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Amelia Byrd

Amelia Byrd is a player character played by Hotelkilo.

Amelia Byrd
Species & Gender: NH-29 Female
Date of Birth: YE 31
Organization: None, civilian
Occupation: Medical Professional (Registered Nurse)
Rank: None
Current Placement: ISS Dig-It

Physical Description

To all but the most backward of species, Amelia's an old-school Nekovalkyrja. Or at least she has the body of one. Narrow, sharply cut features, slight build, long cat-like ears, and a lack of finger on each hand are all sure signs. She has hazel eyes, usually bloodshot, black hair cut short in a bob, tan/light brown skin.

In general, Amelia's body bears all the signs of heavily used equipment. Most of the time at rest, she slumps. Her gait is uneven, favoring her right leg. Scars of various intensity are visible on her arms, neck, and torso. She has tattoos of various runic symbols and what appear to be feathers up both arms, though she habitually wears long sleeves.


Not unusual among the common residents of Nepleslia, Amelia is short-tempered, brusque, and defiantly rude. If it weren't for her professional skills and ability to turn most of her snide comments into jokes, staying alive would have been a lot more difficult.

Most of all she doesn't come across as the standard, somewhat effete, almost always eccentric Yamataian Nekovalkyrja. There's a sense of wrongness even to those who only know about the Star Army's cloned soldiers second-hand. There's a lack of good humor, or anything approaching it, in her face even when cracking wise. Amelia has the careful schooled expression of a professional killer, and eyes that look for a reason to carry out that threat.

Despite this, she has formed a few genuine friendships. Mostly among others with her acerbic cast of personality. Her respect is easily granted, though how much currency that carries make it of questionable value. She's not without scruples, however, and never intends to cause a patient lasting harm no matter how much it may hurt at the moment.


Mass produced in a Mishhuvurthyar cloning facility in YE 31, Amelia was an early production model from the 'acquired' NH-29 template. Her batch was used to create an infantry assault unit, with her downloaded occupational specialty being combat medicine. Or what passed for such in the NMX, considering the expendability of nekovalkyrja in their service it was practically limited to triage and treatment of troopers that could be returned to the field in a short amount of time.

Serving through the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, she developed a skill at the kind of rapid, sometimes brutal, always primitive medicine required to keep the Mishhuvurthyar war machine operating at peak efficiency. Having been thrown into combat without the benefit of a work-up period, or any kind of personality guidance, Amelia was practically overwhelmed by the constant exposure to trauma.

Until she learned to deal with it. By not caring. Turning her job into its most basic components, strip the dead, hack away at the wounded, tape them back together, send them back, and ignoring that they were fellow nekovalkyrja or other clones. Serving in most major campaigns of the war, her indirect role in combat operations helped her survive the grinding war with Yamatai and Nepleslia. When hostilities drifted into collapse in YE 34, Amelia's unit was taken off by their commander on his own personal campaign of pillage and destruction.

It was about this point that she decided there were better things to do then spend the rest of her life as a slave, subject to the whims of an uncaring master. Something clicked, or a succession of somethings, that replaced her robotic coping mechanism of a personality with a burning hostility towards everything about the NMX that had tormented her for five years. Biding her time, honing her skills now that she had more time to operate on casualties from raiding operations, and actually learning anatomy, Amelia waited…

As the Mishhuvurthyar's control on his raider fleet slipped, Amelia finally got her chance and legged it. Unfortunately, that meant she ended up in the near nekovalkyrja hell of Nepleslia. Illegal, hated, and alone she turned to what she did best. Opening a back room surgery in a run down Funky City slum she hacked the city's poor and indigent back together for rock-bottom prices. A few years after, she managed to go semi-legit after 'proving' she wasn't a Yamataian citizen to immigration officials.

Hired by a mercenary/security firm, she worked primarily in their facilities, and on contract for various construction firms providing medical services. This has been relatively lucrative, not to mention much more accepting then life in the slums. However, Amelia finds the whole planet stifling. After years of constant, mandatory travel, she finds that the lure of the void is strong. This time she has decided to return to space of her own free will.

Social Connections

Amelia Byrd is connected to:

  • Alan Broadwater (Former employer)
  • Ivan Olansky (Co-worker at Combined Security Services Co.)
  • Brenda Carpenter (Co-worker at Combined Security Services Co.)

Skills Learned


  1. Speaks Trade


  1. Anatomy; human, Mishhuvurthyar, and nekovalkyrja


  1. Basic downloaded instruction in martial arts
  2. Extensive practice with melee and edged weapons
  3. Basic downloaded instruction in marksmanship
  4. Trained to use power armor

Medical and Science

  1. An expert on Battlefield First Aid
  2. Skilled in General preventative medicine and health care
  3. Experienced in Cybernetics; repair, construction, and maintenance
  4. Experienced in trauma and advanced surgery

Inventory & Finance

Amelia Byrd has the following items:

  • Personal clothing
  • EM-G16-1A\1B Medical Kit
  • EM-G1-1a
  • 750 KS

OOC Information

In the case Hotelkilo becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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