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Altair Khorvash

Altair Khorvash is a player character played by Alex Hart.

Altair Khorvash
Species & Gender: Iromakuanhe Male
Age: 16 AR/ 21 YE
Year of Birth: AR 925, YE 17
Height: 6'1โ€œ/ 185.5 cm
Weight: 155 lbs/ 70 kg
Organization: Astral Vanguard
Occupation: Frame Runner
Rank: Vaybalri
Current Placement: Setareh Wing

Physical Description

Altair is 6' 1โ€ and 155 lbs with a build that could be described as scrawny but toned.

He has the light skin common to the Eyr Ranr, striking green eyes and blonde hair.

Altair is in good physical shape.


Altair can be described as in the clouds. Always looking forward to something, he yearns to find new challenges and experiences. When in a social setting he will most often stay in the background. If drawn out of his shell however, his mouth often moves faster than his mind. He is at his most comfortable with a small group of friends that he knows well.

Likes; The sensation of flight, trying new things

Dislikes; Loud large groups

Goals; To have as many experiences as he can.


Altair Khorvash was born in YE 17, AR 925.

One of two children, Altair grew up in one of the sky bound communities of the Eyr Ranr. From an early age, he was fascinated with flight, preferring the quietude of flight to large social gatherings and spending almost all of his free time out on the air in a homemade glider. Unsatisfied with merely flying, Altair joined the Astral Vanguard in hopes of finding new, exciting experiences. After working his way up through the ranks, he was finally able to become a frame runner.

Skills Learned

Altair has the following notable skills:

Vehicle operation

Altair has advanced comprehension and practical ability in the piloting of a Powered Frame unit, able to fly in most conditions and capable of operating all of the onboard weaponry safely and efficiently in combat scenarios. He can make highly complex battlefield maneuvers while under high stress and adjust his movements to compensate for all logical combat variables, such as gravity, weapons fire, atmospheric conditions, and more. He understands the basic functionality of his machine and can make basic repairs to certain subsystems.


Altair knows the basics of tactics and command, but has not achieved the required level of mastery to put himself in a command position. However, he is able to giving and following tactical orders quickly in combat scenarios and can follow the command structure of his wing while under highly stressful conditions such as combat. He is capable of making use of the information given to him such as tactical maps, target statistics, marked targets, and more, and is capable of finding relevant information to send to the rest of his unit.


Altair is able to use standard communications found in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth and especially those employed by the Astral Vanguard. This includes laser, radio and MASC-enhanced variations. He is fluent in Saalsari and Haidasari, and can speak, read and write it correctly.


Altair is proficient in both defensive and offensive hand-to-hand techniques as well as the use of several hand weapons, including knives, pistols, rifles and light explosives such as grenades. He is in excellent physical form, with sufficiently high endurance to survive situations such as elevated G-forces.

Technology Operation

Altair has had extensive courses in the use of NI systems aboard the Organoid-type Substructure craft employed by the Astral Vanguard, and understands how to properly utilize his own entry ports to interface with compatible systems. The use of standard-issue electronic devices and conventional computers have also been a part of his education.


Altair is capable of basic medical techniques, including everything up to first aid, emergency care such as CPR or the Heimlich maneuver and the administering of preprepared medicine, such as painkillers or stimulants.


Altair has an understanding of the technologies employed by the Astral Vanguard, and is proficient in the techniques behind their repairs. He understands the separate methods behind doing those repairs on both organoid and conventional technologies. He can spot certain obvious weaknesses on most craft, and find some others with a proper blueprint and time to study it.

Social Connections

Altair Khorvash is connected to:

  • Amir Khorvash, Father
  • Malik Khorvash, Mother
  • Kami Khorvash, Sister

Inventory & Finance

Altair Khorvash has the following items:


2 Astral Vanguard Duty Uniform; Duty Jacket, Light Blue and Dark Blue w/ Gold Trim. Short Sleeved Mesh Turtleneck,Dark Blue. Uniform Slacks, Light Blue w/ Dark Blue Trim. Uniform Belt, Brown. Reinforced Boots, Black w/ Gold Trim. Gray Gloves w/ Gold Trim.

Workout Clothes: Sleeveless Mesh T-Shirt Dark BluePadded Slipper-Socks Exercise Shorts, White w/ Dark Blue Trim Firearms and Combat Gear;

* 1 Solanii Laiz Pistol

* 1 Holster

* 1 Solanii Laiz Faelraig

* 1 Solanii Datarod


  • 13000 KD and Altair makes 1000 KD a week

OOC Information

In the case Alex Hart becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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