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Alexia Asellio

Alexia Asellio is a player character played by club24

Alexia Asellio
Species & Gender: Caelisolan Elysian Female
Year of Birth: YE 12
Organization: Elysian Senate
Occupation: Hired help
Rank: Surface Team
Current Placement: ECV Raven

Physical Description

Like her older brother Alexia is physically above average than the standard Caelisolan standing at 6ft and weighing around 125 pounds (56kg) and has the family crow-like ebony wings she keeps immaculate.

Alexia has a kind looking pale face with soft blue eyes that are standard among the Asellio family, her hair is almost waist length and is the same ebony colour as her wings. Alexia has a the families traditional ebony jewel piercing in each ear and another in her lower lip, she usually wears black face paint in a small ring around her eyes and black lipstick.

Her body is athletic with an overall slim figure, measurements 36-28-32 with a Rose tattoo on her left cheek as a temporary cosmetic she applies when off duty. Usually dressed in the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35 while on duty with her hair tied back, when off duty she prefers to let her hair down and wear baggy cargo pants with an equally baggy T-Shirt, will often dress in nice clothing when she goes out with a victorian steampunk style mens coat for style along with long black dress pants and a small black tophat that matches the colour of her wings . 2)


Alexia is a critical thinker and calculates each of her actions before performing them, generally appearing laid-back she hides her calculative nature and uses her natural beauty to her advantage, using her intellect in conjunction with her beauty Alexia has managed to get out of many tough situations.

She is never one to pass up social events and will strike up a conversation with anyone at anytime about anything, she likes to be around people but feels more at home when she's working by herself or within a small unit. Alexia holds a lot of respect for her brother Icarus and everything he has worked to achieve, she views him almost as a father figure despite a small age gap of only two years.



3) Alexia was born two years after her brother Icarus and like him lived through the Second, Third and Fourth Elysian Wars with Yamatai without their father being with them. As she had no father for her childhood Alexia looked to her older brother for support and would often follow him around and was always interested in what he was doing.

Alexia had been the favorite child of their mother being the daughter she had always wanted and had been cared for far more than her brother, ultimately leading to her far brighter personality as opposed to her brother's cold presence and hard personality from the lack of his father. Growing up she was taught many β€œlady-like” practices by her mother, as she grew more critical Alexia incorporated these skills into her list of talents seeing them as potential means for gain. While Icarus joined the Star Army in YE 30, Alexia stayed with their mother and helped her tend to the house and its routine chores and upkeep while practicing her assorted techniques on strangers to pick up useful bits of information that she came to find very useful in bribing and blackmailing for small favors.

Alexia was still living with her mother during the times of the Battle of Elysia and Second Mishhuvurthyar War and as a result was evacuated as a precaution during the attacks in Elysian space, the two conflicts jump started her plan to enlist in the Star Army of Yamatai giving her the push she needed to begin her training.

She enlisted in the Star Army of Yamatai, after going through the Caelisolan project like her brother to get a better body to help her in the field, in YE 35 and completed her basic military training, she was stationed at the Blacksands Military base under her brother's command for three years. She then pursued Icarus and trained in the Military Police Academy and also completed training to become an Investigator, she then continued to stick by her older brother's side and enlisted for a position on the Starship YSS Wyvern in YE 39.

Skills Learned


Spending most of her life at home with her mother, Alexia gained the necessary skills to run a household and perform domestic duties which allow her to take care of herself and others during her time in the army and MP. She also has used her knowledge to gain small favors in the past and has found her skills to be quite useful to the right people.


Having to put in long hours of study and reading Alexia has become very familiar with Yamatai laws and correct enforcement as is required by all SAMP members, she has often used her understanding to her advantage.


Through the mandatory training and some of her own less than professional fights, Alexia has developed her CQC skills to rival some of the better veteran warriors as well as also being proficient with a firearm at close to mid range combat.

Social Connections

  • Muse Asellio (mother) (53)
  • Icarus SR Asellio (father) (deceased) (55)
  • Icarus Asellio (brother)

Inventory & Finance

Alexia Asellio has

OOC Information

In the case club24 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Art by Madichams

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