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Amelia Stroud

Amelia Stroud is a player character played by Foxtrot813.

Amelia Stroud
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'3''(160cm)
Weight: 108lbs (Approx 48kg)
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Navigator/Pilot
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Designated Pilot on Bounty Hunter Series

Preferred Plots

  1. The Fringe

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Color: Amelia is a somewhat short, thin Nepleslian. At a first look, her build is unremarkable, which is something she tries to keep that way by wearing baggy clothing, but at closers inspection it's possible to distinguish the slender and -not overly feminine- girlish figure that she has, with equally slender, but toned muscles that come with the workout regime required of a pilot.

Her skin is also very light and pale, common to those who barely go outdoors or from someone that has lived in spaceships and spaceborne facilities most of their lives.

Eyes and Facial Features: Like her body type, she doesn't have overly feminine facial features, with a rather tomboyish face that has some femininity, which is only reinforced by the fact that she never uses any makeup to mitigate the fact if it can be helped.

Amelia has dark brown eyes and a thin, slightly pointy nose.

Ears: She has round ears, typical of a Nepleslian, and does not wear any sort of earrings.

Hair Color and Style: Amelia has shaggy black hair, which is unkept most of the time, Her raven-dark hair isn't long, and covers most of her head, barely even reaching her shoulders, while the front is swept to the side to keep it from falling over her eyes.

Distinguishing Features: N/A

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Amelia is the kind of person who avoids trouble whenever she can, but when it arises she is not afraid to get her hands dirty and deal with it. Her attitude can come off as apathetic at first due to the distant way she holds herself towards others, but she’s quick witted and surprisingly eager in taking the initiative to volunteer for whatever task is at hand until it is done.

Being born in a spaceship where all were expected to exert a certain function and be good at it, she undertakes any hardship with a quiet stoicism and for that same reason, expects others to do so as a norm, consequently disliking people who are slackers or incompetent, voicing such thoughts from time to time, albeit more indirectly. Sometimes, she critical to the point of being ascetic, but compared to her brother, however, she is a person with more finesse when interacting with others, and is considerably less brunt and more cool headed when dealing with them. She still has, however, a very volatile nature, and once she reaches her breaking point she aquires a sharp tongue when voicing out her opinions, even to those she likes.

Amelia has a strong sets of values, chief among them being believing that respect should be earned rather than demanded, which was notion that ended up only further segmented ever since she joined the Concordia Veil. Despite the fact that she tries to stem it as much as she can, she possesses a very curious nature, which prompts her to pick a job based more on what she can learn and experience from it rather than the material rewards it promises. Added with that, she also places more value in objects due to the emotional value of them rather than the material one, which can make it quite annoying for her to get rid of things that she has gotten attached to.

On top of that, Amelia is someone who doesn’t care much for fashion, preferring her attires and equipment which favor function over form, which is why she more often than not wears baggy clothes with several pockets that allow her to carry more things. This also reflects on her personality too, she doesn’t like to dwell on philosophical or emotional thoughts unless she is talking to someone who she is close with, and tries to solve or analyze problems from a more logical point of view.

She is not prone to very strong demonstrations of emotion of affection with strangers, or even people that she is more familiar with, for that matter, but it is more due to her non-gregarious way.With a few exceptions, it just takes a whole lot to get her to fully trust someone. This changes, however, with close friends and family, to whom she feels more at ease with and has no trouble opening up to.

Having lived in a spaceship for most of the time until her early teens, Amelia is more at home to enclosed spaces of a spaceship or space station and the infinite gulf of space than any other place, and although her dislike for wide-open areas or the ‘wild’ can be visible at times, it is more due to her unfamiliarity than to a phobia of such places.

Working as a freelancer pilot and scraping off a living however she could, as well as having come out of several close calls with death, she is a little more hardened to violence. Before, Amelia used to be someone who would fight as a last resort, but that changed, and she can more easily fight for what she considers worth doing so, or even killing.

  • Likes: Faded colors and orange colour, quiet environments, spaceships.
  • Dislikes: Loud people, slackers, wide open spaces, crowded spaces, bright colors.
  • Goals: Experience new things and see new places. Maybe make some cash too in the meanwhile.


Family (or Creators)

Adam Stroud (Father)

Helen Stroud (Mother)

Desmond Stroud (Brother - Younger)


Like her younger brother, Amelia was born and raised inside a large, old freighter, which her family owned, and undertaking long trade routes between different systems. Unlike her brother, however, she spent her childhood learning astronomy, other similar branches and their application as opposed to the aspects and applications of spaceships like he did. Most of her education, at the time, was provided while aboard the freighter.

When her parents finally retired from the freighter business and moved to a quiet retirement on Nepleslia Prime, Amelia was sent to a specialized science school, while her brother was sent to another one that specialized in engineering. She was fifteen at the time. Much like her brother’s program, hers worked the same way, a four year education program that would qualify her as an astronomer.

These four years were the most intense years of her life, with a brutal routine and heavy load of study and training. These years were also the ones where she learned most of the knowledge that she possesses. The stressful life taught her to be cool-headed in such situations, and how to deal with problems without panicking, while also further increasing her interest in her area of study.

With her program done, Amelia would then specialize as a ship’s navigator and sensor operator, an area which she could apply her already existing knowledge. She then served aboard few different independent spaceships to further hone her knowledge and experience for the next five years. She eventually left that field in search for more risky opportunities that would earn her more money.


River Raising

Amelia's first notable assignment involved being part of an archeology (or treasure hunting) team on Nepleslia prime. The job started well with the team doing a rendezvous in a local bar, then taking a shuttle to the designated area where they would start working. The job, however, went awry when they were assailed by unknown attackers with air support. The group quickly scrambled, finding cover in a previously unknown underground shelter in the area, only to be trapped in once the only entrance caved in, effectively burying them alive.

As they delved further into the underground shelter, the group came into a wider area occupied by an assortment of glowing fungi, which they used as a temporary hideout to treat the wounded while the rest looked for a way out, Amelia herself aiding with that despite suffering from minor injuries during the frantic escape from the enemy aircraft.

Their plight was short, however, since just a few hours later they were rescued by a group of marines who had come in response to the attack, only re-emerge to the surface and discover that the attacker's vessel had been completely destroyed, but not by the marines.

Prologue - (M)Eager Beginnings

Amelia's journey on the Concordia Veil wouldn't have happened if chance hadn't struck her. Some time after the events of River Raising, as well as a little debacle in Kennewes, Amelia found herself waiting time and spending off her savings in the Amatsu-Nova station. During one of these days, while simply observing the crowds as she waited her days off, she caught attention of a conversation between a woman and a nepleslian about the ship that they had just restored and made spaceworthy. Before she could catch any more glimpses of the conversation, a somewhat insane vagrant stepped into the shop they were in and caused a ruckus by going straight at Amelia to ask for money.

Her plight ended shortly, however, when the man who had been discussing with the woman stepped in and 'scared' the vagrant off, and after a brief exchange of words, Amelia was hired by the woman to work on the revitalized ship's computers.

It took Amelia almost a week to 'fix' the problematic computers, although some glitches still persisted, and she was then hired as the navigator for the Concordia Veil. Those glitches, much to her surprise, would later prove to be something bigger.

Chapter 1.0 - New hires

Shortly after being hired and moving to the Concordia Veil, the ship's first assignment was to go to the Black Moon station in the Halna system to try and hire the rest of the crew, as well as get their first official job from one of Sienna's contacts. Upon arriving on the system, the crew was delayed by the slowness of response from the station, much to her captain's displeasure, as well as the ship almost plunging into the nearby planet by a fault from the nav-computer, which later would be discovered to not be a fault at all.

Once the ship successfully docked within the station, both the captain and her first mate left to do their assignment, while Amelia was left behind to fix whatever the problem was with the ship's computer, much to her distaste. It was then that she found out that all the faults and eccentricities of the computer were actually a Type 5 Freespacer, who revealed itself to her when she was alone in the cockpit. After a brief exchange, both parties agreed to a truce, where Amelia promised to not to try to change or erase Crash while the latter promised not to hinder her anymore. After also learning that her captain had removed a vital component that would prevent the ship from taking off, as well as locking the flight-controls, Amelia decided to simply wait off the time in the ship lounge with the newly-discovered spiderbot crewmember, but was interrupted yet again by port inspectors, who wanted to do their rounds inside the ship.

That proved to be a mistake, however, since after doing their mock-up inspections one of the two 'officers' quickly stunned Amelia with his batton, dragging her out to the ship's airlock chamber and stuffing her in a locker with her arms bound. When the astrogator finally came to her senses, she discovered the ship to be completely out of power, with Crash taunting the would-be hijackers through the ship's intercomms with the scariest voices that the Freespacer could muster. Upon getting out of the locker, she was encountered by the spiderbot, who cut her binds off and helped her out of the chamber. With its help, Amelia managed to subdue one of the boarders and retrieve her gun, killing the second one after a confrontation, although Crash was damaged in the last fight and disabled.

Some time later, when Sienna came back to the ship, she was confronted by a very injured Amelia, who had received a wrench to her head, and a disabled spiderbot. Although the astrogator managed to keep Crash's identity intact, the captain was still very suspect of her defensiveness towards it. Later on, after being checked by the ship's newly hired doctor, the astrogator also managed to acquire a replacement body for Crash, buying a used Jimmy combat bot.

Chapter 2.0 - Salvage

After the events on Black Moon, the crew of the Concordia Veil was given a tip by one Vel Vect'Orian towards a mining vessel wreck in the system, which proved to be true, although later on both Amelia and Crash found out that Vel had hacked into the ship's systems, which ended up making the Iroma being thrown into space in a working, but crippled space suit by the Veil's first mate. Afterwards, the crew went into the wreck looking for any valuables, while Amelia stayed in the ship.

Soon after that, while agreeing with a suggestion from the not-spiderbot Crash, Amelia and the freespacer took control of the ship and docked it on the derelict's hull, inciting the anger from Sienna, who, upon being told by Amelia that there were survivors aboard the wreck, told the astrogator to stay put and not do anything else. Not wanting to sit idle, Amelia told Crash to check out the ship, but not wanting to risk the freespacer's identity, she eventually went out herself and left him in control of the Veil.

After making contact with a Lorath who had survived inside a shuttle, and also learning that the said shuttle was also immobilized. It took Amelia a few cans of thermite, that were floating around the cargo compartment of the minign ship, and a few minor burns to dislodge the shuttle, allowing her to safely pilot the shuttle out, but not before being contacted by her captain, who had found out about her absence and, worse yet, about Crash's presence on the ship. As the tension started to rise when neither of them would back down, Oreza put an end to it, telling Amelia to get back into the ship and carry on with the rescue operation.

Upon arriving, unbeknownst to Amelia, the captain had been drugged by the ship's doctor and put to rest, giving the astrogator some breathing room, which was good, given that the ship's sensors picked up a reading from another ship. After the crew hastily prepared for the incoming ship, they realized that it was a slaver ship after being ordered to stand-down. As the ship tried to disable the Veil's system by hacking it, it was in turn disabled by Crash, giving the Veil enough time to react and attack the ship's incoming shuttle, ensuing in a fight for their lives as they tried to evade the ship long enough for the authorities to pick up their distress call, which happened after an agonizingly long time, arriving a few minutes after the hostile ship picked up any of its survivors and left. It was also then that Amelia had her first taste of the Yamataian “hospitality” when, upon asking for assistance with the damage sustained by the Veil, she was taunted by the other ship's captain.

Chapter 2.5 - Licking Their Wounds

Arriving back at Black Moon after the unsuccessful salvage, Amelia left the ship for a while to explore the station with Crash, who disguised himself as a simple security bodyguard, almost picking a fight with another crew as they took an elevator to the station's concourse. The station seemed hostile, at first, and the large crowd of residents were more than enough to make Amelia uneasy, but the two of them eventually, after some exploring through the tunnels, Crash guided them to one of the station's reactors, which served as the main activity hubs. The duo ended up enjoying their time, with Crash eventually buying a replacement spiderbot since his previous had been damaged, while Amelia acquired a custom-made suit. Eventually, the duo decided to stop for a bite, while the former simply wanted the latter to describe how the overly spicy food tasted, much to her chagrin.

Once they were done, Amelia suggested returning through the surface of the moon, mostly to avoid the large crowds that she disliked so much but also to test the newly acquired suit. Taking Crash with her after stocking up into a very large supply or random snacks, the the duo took off, enjoying the sights but mostly the mutual company until they eventually returned to the Concordia Veil through the outside maintenance access used by the dock's crews. Being back into the ship meant that Crash had to put back on his disguise, and so they went their separate ways for a while. After a quick dinner and interaction with the crew, Amelia returned to her cabin to get some rest, but found out that she couldn't do so, as the events that unfolded in the derelict mining ship were still to fresh in her head.

Some hours later, late in the ship's daily cycle, and still without getting any rest, the Concordia's astrogator went to the cockpit to plot the next job's trajectory with Crash, who confronted her about her sleeping habits. Once the task was done, Amelia decided to return to her cabin after a quick shower, but when she reached the lounge she was confronted with half-open cabin door to the captain's quarter; with curiosity taken the best of her, she decided to see what was going on, surprising the captain, who was in the middle of an unusual exercise regime. After a brief exchange, both of them sat down for a talk, where the captain admitted the faults in her conduct and apologized to the astrogator, which resulted in Amelia deciding to give Sienna a second chance despite the latter's action on the previous job.

Chapter 3.0 - Stranger in a Strange Land

It wasn't long before they had to leave Black Moon upon finding a new job, making Amelia head with the Concordia Veil to the Neue Jaspis system, after delivering construction materials along the way. Upon arriving to the system, the ship quickly made its way towards the system's moon to rescue a stranded Gartagen, which was inhabited by several automated mechanical drones.

As soon as they landed on the moon, Amelia was selectd to go with Oreza to rendesvouz with the person they were rescuing; due to the hazardous atmosphere of the moon, which had a very low amount of oxygen, she had to wear the newly aquired suit to work properly there, while simply having to struggle through the moon's gravity, which was double the standard. The astrogator made her way with the ship's first mate to the clearing where the rendesvouz would happen, only to find that the person they were picking up also had two containers worth of cargo that needed to be transported out.

After some deliberation, the trio decided to make the clearing wider for the Veil to land by using explosives, allowing the ship to land. That action wasn't completely unnotice, drawing the attention of the smaller automated drones, which behaved more like a pack of wide animals. This new threat appeared right before the crew was finished loading the cargo inside the containers to the ship's cargo bay, prompting the crew to perform a hasty escape.

In the struggle, Amelia almost fell out of the ship, only to be pulled back in at the last moment by the captain. After catching her breath again, the both of them headed to the cockpit to take the ship back into orbit, but the excessive Gs that it pulled in the maneuvers prompted Sienna to faint, while Amelia was kept conscious by her experience in that and the suit that she still wore, prompting her to take command of the ship and put it back to orbit on the last moment.

Chapter 3.1 - Junk

Soon after the events in Neue Jaspis, during the transit to another station, Amelia interacted more with both Crash and the ship's captain, getting close to the former, while driving the wedge between her and Sienna farther apart due to their conflicting personalities.

During this time, the astrogator helped Crash again by replacing the thermal paste inside the spiderbot's body, which had been almost burned out after the high temperatures it sustained during the job on Neue Jaspis when the freespacer tried to run all the ship's processes at the same time.

Chapter 4.0-4.1

After some time in transition, the Concordia Veil finally arrived in the Dawn Station, where the crew had been paid for the previous jobs at last. Prior to leaving the ship, however, Amelia once again had yet another argument in the captain, which gradually got more heated, but before there were any altercations the argument was cut short by the ship's first mate, who escorted Amelia out of the ship, leaving her to go on a much deserved shore leave in the station, as well as inviting her to a dinner later.

In the next few hours, the astrogator simply found a quiet spot on the station to sit down in a park, before being interrupted by Crash, who had brought her some gifts. She spent some more time with the fresspacer before returning to a then empty ship, where she separated from Crash to take up the dinner offer from Oreza.

Upon arriving at the fancy restaurant, the both of them talked through the next few hours, exchanging stories from both of their lives. During the same dinner, she also revealed to him about the presence of Crash in the ship, which until then had been something that only she and the captain of the ship knew about, as well as confessing her embarassment about how the Freespacer kept giving her gifts. However, just when Amelia started to think that she had made a new friend that Oreza revealed he would be leaving the ship because of his friction with the captain, causing the astrogator to dislike the other woman even more. Despite that, Amelia still promised to the then former first mate that she would remain inside the ship, at least if she wasn't kicked out by the other woman.

4.2 Manhunt

During the next day, Amelia performed some tasks for the ships, which included resupplying the Concordia Veil's medbay with the help of the ship's doctor, who required the Nepleslian to act as the designated driver: something that neither of them was too qualified to be. On the way to one of the medical warehouses, she and Six-Four acquired help from two men, who unebknownst to them were bounty hunters going after a bounty on the Veil's captain.

After loading the medical supplies and leaving the warehouse, however, the Nepleslian dropped the two bounty hunters off, and nothing else happened that day to her, although the Concordia Veil's captain had gone missing; her fate unknown.

Post Concordia Veil (Test Pilot)

During the three months after Sienna went missing and the Veil's crew slowly dispersed to find a living somewhere else, Amelia remained in Dawn Station, taking flight lessons from Crash on a Hoplite. The training regimen was tough, with the Freespacer pushing her skills to her limits, coupled with an intense physical regimen that is required to make both her mind and body ready to pilot the craft while the Nepleslian grew more and more attached to the Freespacer.

As the weeks progressed, the rythm of the trained increased more and more, demanding more of the Nepleslian on each passing week. Despite the brutality of it, the improvements showed with each week; Amelia's competence with the starfighter increased and by the end of the second month she could fly it on all modes with the proficiency of a newly-minted pilot, only leaving the Hoplite's weapon's systems as the alst thing to learn, which she finally convinced Crash to do after some persuasion.

On the third month of the training, while conducting an exercise on another star system, the pair was attacked pirates. On the ensuing escape, Amelia's Hoplite ended up being chased by two Scimitar Starfighters, resulting in a quick dogfight that ended up with one of the pirate fighters crippled and the other destroyed, which very much angered her Freespacer companion, who was by nature a pacifist. After that episode, the relationship between the two of them declined since their beliefs started to decline, and by the end of the month the two had split up, with Amelia retaining possession of the Starfighter and starting her career as a freelancer pilot.

Introduction to Bounty Hunts (Interlude 4)

After two more months as a freelancer pilot, Amelia found herself down on her luck in a spacestation orbiting Planet Nepleslia, looking for contracts wherever she could and trying to pay the exhorbitant fees the station charged. Her luck seeminglt ran out when her fighter ended up being impounded once she couldn't afford the bills, but it returned when the contractor that she would be meeting turned out to be Danny, the same bounty hunter that she had met on Dawn Station. After meeting him once again, the bounty hunter managed to clear the impounded spacecraft, revealing that the corruption ring that the station's dockmaster had planned, and then taking the Nepleslian to meet her new boss, which, much to the surprise of all the parties involved, turned out to be no one other than her brother.

Once the initial shock of the reunion, as well as the small brawl that had resulted from it had worn itself out, the three of them sat down for what would be a nine year long reunion between Amelia and her brother, and by the end of it, she had joined the bounty hunters. After the reunion was over with, she moved to the ISS Iron Ferret, where the bounty hunters lived, and on the first day got tremendously drunk with the ship's captain, resulting in a few awkward but romantic encounters.

On the following weeks to joining the crew, Amelia was tasked with accompanying Amanozako, a formerly NMX NH-29, and assessing a new ship for the bounty hunters to move to, since the Iron Ferret was on its last legs. Accompanying the murderous neko to another ship, which had formerly been in possession of the NMX was an unnerving trip, which resulted in one clash with the Neko.

After the initial altercation, as well as surviving an ambush at Bastia with the neko, the two quickly warmed up to eachother, and on the following weeks Amelia kept working on the new ship while she waited for the next mission.



Amelia speaks and writes Nepleslian fluently, although her speech doesn't really have any accents due to growing up with a spaceship. She knows how to communicate in basic radio protocol as well as utilize the communications equipment aboard spaceships and on a personal level.

Physical & Fitness

Although she is not physically strong, Amelia is surprisingly swift on her feet. She's an able runner and enjoys long distance running as well as short distance sprints. With the workout regimen required of a starfighter pilot, she has acquired a very good overall physical condition in addition to that.

Firearm Operation - Pistols

Although firearms where never her main thing, Amelia is still a Nepleslian nonetheless. She knew how to handle firearms from an early age, and is somewhat proficient at maintaining and handling pistols more than any other kind of firearms.

Starship Operation - Navigation, Sensors and Piloting

Amelia is trained in planetary navigation, system navigation and stellar navigation. She can, to an extent, plot faster courses using gravitational fields to minimize their interference with a ship's drive.

She is also trained in the use of the crafts sensor systems, to detect and avoid navigational hazards. Properly interpreting often conflicting data from sensors, targeting modules and recommendations from adaptive tactical analysis systems -which is more an art than a exact science- is something that she was trained on and is also able use them to detect and track other crafts. In the event of hostilities, they feed that information into the tactical systems.

Lately, she has gotten an accelerated training in operating a variety of spacecraft, most notably the Hoplite. Despite not having been a pilot for a long time, she has clocked in a couple hundred of real flight hours.

Technology Operation

Due to the different types of ships she has served on, Amelia can operate most ship-board computers to a degree, and is quick to adapt to a new system that she hasn't had laid hands before with some prior training and practice. She can use them to dig for information or properly interface with the Ship's system.

Added to that, Amelia is also fairly familiar with computers, and know how to get more out of them than the average user. She is capable of programming, and can create or modify the code of existing ones to better suit her needs.

Knowledge - Astronomy

This being her primary field of knowledge, Amelia knows a great deal about Astronomy and its applications, as well as a good deal about Astrophysics and Astrometry. She specialized in studying the special phenomenons in the sector, the biggest topic being the blue rift expanse and its anomalies.


Amelia has been taking a few lessons on archery, and is relatively green at it.

Rogue - Sleight of hand

A skill that she picked up during her life, Amelia already had a remarkable dexterity and coordination. Because of that, she can take things without -normal- people noticing it, as well as operate any equipment faster than someone else would, as well as other tricks.


Amelia Stroud has the following items:

Personal Clothing and Effects

  • Gray jacket, (2)
  • Utility pants, green and black (2)
  • Tank top, white (2)
  • T Shirt, white (1)
  • T shirt, varied stamps and colors (5)
  • Socks, white (4 pairs)
  • Long sleeve sweater, black (2)
  • Basic undergarments, black (4 pairs)
  • Shorts, black (3)
  • Gloves, reinforced and insulated, (1 pair)
  • Boots, black and orange (1 pair)
  • Flip-flops, black (1 pair)
  • Rigger belt, black (1)
  • Backpack, grey and orange (1)
  • Messenger bag, grey and orange (1)
  • Duffel bag, black (1)
  • Assorted books and novels
  • Assorted pouches
  • Simple string necklace with a burnt out fuse as a pendant (1)

Weapons and Gear

Prize box

  • Desiccated mushroom
  • Rusted insignia from the Reds
  • Pen light
  • Intact Magnesium ignition strip
  • Intact Optical Unit from a Junker Drone
  • IFF transponder from a starfighter

Custom Gear

YE-36 Halloween

  • New 2 pr Emrys Uno Sunglasses (S Halloween, TC: 68-10, IC: 669-9467-77)
  • Refurbished EM-J4 MARI Series Drone (S Halloween, TC: 82-52, IC: 4321-48885-133)
  • New EM-J3-1a “Dennis” (S Halloween, TC: 56-17, IC: 953-16088-72)
  • New EM-G11 "Explorer" Field Communicator (S Halloween, TC: 91-11, IC: 967-10375-101)
  • Used Te-G5 Adante Keyboard, (S Halloween, TC: 88-71, IC: 6305-67152-158)
  • Foam Nekovalkyrja nest pit, round (Halloween, TC: 62-81, IC: 5079-2568-136)
  • Miscellaneous TOWELS components (Halloween, TC: 75-57, IC: 4257-1881-123)
  • Crate of 10mm pistol ammunition (Halloween, TC: 4-87, IC: 405-2928-91)
  • Sound-powered telephone (Halloween, TC: 67-26, IC: 1799-941-85)
  • Huge shipment of frozen fish from Albini (Halloween, TC: 10-17, IC: 217-652-26)
  • 1 stuffed toy, cat with curled grey horns. Silver with black stripes with blue eyes. (S HiddenSun, TC: 61-63, IC: 2924-6798-123)
  • Pickled Voqmetao (eggs), dyed green (S HiddenSun, TC: 28-64, IC: 1793-6969-92)
  • 1 bottle of Voltam Tyo'te (Fire Rum), see instructions for proper consumption (S HiddenSun, TC: 33-66, IC: 2169-7251-99)
  • 4 16 oz Buvory (Lizard) steaks (S HiddenSun, TC: 75-92, IC: 5232-10177-165)
  • 12 pack of Damuisa (Energy Juice) Kiwi (S HiddenSun, TC: 47-85, IC: 3065-9492-131)
  • Padded case of 18 fine Yamataian rum bottles (S HiddenSun, TC: 59-3, IC: 116-393-61)

YE-37 Halloween

  • 3 Type 31 Field Rations, Breakfast Version (NMX War, TC: 83-11, IC: 887-6140-84)
  • 3 crates Banger Lubricant (Salvaging, TC: 3-59, IC: 231-2594-62)
  • Box of frozen beer-battered Rok'Veru shimp (NMX War, TC: 22-19, IC: 475-8322-39)
  • Box of garden vegetable seeds (Salvaging, TC: 37-76, IC: 2869-2413-109)
  • Phaelaes War Spear (NMX War, TC: 65-79, IC: 5192-34027-137)
  • Pico-Jelly Delux Controller (NMX War, TC: 80-85, IC: 6857-35417-156)
  • SSCC-XL containing several dozen tons of pure nickel (Salvaging Commodites, TC: 96-55, IC: 5337-7812-140)
  • Shipment of hair products (Salvaging, TC: 27-45, IC: 1245-3162-69)
  • Telephone line and outlets (NMX War, TC: 14-94, IC: 1373-39819-107)
  • The Most Epic Bicycle Ever Seen (NMX War, TC: 76-44, IC: 3401-24125-111)


Amelia Stroud is currently a N/A in the Independent.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
12000 DA 6000 River Raising Payment
4400 DA 7600 Purchase of equipment
2400 DA 2000 Personal expenses
260 DA 2140 Custom Gear Purchase
6260 DA 6000 Concordia Veil Payoff
12260 DA 6000 Payoff for cargo run
2000 DA 10260 Docking and Resupply fees for starfighter plus personal expenses
17000 15000 Freelancer Pilot Career Payoff

OOC Notes

Not up for adoption

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