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Wyatt Alder

Wyatt Alder
Species & Gender: Minkan Male
Year of Birth: YE 14
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Infantry
Rank: Jôtô Hei
Current Ayenee Placement: YSS Kaiyō II

Physical description

Wyatt stands at 187cm with a lithe yet highly muscular build typical of a seasoned soldier, it puts him at around 75kg. Wyatt’s skin colour naturally carries a very faint olive tone, his almond shaped eyes sparkle with a brilliant amber hue which matches his short and well kept yet wavy coppery hair as well as a light dusting of a beard across his masculine jaw. When going into his new body, he opted for the elven style ears for an advantage in hearing.

Being the kind of person ready to jump into battle as soon as he gets the authorisation to, Wyatt typically can be found wearing the Type 31 Working Uniform with Type 37A Field Jacket over the top, but he dresses differently if the situation demands it.


Wyatt is a “to the point” kind of person who puts up a gruff yet professional exterior, he is one to speak his mind openly, yet he still shows respect and courtesy to those who deserve it and although this can end up rubbing some folk the wrong way, he see’s that as their problem and not his.

A trait that seems to be in most (if not all) of the Alder men is that they have trouble expressing emotions, they do not wish to burden others with such trivial matters.

He is a loyal soldier through and through, but not quite to a fault, give him an objective and you’ll see it done one way or another, the means may not be the most orthodox, but they tend to justify the end result, adaptability is one of his positive traits alongside the fact that he never expects a so much as a thank you for carrying out orders.

He is a natural born fighter, not one to give up and not one to simply accept death, might as well try to take as many of your enemies down with you…


Wyatt doesn’t tend to speak much of his past, not because of some dark secret or extreme tragedy although his life may not've been the best it certainly was not the worst, he just doesn’t feel the need to divulge it to every person he meets. He grew up in Kyoto, his father was in the military and his mother worked as a paramedic, they were great parents but while they didn’t really make the greatest couple, they tried to keep it together for their son’s sake. His dad never found it particularly easy to share emotions, a little gift from his old man, but he tried to in his own way.

He never really was one to simply settle for doing a job “well enough”, so Wyatt constantly pushed himself in everything he did, he may not have been the greatest academic mind but he sure as hell wasn’t dumb, he was in pretty great shape however. As most boys do, Wyatt followed into his Father’s line of work in an attempt to impress the old dog of war, enlisting with Star Army as a marksman in Ye 32, he did exceptionally well in the physical tests and passed the written ones, so he got in, turns out he was pretty good at his Dad’s old job.

Throughout his service, Wyatt has shown a great level of adaptability to anything thrown his way, his track record is near-flawless.

Wyatt found himself assigned to the 2nd iteration of the YSS Kaiyō some time before it's 10th mission, but has been mostly confined to just staying on the


Kaiyo-ii Mission 12: Wyatt helped scout the beach for a bit before Shasse Emiko's curse fuelled blood-lust threatened to overtake her, Emiko-Hei and Ededn-Shosa extracted through the Aether-sphere that surrounded the planet and fell radio silent. Most presumed the two were dead, but Wyatt managed to fly closer and establish through telekinesis that they were alive before he followed them through. He emerged naked next to them and dove about the Kaiyo-ii when it swooped in to save them, upon entering the ship he wrapped his jacket around his lower waist and rushed to the bridge, where he manned a station that helped speed up the process of them leaving the Aether-Sphere behind them.

Skills Learned

Wyatt Alder has the following notable skills:

Star Army Common Skills

Communications: Standard knowledge of basic military communications as well as being fluent in braille.

Starship operations: Basic understanding in the operation of small space craft and light vessels.

Vehicles: Basic understanding in the operation, modification, and maintenance of most vehicles: Mecha Tanks Cars Trucks

Medical: Proficient in the application of first aid and basic medical procedures.

Fighting: Expert at hand-to-hand combat. Standard power armor operation and maintenance. Proficiency in weapon handling, maintenance, modification, an expert marksman and a master of melee combat.

Military/Survival: Expert understanding in: Camouflage, Hunting, Shelter, construction, Signaling, Finding water and land navigation.

Physical: Skilled runner, adept climber and has an exceedingly high pain threshold.

Social Connections

Serma Rennins(formerly Serma Alder, recently Divorced)(Mother)(47)

Kyreese Alder(Father)(52)

Inventory & Finance

Wyatt's Mindy "Jolt"

Left Shoulder Dorsal Right Shoulder
missile pod mindy fusion generator missile pod
Leg Pods utility/cargo Handheld
2leg capacitors CFWEP package LATR
Left Waist Wings / Tail Right Waist
Xiphos aether blade yes / no SIZI M38 SDR
  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
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