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Allegra "Sky" FarSun

Allegra FarSun is an GM NPC played by Gallant.

Allegra FarSun
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Species: Helashio
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Height: 5'8โ€œ
Weight: 139lbs
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Pilot
Rank: Shoi
Current Placement: Task Force Lantern

Physical Characteristics

As far as a Helashio went, this one appeared typical of the way the species had gone through genetic tailoring; she was beautiful, in her own way. She had fine and gentle features, an athletic build that had probably come easy and natural to her, and lightly bronzed skin with dark brown, medium length hair. She had pulled it forward so that it was visible, and it lay across her collarbone and over a tight-fitting black turtleneck. Her pale green eyes seemed overly, and almost eerily familiar, though Cray could not recall having ever seen her before.

โ€“ ACT IV, Scene II: Sky Turtle

Psychological Characteristics

Allegra is whimsical, a little bit of a flirt, and quite bubbly; normally when dealing with other people she's got a sing-song personality. When it comes to work she isn't extremely professional. Maybe, one could even call her a little bit lazy. She does the job, and little more than that. But what she doesn't seem to have in professionalism she makes up with a vibrancy of spirit. Every once in a while, though, she can be wise, seemingly beyond her years, and she seems to have some great insight into people.

She is happy to go her own way, mostly for her own enjoyment. By her own admission she is excited to be 'back in the pilot's seat.'

Some of her hobbies include drawing, along with collecting, and pressing, flowers and other plants.


FarSun is formerly a Lorath Matriarchy slave, freed by the United Outer Colonies anti-slavery laws. She joined the Peacekeepers to leave her home planet of Lor and spent the rest of her short life in the service, earning her a commission. When the UOC re-integrated with the Star Army Tenth Fleet, she was assigned to the Ryuusei Special Task Group, and now serves in that capacity.

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