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Amaya Shiori

Amaya Shiori
Amaya Shiori
Species: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Height: 4'9” ( 1.49 m )
Weight: 86 lbs ( 39 kg )
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Starfighter Pilot
Rank: Jôtô Hei
Current Placement: Seventh Fleet
Callsign: Suzume

Shiori is a player character played by Christina.

Previous Plots

Current Plots

Physical Characteristics

Being a Nekovalkyrja, Type 33, Shiori shares the same grace as her fellow kin in her general appearance. The greyish blue eyes blending in well with her silvery white skin are perfectly contrasted by the vibrant violet tones in her almost shoulder long hair.

She is not too fussed about make-up or specific hairstyles in general as she tends to merely keep her hair fastened to the sides with a pair of rather quaint self-made pink sakura blossom hairpins. During more formal occasions she may add a splash of darker purple shades to her otherwise thick eyelashes and will normally wear her hair up in a neat bun.


Height: 4'9” ( 1.49 m )
Weight: 86 lbs ( 39 kg )
Measurements: 30C-22-31 ( 78C-55-79 )

Build and Skin Color: Athletic, Silvery White
Eye Color: Greyish Blue
Hair Color: Violet

Psychological Characteristics

True to her Nekovalkyrja nature she has a healthy hunger for information, as well as being an eager learner and hard worker. Head held high, pride showing in whatever assignments or duties she undertakes, her unwavering loyalty remains with the Star Army of Yamatai and those she holds dear.

Her occasional, and at times quite volatile, mood changes have been known to on occasion get her in trouble with her superiors. Even as the more temperamental kind she does keep her cool when needed and is generally fairly patient, given that no-one has insulted her. She treats everyone with respect, believing peace is more important than petty squabbles. Anything in regards to sexual topics and conducts, especially when concerning herself, will make her feel uncomfortable and rather embarrassed.


Her love for litterature is best noted by her habit of always carrying a book with her, sometimes even in battle akin to a good luck charm. Same goes for a small, refillable, lightweight paper sketchpad (roughly measuring 8x10x0.4cm) with a detachable pen/pencil for drawing as her artistical side mainly takes form in this way.

She is not too picky about food in general. Even with the Nekovalkyrja's main food group mainly consisting of rice and seafood, she will rarely say no to a proper steak from time to time, preferably medium-rare. As far as sweet things go, her soft spot lies with dangos and different berry and fruit sorbets. If offered alcoholic beverages she will usually kindly decline due to not being able to hold her liquor too well.


Unnecessary ruckus disturbing her peace and quiet tends to have an instant effect on her temperament, often making her snap at who or what happens to be the cause of it. Asides from detesting dimwits along with self-centred individuals and having an almost morbid fear of needles, she has very few dislikes overall at the current time due to her young age and inexperience in life.

Dreams and Ambitions

Travel all over the galaxy, learning more about the different cultures and languages, perhaps even discovering a planet or star in the process. She is also quite set on saving up enough money in hopes to one day be the proud owner of her very own Kawaii.


Family (or Creators)


YE 32
After being produced on board Hotaru Star Fortress she underwent socialization training without any major mishaps and upon its completion she slowly assimilated into the fleet.

YE 33
Recently out of training, she has currently been assigned as a Starfighter Pilot within the Toushi Starfighter Squadron (7SF-01), aiming to further her career as quickly as possible.

In Roleplay

Toushi Starfighter Squadron - 7SF-01

Pre-Mission 01 (Toushi) - The Wind At Our Backs

After their formal introductions at the YSS Densetsu, the Toushi Squadron set out to spend their evening at the Falcon's Feather on Hotaru Star Fortress. Due to an unforeseen turn of events, they proceeded to escort Taisho Ketsurui Katsuko through the parasite infested club successfully to safety. Shiori was subsequently promoted to the rank of Ittô Hei as a reward for her good service. 1)

YE 34

Mission 1.1 (Toushi) - The Chase

Following the scuffle aboard Hotaru Star Fortress and events taken place elsewhere during their entrapment at the dance club, the Toushi Squadron is assembled at the Launch Bay where Taisa Motoyoshi Misato gives a short brief of their next mission; to reacquire a stolen datapad and securing all related information leaks. Whilst mixed emotions flare up between Shiori and Emiko, the Squadron sets off towards the Xylar system accompanied by a new crew member as well as both the Sessei Gunship Squadron and Shinchou Gunship Squadron. 2)

Intermission Period

While the Second Mishhuvurthyar War continues to rage on and eventually tones down, Shiori remains within the Seventh Fleet. Alternating between the YSS Densetsu and Hotaru Star Fortress as required, she tries to fulfill her duties as a Starfighter Pilot to the best of her abilities.

Shiori finally transfers to a new Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 body at the end of summer only to later in the year join her peers for shore leave on Planet Yamatai while Hotaru Star Fortress is undergoing vast repairs, including an overhaul.

Prelude - Returning to the Legend

Towards the end of her shore leave, Shiori is promoted to Jôtô Hei for her continued service within the fleet and is assigned to a personal escort mission by Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko. Here Shiori reunites with, not only her previous commanding officer but also an old crew member, Robert, whom she is more than happy to team up with once more. 3)

Skill Areas

Teamwork and Leadership

Gets along with most and will set aside all personal differences she may have for the sake of completing the task or mission at hand. Prefers taking on secretarial assignments or being second in command but will gladly take the lead if none more capable is present at the time.


She has familirized herself with the basics of radio operation and procedures thoroughly, enabling her to recieve from and make transmissions to others through headsets, starships, power armour and shuttles both in and out of combat. Furthermore she is also fluent in both Yamataian and Nepleslian, using them flawlessly, making mundane tasks such as writing reports or filling forms and eg. issuing orders while under fire a piece of cake.


Her basic combat training was not completely without a few mishaps here and there, failure usually causing her to lose slight control of her temper thusly earning her an earbashing from time to time. Being of the rather stubborn variant and through rigorous self discipline lessons, she still managed to master operating power armours with ease, much to her instructors' amazement. Same applied to the armed and disarmed training in both normal and zero gravity, which also included an unfortunate incident with a fork and hand which will not be discussed in further detail. Preferring long range to hand-to-hand combat, she showed particular aptitude in the usage of energy pistols such as the Type 30 NSP. When it comes to blades, she is skilled in using a knife but would rather pick something more akin to a katana or wakizashi for a weapon under this category.

Technology Operation

She can operate computer systems that use the Kessaku OS (found on all Star Army starships) with ease, hoping to one day be able to operate all PANTHEON systems efficiently. In addition she has very few to no problems with entering information, searching for more showing her curious side and sometimes getting her sidetracked by looking up more than what a task asked for.

Starship Operations

Though not a major area of interest as such, she is still well versed in both cartography and navigation. Naturally this would mainly be due to her current assignment and aim to further her career in the Star Army of Yamatai, even if not necessarily in the capacity of a pilot or captain of a fleet. Wanting to understand the inner and outer workings of a starship, both manual and mechanical, made her pay close attention to every detail when ever given the opportunity to follow the procedures on the bridge.


Aboard the YSS Densetsu she was instructed in the proper ways to operate the Ke-V6-1D "Hayabusa" Starfighter through both simulation training and in flight practices overseen by her superior officers.


Numbers are not one of her stronger points but none the less she completed her basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry. She tries to avoid any hassle which would include a massive amount of complex mathematics when possible, equations however do tend to catch her eye in particular.


  • 1 Small, refillable, lightweight paper sketchpad (roughly measuring 8x10x0.4cm) with a detachable pen/pencil.

  • Rank pins and commendations:

7th SF Santô Hei
7th SF Ittô Hei
7th SF Jôtô Hei

Service Medal: Completion of Pre-Mission 01 (Toushi)


Amaya Shiori is currently a Jôtô Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai and recieves the monthly salary of 664 KS 4).

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
+ 110 KS Salary: Santô Hei
+ 886 KS Salary: Ittô Hei, 2 months.
- 1274 KS Misc. Apparel: Dress, matching accessories.
2722 KS
+ 1772 KS Salary: Ittô Hei, 4 months.
+ 2658 KS Salary: Ittô Hei, 6 months.
+ 1772 KS Salary: Ittô Hei, 4 months.
8924 KS Estimated Current Funds
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