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Mythic Shield System

The Mythic Shield System is a one-of-a-kind shield module created for the U-1 Unicorn Custom after it was nearly destroyed in YE 40. It was decided that stronger shield systems were needed, and so an amalgam of different systems was created and dubbed the Mythic Shield System.

Due to its nature, it is complicated and expensive to mass produce.

More about Mythic Shield System

The Mythic shield system is not its own technology, but is actually an amalgam of several different pieces of shielding tech available on the open market.

The components of the system are

The components were modified after they were obtained, and work slightly differently than they did originally. This was necessary to allow them to work in tandem properly.

The amount of work that had to be put into the system is not to be underestimated, and it is far to labor intensive and expensive to justify producing another of the system. Because of this, it is a one-of-a-kind system.


The Mythic Shield System works by using the electromagnetic shield generator to project a self sustaining artificial magnetosphere similar in structure to that of a planet which creates a strong magnetic field outside the shield while not effecting machinery inside the shield.

This shield, because of its structure, subjects particles and radiation to a force which shunts them above or below the shield, depending on charge. It can also deflect near light speed ballistics effectively due to its nature.

The second part of the shield is the SEA Shielding System. The three layers created by this system are only thrown up when there are incoming projectiles or missiles. This is to prevent matter which is not harmful from being destroyed by the layers.

When the SEA system is active, any matter which crosses through the layers it creates allows the static electricity in the inner layer to pass to the outer layer, in the form of a deadly arc which releases a large amount of heat. This discharge turns the incoming matter into harmless gas via sublimation.

The gravitc shield defends against matter based weaponry as well as shock weaponry by deflecting projectiles and shock weapon waves with gravity distortions.

Shield statistics

The Mythic system is, all around, an extremely effective shielding mechanism. Its first weaknesses is neutron-heavy coherent matter weapons, because they are harder to sublimate. Its second weakness is shock weaponry, because there's not any effective way to keep the space outside of the shield from releasing energy potentials.

Unlike most shielding systems, this system is effective against phase weaponry, because its artificial magnetosphere shunts the energy used by phase weaponry around the shield itself, using relatively little energy compared to a traditional shield.

Protects effectively against: Antimatter, charged particles, ions, high-power lasers coherent real matter, antimatter, plasma, High energy electromagnetic waves (Eg. lasers, phase weaponry, radiation beams) Protects moderately against: neutron-heavy solid matter weapons, Aether plasma weaponry, aether energy weaponry Protects poorly against: Shock weaponry, low frequency EM radiation Does not protect against: Neutron or anti-neutron weaaponry

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