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Alice Casdan

Alice Casdan is a player character played by Jack Pine.

Alice Casdan
Species & Gender: Female Geshrin
Date of Birth: 1日 1月 YE 01
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: NDC Armed Forces "Duskerian Legion"
Rank: X6-General
Current Placement: NDC Armed Forces "Duskerian Legion"/S.S.F.F.

Physical Description

An amazonian looking woman with a body of well forged muscles. Despite this, it's not overly so, failing to communicate just how much strength lies in her body at her disposal. Silver hair, silver eyes make a striking visage to behold, her young yet slightly scarred face imposing with the serious expression usually expressed. Standing at an impressive 7'5“ height, taller then well over the majority of her colleges. A bronzed tan starkly contrasts her pale silver features previously mentioned, and sports a rather generous G cup sized bust. Several scars are scattered about her body, the only tattoos being of a humming bird just above right cheek of the rump, a bow and arrow under her left breast, and a vine that winds around her left leg.


Casdan has proven to be a woman of stalwart resolve, as well as focus and drive in her years of service. Most get the impression of her being a hard ass of a commanding officer, very blunt and serious, but aptly tactful when needed. The woman is wise beyond her years, having been serving for far longer then she has ever disclosed to but a select few. In her free time, despite how scarce, she is a bit more relaxed, but still stiff as to keep up the appearance of a strong leader.


Alice Casdan was born one year before YE 01 in the frontier colonies of what would later become Yamatai space. For the next 17 years, her family would dwindle through the several wars as well as the plague that had hit Yamatai. Eventually when she turned 21 in YE 22, Casdan enlisted with the Grand Star Army, and served for the next 19 years. Casdan first began her tour actually fighting in the field during the Fourth Elysian War, which lasted from YE 23-YE 25. These were the conflicts in which she truly began to show her worth as a soldier, fighting with determination, and climbing the ranks in a pace that the war allowed. In the calm after, as well as respites inbetween, Alice had given birth to a few children1). Her career did not end there however, as the woman found herself on the battlefield once more during the years of the First Mishhuvurthyar War. Through YE 26-YE 30, Casdan fought for the empire, serving to the best of her abilities just as the years as before. During the conflict is when the Star Army of Yamatai was formed in YE 28. By this time, she had birthed a few more children, and had climbed the ranks a few more, however The Freespacer Genocide and Related Battles brought doubts to her mind.

As she struggled with such, she still fought to her fullest in the coming years as the Second Mishhuvurthyar War kicked into swing, having already left its share of scars on her body. From YE 31-YE 34, the battles raged on, eventually coming to a close after three years. The next two years would be quiet and routine compared to the lengthy war times that the now 36 year old Gesherin woman had grown used to. But it lead to thoughts of possibly settling down, maybe actually raising an actual family, but at every turn, her serious and strict personality that had developed over dedicated years of service. Well it tended to push men away from her, or scare the meeker ones off. Being a warrior for so long had left its mark on her life and personality. This couple with the doubts created in YE 30, left her questioning if this was the life she really wanted. When the YSE-IAC Cold War kicked off, Casdan dived back in as a officer, ready for a full scale conflict that would never erupt. However, she found minimal involvement in that of the now long standing conflict with Lorath Matriarchy and Star Army of Yamatai since the SAoY's formation.

By YE 38, with beginning of the Kuvexian War, Casdan had grown tired of the conflict, and made the decision later that year to retire from service. Possibly to look elsewhere for a path to settling down, somewhere where the population wasn't mostly female, or what men there were, would prove to be less….agitating. Participating in all wars since then up until the date of YE 38 where she decided to “retire” from the SAoY service, Casdan left at the rank of Shosa and numerous honors. Afterwards, she headed out West to eventually end up in the OSO.

There she sought for a place her skills would be better used, and where she could have the most impact. Her records had been filled with the proof of her prowess in leading troops, and pointing to her skill in the position of a ranking officer. There she ignored the call for skilled ex-military for some new government division and their little team. However, as the next months rolled by, she found herself increasingly down on her luck. Through the years she had found the company of women more pleasing, seeing that men did not appreciate the skills of a woman, or the many advances of various men. Eventually as more began to come across as badgering and in some cases, too full of rudeness.

Well, Casdan just began to view men negatively as a result. But yet, out of the blue there was some random white haired man who approached her. At first she was standoffish, but he was not deterred, and he acted politely. Little by little, she lowered her guard to the stranger, finding him respectable. He introduced himself as Jack Pine, then further explained that he was the leader of the new government division seeking applicants. Casdan being drawn to his charismatic ideals as well as redeeming behavior, agreed to join his group, and then explained her background much to Jack's surprise.

In the following months, S6 would begin to exponentially grow and advance. Their first mission which was carried out with the only five man team they had, was a somewhat successful rescue mission. Casdan, Jack, Sarah, Rorik, and Sasha headed to Vice, in an effort to rescue a woman there who had been captured, unaware that there was someone else there as well on the job. In the end, both needed rescuing, and a child was recovered by Jack after having out run a diesel powered tank then ducking into a bombed out structure, where he found a boy named Amit. After numerous injuries, and managing to exfil from what had quickly become a urban war zone, they escaped with a rough victory. In the time after, Casdan would be the main contact for S6's growing partnership with Galactic Horizon, along side with the help of Rorik Istavan.

In late YE 39, Casdan was the one on duty when a intruder, that would later be identified as Lazarus, invaded the home of her employer. After a few hours, and the enemy had pulled out of the area. Alice had felt the failure she saw before her, how their troops weren't fast enough, how they were disorganized. It hurt on a deeper level, especially with a man that she had buried feelings about, as well as heavily respected. Sarah Pine had been brutally murdered in the fight by the main assailant, losing the unborn twins she carried. Jack was sent to the hospital in critical condition, but would not allow himself to stay for full treatment. Amit was also taken by the attackers in the invasion. After this event, Casdan would redouble her efforts to whip their troops into shape, as well as making sure the organization ran like a well oiled machine, and with the help of the later STed Sarah, the two would become fast friends.

In YE 40, S6 steadily grew as a still injured Jack desperately sought for clues on where his son had been taken, in addition to the Skyguard removing them as a division of the organization. This lead to a logistics overhaul, as well as a burst in manufacturing to replace the repossessed Skyguard assets, as well as officially becoming an equal to the SG as a government division themselves. All the while Casdan watching painfully as he ran around with a body that was still far from healed, or even should been allowed back to service with the injuries he had sustained. On numerous occasions, the general had to persuade the Commander to rest, or take a break, taking over the search for him. This was the time in which the OSO/Psychopomp war began, and the location of the commander's son was found. With this news, Operation Icebreaker was thoroughly written up and planned by Casdan, determined to bring them victory and to bring the young Amit home. This target was one in numerous that the OSO performed a simultaneous offensive on, and would mark the major climax of the war.

After a long battle, S6 and OSO left with a victory that did not happen without costs. Numerous casualties and loss of ships, but well within acceptable ranges to the general, felt she had fulfilled her silent promise. The later months would be quiet as the war stalled out it seemed, and only small skirmishes. But the home front became the next concern, as economic strife and backroom politics came to a head in the OSO. Riots broke out after a economic plot caused by Frontier Service Corporation's, owner and CEO, Candon Howard Suites. Casdan directed the defense force in protecting the S6 compound which had a wall recently erected after the home invasion, as well as handling VIP protection of their economic allies from Iemochi Innovations & Sales. After a black ops operation masterminded Candon, the instigators were eliminated, and the riots subdued. Manipulation of the OSO markets which now had a vacuum, were filled and placed FSC as the sole economic power.

Later in mid-YE 40, Casdan would play a major part in the unification war that would unite the planet of Xunok under the banner of the new monarchy_of_dovania, ruled by Kyro-vek Draguun. By then, Section 6 had vastly grown, and the use of a large fleet to use for the brief three month war. Both groups would become close friends, one that Casdan had been wary of, but in the end accepted based on the trusted judgement of Jack Pine. Following after, differences among the different groups of the OSO, began to form the beginnings of rifts in the government. The signs of a dire situation where the government would collapse, became painfully obvious. In the later months leading into late YE 40, S6 began to prepare for what they believed to be the inevitable. Soon a quiet coup in the Skyguard as well as differences with FSC, would lead to infighting, despite the efforts of Jack Pine to try and re-unify the groups through the suggestion of a council. In late YE 40, S6 saw things were about to collapse, and made an exodus to the stars, shortly after the majority of the Skyguard had done so.

In the following days, Casdan would work tirelessly to manage the new income of troops, as well as materials from their ally, the Monarchy of Dovania. Things became strained aboard the fleet of black ships, and Casdan found herself working many sleepless nights, shut away from others. During the battle of the exodus, where they fleet was attacked by a swarm fleet of junk ships. The group identified themselves as Hades, a group of bioweapon wielding terrorist, as well as a splinter group of Psychopomp, which ended in heavy losses and the destruction of several ships. Casdan was aboard the S6S-Anvil when the damage received during the major boarding offensive of the battle, caused the carrier to make a controlled crash landing. Its LZ would become a major base for the organization's colonization efforts.

In to the later months, Casdan would recover from injuries as she worked with the distraught commander to restructure their forces. Yet again, one of the children of the man she respected and secretly cared for, had been taken. She was unhappy she had been unable to lead the operation that Adi Pine, and the now girl's later girlfriend Sonia Argentum, were rescued in. Yet again, the amazonian woman found herself working tirelessly to manage things, to relieve stress on the now Lord Jack Pine, as the city was constructed from disassembled Broadsword Class Cruiser which were left over from the groups days in the Skyguard.

After the completion of the city, and the founding of the government, with S6 now being the hub of military organization in the new nation. Casdan found she had a much larger part to play in what was now the New Dusk Conclave. The woman finally found rest on Sanctuary Day, a holiday to mark the end of the year, even after the beginning of a new conflict with a pirate like cult called Crimson. She for once in the last two years, took a break and breathed easy.

Enter YE 41, with a new home, new nation, and a growing people. Casdan felt almost lost, never having thought she would have reached this point for some reason. Life was looking better, peace having actually been obtained for a short time. The war with crimson was still on going, but small scale, and less worrisome then previous conflicts. Casdan now performs her day to day duties, all the while wondering what to do with her civilian life….

Skills Learned


Yamatain comms techniques. Familiar with most other species languages. Standard knowledge of basic military communications.

Starship operations

Basic understanding in the operation of small space craft and light vessels. Helm operation Astrometrics Navigation


Basic understanding in the operation, modification, and maintenance of most vehicles: Mecha Tanks Cars Trucks


Proficient in the application of first aid and basic medical procedures.


Expert at hand-to-hand combat. Expert in swordsmanship. Brown belt in martial arts. Standard power armor operation and maintenance. Proficiency in weapon handling, maintenance, modification, and marksmanship.


Charismatic. Studies strategy(intermediate understanding). Has learned to clearly spot ambush/choke points. Is not afraid to speak to a crowd. Intermediate understanding in diplomacy. Has excellent experience in commanding troops from her time as a low ranking officer in the Yamatain military.


Basic understanding in: Camouflage Hunting Shelter construction Signaling Finding water land navigation.

Social Connections

Alice Casdan is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Alice Casdan has the following:

Issued Items





Personal Items




  • assorted colored T-Shirts
  • 3x pairs of jeans
  • sweat pants
  • camouflage shorts
  • olive drab short sleeve shirt
  • black zip up hoodie
  • black bustier
  • black leather pants
  • exercise tights
  • assorted panties
  • sneakers
  • assorted belts
  • formal dress shirt and blouse
  • formal pencil skirt
  • panty hose
  • black heels




Alice Casdan currently has 200,000 DS.

OOC Information

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with transgender, or hermaphrodite partners precisely, as men were either scared off by her personality, or were rude.
20 each

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