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Amaya is a npc made by Jenn. She is currently deceased.

Species: Unknown
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: YE 07
Age: 33 1)
Creator: PNUgen Corporation

Physical Description

Hair color and Style: Long, blonde hanging in layers to below her shoulder blades with a few bangs which like to fall in her eyes.

Height: 5'4“

Weight: 95 lbs

Build: Slender

Skin Color: Quite pale.

Eye Color: Violet

Distinguishing Features: She also has a scar just below her ribcage.


Amaya is a very kind and warm individual when you can get her to open up. Usually she appears calm and contemplative, almost withdrawn.

Fears: Claustrophobia, fear of being left alone and a fear of people.

Likes: Death

Dislikes: Life

Goals: To bring death to a universe that brought her back when she had no wish to live.


Amaya was born in the year 6 YE in a lab connected to a large corporation as a special project in order to breed the perfect psionic warrior. Unfortunately soon after birth, they realized the mistake they had made. They had made them far to powerful to be able to control their gifts properly, and they could never turn off their telepathic abilities. Dr. Xian, the man who genetically engineered the few test subjects began to manufacture a supressent to the gift, but far too late. By the time he had properly synthesized the drug, Amaya was the only child left alive, all the others having gone mad and died. Now three years old, she began to show an intelligent, inquisitive mind, only tempered by fear of her cold captors who completed experiments on her daily. Very few memories remain from her childhood, other than the fear of the men in white coats coming to take her for more testing. The worst however was yet to come, after living for thirteen years in the centre the day came when Dr. Xian took her off the drugs that enabled her to live her life. The pain was horrific, they would make her attempt something with her psionic abilities and watch as the after effects took her, incredible headaches followed usually by black outs. Dr. Xian watched with contempt at how weak his subject was, but smug in his confidence that one day she would stop having these headaches and he would be able to use her powers to his advantage. Soon Amaya was given a release in her other teachings. Science filled and nourished her mind, while martial arts kept her in prime physical condition. The scientists in the shelter took care of her well for their own reasons and Amaya was happy overall, having never known any other life. The tests became more and more horrific, but the periods of time between became more lengthy giving her plenty of time with her books. As time progressed her mind became more inquisitive and agile, learning even complicated things easily.

Something changed everything for her though. When she was sixteen years of age, she refused to submit to testing. Dr. Xian became enraged and ordered the guards to restrain her, she fought them, but was overpowered and slammed into a metal and glass medical cart which broke apart on impact. As soon as she hit the ground a cylindrical piece of metal from the cart had pierced her through the body, just under the ribs and lodged upwards piercing her lung. She can still remember the feeling of trying to breathe yet findng only blood. She looked up and saw Dr. Xian standing over her with an amused expression on his face and then there was only darkness. When she awoke, still in pain Dr Xian told her that it was only barely healed and that if she tried to resist testing again her would have worse done to her, and proceeded to conduct the testing on her anyway. The injury to her abdomen never truly healed and neither did the injury to her soul. She became even more withdrawn, living her life to escape the notice of Dr. Xian and his team of scientists and continued her studies into science, submitting to the tests whenever required of her. Finally at the age of nineteen, her moment came. The alarm in the centre went off while she was reading and she could understand enough from the screaming that a fire had broken out in the centre and everyone was fleeing for their lives. Amaya exited her confinement surprised to find the door unlocked and unguarded. Walking through the halls, completely unaware of where she was or where she was going having never been out of her chamber, she found a spare lab coat hanging on a hook in a bedroom. She slipped it on and was able to move about the centre without difficulty until she finally found the exit. She got out into the city to find it in disarray. Scared that Dr. Xian might be looking for her, she removed the lab coat and hid in an abandoned building, she however did not count on how quickly the drugs would wear off. Her psychic abilities flared up and unable to control them it felt as if her head was about to rip itself to shreds.

She was saved by Shosho Kai Ashigari when he was on the surface of Ralfaris. He took her back to his ship and she soon formed a bond with him. The man who created her sent Naraku after him and had him assassinated on board the Celia. After his death at the hands of Naraku, not wanting to carry on through life she gave her body to a being, so that they might live. Now alive, she wishes to bring death to a universe that brought her back, seeking release from life more than anything she wants to cut a bloody path across the galaxy taking anyone in the GSA she can with her.

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Amaya slid back further into the shadows of the partially ruined building, even this amount of movement was difficult. It has been over 24 hours since she had left the centre and had her last dosage of the drug that suppressed her abilities. ~Damn~ she thought to herself silently as she wrapped her arms tighter around her knees to keep herself from shaking too much. ~Why didn't I bring any of that drug with me!!~ Amaya sighed, she knew even if she had brought it with her it would have run out eventually. She had two choices, to deal with the withdrawl from the drugs and try and control her abilities or return to the centre, and she would die before she returned there. She laid her head down on her knees and closed her eyes, night was falling on the planet and she was tired. Unable to stay awake any longer after over twenty four hours without rest, Amaya slid into blissful sleep, releasing her rather tenuous hold on her abilities.
Amaya ran down a long white corridor, doors running along each side. She looked back and could vaguely make out Dr Xian walking slowly towards her. No matter how slowly he walked and how quickly she ran she could not get away, in fact he was closing in on her. She turned back and tried to open the first doorway on her right, locked. She then tried the next and the next, all locked. Dr Xian began to laugh as he came towards her, two guards appearing at his back. They reached towards her… Amaya woke up screaming, clutching her head in pain. All the voices came back into her brain, searing into it like a white hot poker. She knew the drugs had finally worn off, the voices were the thoughts of all the people near her, the thoughts she could not turn off. She clapped her hands over her ears, trying to keep out the voices, but in vain she heard them, until darkness claimed her.
Ayame collected her thoughts, “We encountered an alien vessel earlier today, it was heavily damaged and was leaking oxygen. We assisted and brough the ship inside the Celia, when we opened it we found one person alive, an older woman probably in her mid fifties. Her body was damaged beyond repair so we decided to make an ST backup in order to save her. When we tried to do this the body died instantly and it showed its true nature as a life form one of pure energy. She explained to us that they must take hosts bodies in order to take solid form.” She sighed, “A woman entered the medbay, named Amaya, she was a friend of the late Shosho. She offered her body to be the host for this being, her name is Akila, as long as she would not need to continue living. Akila has now expressed an interest in serving the Empire your highness.”
Psionic Rating: A Psionic Overview: Upon recruitment, Amaya psionic aptitude was rated at B-. Eve personally trained her when she discovered that she had untapped potential that had apparently gone unnoticed by her previous benefactors. (Amaya could be A+, but I've little interest in her becoming that powerful. Better I leave the tutoring at that and pretend I can teach her no more so that she will remain the underdog in case she one day chooses to become defiant. Eve) Psionic Profile: Effective Range: Line of sight, Imago Contact, Non-Interstellar, Realtime. Defense, Id: Major Defense, Ego: Major Defense, Intellect: Moderate Defense, Prescience: Minor Spatial Manipulation, Defensive: Moderate Spatial Manipulation, Offensive: Minor Spatial Manipulaton, Telekinesis: Major Matter Agitation, Inert: Moderate Corporeal Agitation, Pyrokinesis: Moderate Corporeal Manipulation, Healing: Minor Empathy: Minor Telepathy: Major Telepresence, Passive: Limited Telepresence, Active: Minor Charm: Minor Compulsion, Passive: Limited Compulsion, Active: Moderate Domination, Passive: Moderate Domination, Active: Major Glamer: Minor Phantasm: Minor
“This is Amaya Ashigari, formerly of Star Army many years ago. After the death of Kai Ashigari she allowed her body to be used by an alien race known as the Melumsi. She was listed as deceased as the process was supposed to have killed her but somehow she managed to revive and then allied herself with Eve. Her motive is revenge against the Empire for being allegedly involved with the death of Kenji. She is a powerful psionic near the levels of Eve in terms of strength and is also to be regarded as a technical genius. It is through her efforts that Eve's operation has managed to proceed as far as it has. Little combat data on her exists but she is also to be considered very dangerous. Currently we can only make estimations based on the enemy's deciphered notes regarding this subject. Expect her to use a customized Kylie according to data deciphered from a ship's manifest. Her personal ship is the SS Dominion, a Vale class cruiser modified to function in tandem with other vessels much like AIES. If her ship is encountered then expect her to be in command of the vessel.”
The events in the medbay today have to of been one of the oddest things I have ever witnessed. We encountered an alien vessel and brought it inside our ship, sadly only to find that one person managed to survive the accident. We tried to make an ST backup of her and the body died instantly. Little did we know what would happen next, an energy being rose from the dead body and informed us all that merely her host had died. I must admit I am still perplexed by what happened next. A woman entered the med bay, named Amaya, she was a friend of the late Shosho. I will write out the entire conversation for later analysis. “What are you?” Amaya asked the creature hovering before her. ~I am one of the Melumsi child, a being of pure energy that can not take solid form unless in the possession of another body.~ Akila replied to her, her voice resounding in all of our heads. Amaya nodded and a thought seemed to spring into her eyes, “What happens to the person who's body you inhabit?” ~They die if it is their choice to be possessed, otherwise they live to fight on and will take their bodies back after awhile.~ Amaya smiled, “Then I ask that you take my body. I no longer wish to be apart of this world of the living, for in many ways I am already dead inside.” ~If you are sure this is what you wish child…~ At least Akila had the courtesy to ask if she was sure… Amaya nodded, “Yes, I can think of nothing that would make me happier.” What we saw next was an amazing sight, the energy being moved its way over to Amaya and rose to the same length of her. It then moved forward until it pressed against her skin, and then seemed to absorb inwards bathing Amaya in the same light that radiated from the creature. As it cleared you could see the difference in Amaya's eyes, haunted sorrow replaced by gratitude, we knew she had left us.
Ayame turned around and walked off the bridge going back to her quarters where she had left Akila. As she opened the door and found her sitting in a chair watching the door. “Hello Akila” Ayame said as she entered, “I recently spoke with the Empress, we will be sending you to Yamatai on the YSS Ayame immediately. The Empress will decide what to do with you once you arrive.” Akila merely nodded and rose from her seat, she bowed her head to Ayame who led her from the room and to the YSS Ayame, she did not want anyone else escorting Akila, she had not yet quite made up her mind whether or not she trusted her.
“Serving us?” Yui's long green eyebrows elevated slightly at that. Perhaps the woman felt some gratitude for being saved. It was, however, somewhat spooky to hear that this Amaya had just thrown away her own life so easily, but Yui knew love had a profound effect on the way people acted, and so did Naraku. “I'd like to meet her, and learn more about her and her kind. Have the YSS Ayame immediately bring her to me, alright Ayame?”
Akila stepped out of the shuttle, she had pulled the two sides of her now long blonde hair back and into braids, and had fastened both at the back of her hair with a delicate silver clip. She raised the hem of her shimmering dark blue gown as she exited the shuttle and crossed towards the people exiting the other shuttle and dropped into a low curtsey before the woman Ayame had described as the Empress. She did not speak but stayed in her position, giving her the respect her position deserved.
“I understand your race is an energy-based life form of some sort…what do you call yourselves?” Yui asked. Akila slipped her hand into his, “My name is Akila.” She smiled at the Empress, “I was hoping that there might be a way that I could take a position of sorts here on Yamatai your highness.”

OOC Information

This character was created by Jenn and added to the wiki by Ametheliana

As of YE 40

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