that he passed every test with flying colors and was a leader every chance given. He was loved by the ladies and admired by the men. It was no doubt that he had a burning passion for justice. There was not a single order that was not executed without delay. None the less he never took risks that put too many lives at risk. He was blunt in saying his craw was family and he would lead them to a better life.

Given his strong past history, he enlisted straight away into Kyoto War College officer program. He was destined to lead and was not going to waste time in missions following orders from people who should be following his orders. That said he had a strong respect for the chain of command. His desire to lead was only to ensure the best was availability for the task. While this was much more challenging than basic he did well and impressed many of those who watched him grow.

Harem of Alastair

During mission Fourteen Alastair found himself face to face with the doors to paradise. At least this was the dream, yet the truth was something completely different. Inside the captains quarters was something that made his heart sink. The room was filled with girls of all kinds. Clearly locked in this room to be the play things for Eve. Doing what any self respecting officer would do decided to save them all. It was a battle hard fought to get back to the ship but they all managed to make it. This was to be the undoing of Alastair.

It was decided after the mission the girls would be given rights as Yamatai citizens. At the suggestion of Alastair all of them ended up employed at house Belmont. Little did he know that each time he would visit home he would be mobbed by all the girls he saved. Without a doubt Alastair had gotten himself into one heck of a mess this time.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Alastair Belmont has the following notable skills:

  • Hand to hand combat
  • Star Army history (Knowledge)
  • Law in the Yamatai Star Empire (Knowledge)
  • Public speaking (Leadership)
  • Logistics
  • Combat Analytics
  • Flight Training

Social Connections

Alastair name is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Alastair Belmont has:

Alastair Belmont currently has 29,400 KS.

Alastairs's Mindy

Loadout "Burst"

Loadout "Command"

OOC Information

In the case spaceeye becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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