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Altair Seven Nine 79-9113-0004

Altair Seven Nine 79-9113-0004
(More Anonymous Character Art)
Species: Freespacer, Type Three Automata
Gender: None (Male personality)
Age: 7
Family (or Creators): None. Constructed and Emulated on the Free State Mothership “Eternity”.
Zodiac Sign: Saga
Height: 196 cm (6'5
Weight: 131 kg (289 lbs)
Organization: Free State Radio.
Rank: None
Occupation: Anchorman of Free State Radio
Current Placement: (To participate in a plot GMd by Exhack)

Altair Seven Nine 79-9113-0004 in Roleplay

Altair Seven Nine 79-9113-0004 is a Player Character played by Della and is currently scheduled to participate in a plot GMd by Exhack.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 196 cm (6'5 Mass: 131 kg (289 lbs)

Build and Skin Colour: A bit smaller than most Freespacer Automata and less bulky. Somewhat lanky. Outer plating composed of an array of metallic plates in various shades of gray.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: His face is a mostly featureless, smooth metallic oval with two colored, backlit lens-shaped sensors placed where a humanoid's eyes would be. The color of the sensors changes together with his emotional status, to show his feelings despite the lack of an actual face.

Hair Colour and Style: Altair has no hair anywhere on his metallic body.

Distinguishing Features: His body is not painted or artistically decorated like most freespacers automata are. Instead, he likes to wear what he believes to be “cool” items of clothing that enhance his looks on some occasions. Thanks to his rather humanoid build, he can wear the larger sizes of clothing with ease. He is almost never seen without a necktie of some sort, and sometimes even a cape and a top hat.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Altair's main personality trait is his responsibility. He takes stuff seriously, sometimes too seriously. More than the Freespacer average, at least. He's always cool, rational and collected. Or at least he always tries to be. He can crack a joke from time to time, and will probably do, but most perceive him to be cold, almost grim. Detached, but not “robotic”: he's just a very serious and professional individual, while on the job. He cares a lot for appearances and has a great love for drama. Dramatic speeches, dramatic entrances… This can often seem incredibly silly to onlookers, but Altair is very serious about this. His main defect is that he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. Metaphorically, because he doesn't actually HAVE a mouth, of course. Physically, despite his size, Altair is rather underwhelming. He isn't much stronger or faster than an average humanoid, and has only the slight advantage given to him by his weight and density. He dislikes physical tasks (but will do them if there is no other choice). He used to abhor violence until the Yamatai attack on the Free State, but, since that, he's been torn on the issue of the use of violence. He doesn't even know how he feels about that himself, currently.

Likes: Truth and freedom of information. Overdramatic stuff. Neckties and top hats and stylish, vintage-ish clothing. Dislikes: Having to shut up. Censorship in all of its forms. Physical violence, especially when directed at him. He doesn't mind verbal violence, though. Goals: The pursuit of truth.



Altair was Emulated on the Freespacer mothership “Eternity”, one of the smallest Motherships of the Free State. The Eternity is a base vessel for scouting operations, conducted by smaller crafts along a wide area of uncharted space. After his basic instruction via mindware, Altair became an apprentice Codetalker (a communications operator), coordinating the scouting efforts of the smaller ships of the Eternity's fleet. After his apprenticeship, he became a full-time Codetalker, doing his job on board as a communications specialist for another year. However, the decades-long exploration mission came to an end about then, and the Eternity and its support fleet headed back to the Freehold Factory for general maintenance. A good half of the crew was disbanded, and scattered itself throughout the Free State joining other Fleets or colonies. Altair chose to become a reporter for Free State Radio and joined a journalist ship, the “Legacy of Saga”: one of the first Freespacer ships to be outfitted with the new FTL technologies. The Legacy was around documenting the aftermath of the Green-Red Nepleslian civil war, when the Yamatai attack struck. Since the Legacy was just wandering around in neutral space broadcasting loudly, it was one of the very first ships to be intercepted and shot down by the Yamatai navy, with little possible retaliation since it was, basically, unarmed. Altair was the only survivor, found drifting in space a month later, after the war, by a Freespacer scout ship. He was saved and repaired. Enraged by the turn of events, Altair turned down the offers of the scout ship's crew to join them and decided to continue to work as a reporter and anchorman for Free State Radio on his own, to uncover and show to everyone in the galaxy every single detail of the war, its causes, and its consequences.

Service Record

(To participate in a plot GMd by Exhack)

-assignment description-

-mission name-

-mission description-


Starship Operations

Like all Freespacers, Altair has lived his whole life (and all of his past lives, as well) on a starship. His skill in operating space vehicles is average, for the standards of his race, which means he's a pretty good pilot.


Altair's neural interface has been fitted with a larger-than-average memory bank. Other than serving the usual purpose of most mindware implants (accelerated learning, access to polysentience, etc), Altair can also write down notes mentally, take photos or record videos and sounds and archive them in his memory for later use. A useful skill for a journalist.


Altair is skilled in the use of most communications technologies, from radio transmissions to evanescent wave couplers and the like. He's also very good at expressing himself and getting his point across.


Psychology and sociology are essential to Altair's chosen career. He has a rather deep understanding of psyche and behavior.


Altair would make a wonderful actor. He does not have a face to help him in expressing his emotions, but he knows how to move and how to modulate his voice. His cool and collected demeanor and his love for drama make him someone who is more comfortable under the spotlights than most people.


Obviously, Altair is very good at speaking in public. You could call him charismatic. He has speaking skills and force of personality. However, he's not a “leader” in the military sense of the word. In fact, he dislikes people who can't think with their own brain. He can be diplomatic if he tries to, but it's usually a terribly blunt type of diplomacy.


Thanks to the added bonus of his customized mindware, Altair has an incredibly good memory, and is very good at mental tasks and juggling information and facts in his head.




Personal Hygiene



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