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Alva Lenasdottir

Alva Lenasdottir is a player character played by Kayla.

Alva Lenasdottir
Species: NH-33 Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Age: 231 days.
Height: 1.63 M / 5'3“.
Weight: 63 Kg / 114 lbs.
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Technician
Rank: Santo Hei
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Sakishima
  2. YSS Sakura II
  3. YSS Soyokaze

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 1.63 M / 5'3”.
  • Mass: 63 Kg / 114 lbs.
  • Measurements: 35B-29-36.

Build and Skin Color: Alva is slightly stocky and broad of build compared to your average Nekovalkyra, though not overly so, and her frame remains quite feminine. Her complexion is quite pale, almost bordering on being white, and could easily be perceived to be just that in certain light conditions.

Eyes and Facial Features: Alva possesses a pair of deep-set golden eyes, outlined by a thin band of dark, almost blood hued, red, acting almost like a border between the golden iris and the white of the sclera.

The structure of her jaw conforms with what most would consider 'fine boned', and lead to a chin that's smooth and nicely rounded, without sticking out too much.

Alva's facial structure is on the whole heart shaped, and holding child like qualities in some regards, yet the deep-set eyes and angled brow give lie to what innocent qualities she may have given on the outset. Her lips, which at first glance look somewhat pursed and pouty, are fuller than they actually look because they possess sharper edges, which gives them an illusion of the skin being stretched and thinned out more than they actually are.

Ears: Like most of her Nekovalkyrja kin, Alva possesses a pair of standard feline ears covered in fuzzy pale blonde fur.

Hair Color and Style: Alva's head is covered in pale golden blonde locks of hair that reaches down to her shoulders, and she possesses a split that runs almost straight up the center of her cranium. When on duty, she tends to gather as much of her stray bangs into a pony-tail to avoid it getting in the way.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Alva's personality can easily be summed up into a few main traits, those being…

Bewonderment - She is always trying to drink in as much as possible, useually because there is a sense of comfort in knowing and understanding things. She dislikes things that are unpredictable and out of her control, which is probably one of the reasons she enjoys working with machinery. The more control and power she has, the more she can create order and stability around her. But she also simply enjoys it in its purest sense too because there is an almost magical awe to her curiosity as well.

Frustration - Alva is a complex mix of almost a childish innocence, but one tainted with adult reality. It sorta conflicts now and then, exacerbating other frustrations, like those described above.

Loyalty - Once Alva's decided that you are a person she can trust, you will have a friend for life. She will stand up for the people she consider her friends regardless of personal consequence, be it in a fight or simply to defend their honour from being slandered. She extends this loyalty to the ship and crewmates she serves with as well. Work your way into her innermost graces, and Alva will consider you as good as family.

In most social situations outside the strict military hierarchy, Alva tends to clam up somewhat. The unpredictable and chaotic nature of most social situations tends to make her uncomfortable and easily frustrated, and intoxication only makes what she deems a bad situation worse. Start talking to her about one of her interests, such as reading or engine design, or even some of the things she dislikes, and she'll easily open up.

  • Likes: Design. Reading. Tinkering. Swimming. Combustion engines. Order. Structure. Punctuality.
  • Dislikes: Heat. Most forms of Nepleslian music. Braggarts. Drunks. Surprises. Unpredictability. Chaos.
  • Goals: Designing her own starship,


Family (or Creators)

Lana Erklingsdottir. Chief technician overseeing the growth and development of Alva's batch.


Like many Nekovalkyrja, Alva was created, rather than born through any form of biological process. Lana was the chief technician in charge of Alva's batch when she was created, and personally oversaw the growth and development of Alva and her sisters. It was Lana whom encouraged Alva's interest in technology and things mechanical, due to Alva's innate curiosity. As a result of the bond she established with Lana, Alva took the chief technician's name as her own surname, considering the woman to be the closest thing she'd ever have to a mother at any rate.

As Alva went off to her Star Army training, where she of course decided to be a technician like Lana before her, and studied engineering, she kept in touch with her 'mother', sending her letters and updates whenever she had the time.

Having just finished her required Star Army training, Alva is now awaiting her first posting aboard a starship…



Alva is a living, breathing, sentient creature, and as such, she's fully capable of communicating with those around her. She knows how to speak and write fluently in Trade and Yamataigo. As a graduate of the Star Army of Yamatai's training regimens, she is fully capable of using most standard issue Star Army equipment to communicate, how to fill out forms and reports, give and receive orders and intelligence under fire, etc. And as an NH-33 Nekovalkyrja, she's fully capable of communicating wirelessly.


What good is a soldier, even a humble technician, whom can't hold up their end in a fight? As a result, Alva is skilled in hand-to-hand combat thanks to the Star Army's rigorous training programs, as well as the use of energy pistols, knives, and power armour. Of course, due to the nature of the Star Army, Alva is trained to fight with the very same weapons, or without them, in zero gravity as well as in a 1-G environment.

Technology Operation

Alva, being a member of the Yamatai Star Army, knows how to operate most computers that run on the Kessau OS, and is proficient in entering and searching for information. In addition, due to her training as a technician, Alva is also skilled in the use of a wide variety of tools and equipment designed for the repair and maintenance of most Star Army equipment and ships.


While many are satisfied with basic mathematics training, which rarely goes beyond trigonometry and algebra, Alva is a bit more skilled than that. After all, what good is a technician whom can't calculate the proper fuel mixture for her ship's engines, or calculate the how much stress a support beam can take before buckling and causing a critical hull failure?


Alva dreams of becoming a starship designer one day. As such, Engineering was one of the optional subjects she picked during her Star Army training, and after all, it helps her perform her duties as a technician that much better as well. But it's not every Star Army grease-kitten whom spends her free time studying starship engineering, dreaming up new designs, and pondering improving to existing designs.

Maintenance & Repair

As a Technician in the Yamatai Star Army, Alva is trained in how to perform general maintenance and repairs on anything from the standard Type 33 Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol to a starship's engine core, and frankly, little makes her happier than the opportunity to crawl around inside a ship's guts and getting her hands dirty while learning just what makes the ship tick.


As a member of the Yamatai Star Army, Alva is of course trained in how to drive an operate the Type 30 Light Utility Truck and the Type 30 Surface Terrain Vehicle… and she does so with gusto. She seems to enjoy getting behind the wheel of these old-fashioned wheeled vehicles, and giving the engines a good work-out… before crawling into the engines herself.


Alva Lenasdottir has the following items: Star Army Standard Issue Items


Alva Lenasdottir is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Blegh, first character. It probably sucks, but… I'll get to fixing problems and such as soon as I can. Finishing this around 01:26 AM…

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