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Alena Volontany

Alena โ€œHooktoothโ€ Volontany is a player character played by Soban. Despite the name, she has no known relation to Aslan Volontany.

Alena Volontany
Species & Gender: Separa'Shan Female
Date of Birth: YE 25
Organization: Separa'Shan Order of the Templar
Occupation: Templar
Current Placement: Himiko

Physical Description

Alena is a short Venis Separa'Shan with black hair and eyes. Her scales cover her entire body with a light reddish copper ground color becomes darker towards the foreline, overlaid with a series of 10 brown crossbands.


Alena tries to get along with people, but she has a firey temper that served her well during the occupation.


Alena Volontany was born in YE 25 in the village of Blackstone-by-the-sea, Essia System. Her life was simple growing up, she learned to swim at a young age and often hunted for fish as she grew up. However, she came out of her ascension the day before the Kuvexian occupation began. The people of her village protested the occupation, and she joined the resistance as the Kuvexian's grip became tighter. While it began as simply running messages, she was led by a dream to join the Templar. She was a very effective fighter, participating in dangerous raids on Kuvexians. She earned the nickname Hooktooth.

After the occupation was complete, she didn't feel that she could have peace on Essia again and so left with a small colony to settle on Himiko. However, the war would follow her there.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Alena Volontany has the following notable skills:

  • Demolitions: She often helped place explosives during the occupation.
  • Fighting: hand to hand, knives, longarms
  • Humanities: Religion, As a Templar, she is well versed in Separa'Shan religious traditions and stories
  • Leadership: As a Templar, she learned not only to fight, but also to be a powerful speaker for what she believes in.
  • Survival: She grew up in the Jungle and in the Sea on Essia. She understands those enviroments and how to survive in them like the back of her hand. She is a proficiant hunter, able to use her venom to take down a target.
  • Rogue: Fighting the Kuvexians forced her to become adept at subterfuge.
  • Communications: She had to run messages between cells of the resistance, allowing her to pick up on cryptography and techniques for sending covert messages.

OOC Information

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