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Amelia Weynolt

Amelia Weynolt
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Family (or Creators): Mother: Lillia Weynolt, deceased Father: Adrian Weynolt (55) Sister: Terry Weynolt (16)
Zodiac Sign: -
Height: 5'11
Weight: 122 lbs.
Bra Size: 36C
Organization: Enforcers
Rank: Corporal
Occupation: Enforcer
Current Placement: N/A

Amelia in Roleplay

Amelia Weynolt is an unfriendly, yet conflicted marine with split personalities played by DragonNova and is currently a NPC for the Malaisian enforcers

[|Amelia's Theme song: Justified]]

Alice's theme song: Live Evil

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'11 Mass: 122 lbs. Measurements: 39-25-32 Bra Size: 36C

Build and Skin Colour: Physically fit, (From training) But not overly muscular. Has more of a sleek build. Pale, but not to the point where she looks sick or anything.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Eye color: Green

Hair Colour and Style: Hair color: Brown; Style: Medium length and straight,(Just barely above her shoulders) one side of her bangs is usually tucked away behind her left ear, but the other hangs loose, partially covering the right eye.

Distinguishing Features: A scar under her right eye (Seemingly from a cut of some sort) sticks out from her usually pale skin. Her left hand is mechanical, with three claws making up the 'fingers'. As there are obviously newer models, it is odd as to why she insists on that kind of hand. She also has a scar on her chest running across her left breast. This is usually hidden however and very, very, few know about it.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: She is a determined woman when it comes to her mission, but when at ease or in passive moments she seems almost aloof, as if her mind is elsewhere. She is not overly social, but is not shy. She will rarely talk about herself and most inquiries to her past are usually ignored. She tends to have a bit of a cold stare when in a neutral mood, which can make some uncomfortable.

While she comes off as a little cold to most, she can be friendly to those who do not irk her. (Which is unfortunately easy to do.)If angered, she tends to have one of those expressions that would have spawned the phrase, “If looks could kill…” through rarely does she ever become aggressive. One thing that will make her hostile though, is any attempts at flirting with her. This is for an unknown reason at the time, but she appears to have problems with affection of any kind.

She generally does not question authority and will rarely raise objections. She does not believe her opinions or beliefs matter in the military and will normally keep them to herself. However, there are certain, extreme, situations where she could disobey orders, but only if it really goes against the few things she holds dear. In general, she is a loyal soldier and will almost always do as she is ordered, whether she likes it or not. This leads to some stiff formality upon meeting her however.

She also is medicated with anti-psychotics which keeps her bloodthirsty alternate personality at bay. While this seems odd of her, anyone who has seen her change know it to be all too real. She needs to take these once every two days at least to keep herself under control. Otherwise she will begin showing signs of dementia and general insanity. These meds, however, cause her to become a little withdrawn and is what gives her that heartless sort of impression.

Her second personality refers to herself as “Alice”. Alice is a cruel and vicious woman with little regard for others. She is almost the opposite of Amelia; Bold, lustful, and rather disobedient to authority. Occasionally, in situations of extreme stress, (Such as combat) the medication Amelia takes will fail to supress Alice and she will emerge, causing greater problems for both friend and foe.

In a nutshell, she is a soldier through and through. The kind of obedient, unassuming marine that most XO's only dream of having.

Likes: True friends, Her sister, Singing, Marksmanship (Pistols), Exercise, Chocolate, and anything that challenges her mind.

Dislikes: Alice, People who can't take things seriously, Men hitting on her, Paranoid people and their conspiracies, Crime organizations and those who involve themselves in it, and her family's murderer, Ou Fang.

Goals: She wishes to be able to support her little sister as she struggles both physically and mentally after their mother's death. She also seeks to hunt down and kill Ou Fang. Unfortunately, beyond these two things, she has not given a lot of thought, apparently not really seeing a future for herself.



Mother: Lillia Weynolt, deceased Father: Adrian Weynolt, age 55 Sister: Terry Weynolt, 16 years old


Her family was poor, but they all managed to get by together. Her father was never home, always gone for one reason or another. Despite this, Amelia loved her family and was very close to her mother and younger sister. It was very odd for three nepleslian females to be under one roof, but they always looked out for one another.

As a child, Amelia busied herself with puzzles or word games, always loving to challenge her mind. She never had much of a social life, most of the time she had to stay home to take care of the other two girls in her family, thought she did once make a friend.

Her mother had always been ill, but her conditioning was becoming worse one day, but Amelia couldn't acquire the medicine needed. One Geshrin woman named Claire saw her futile pleas for help and was moved by how far she was ready to go to save her mother. She purchased the necessary medicine and gave it to Amelia, who was completely stunned at her kindness. Thanking her profusely, Amelia ran home to her mother to administer the meds. It turned out to have saved her mother's life. She kept in frequent touch with Claire afterwards, the two became fast friends. Amelia finally started to believe there was some good in the galaxy after all.

This notion, however, was shattered one day when a Yamataian man named Ou Fang entered their home, ranting something about her father and a 'debt' he owed him. When no one could figure out what he was talking about he lost his temper and drew a pistol, shooting her mother dead and firing at her sister. The shot was off, however, and he only hit her leg. Not thinking, and just reacting, Amelia grabbed the gun and tried to wrest it away from him. The gun discharged and it flew from their hands. The man then drew a knife and slashed Amelia acrost the chest painfully. As she recoiled, the man sliced at her again. Amelia tried to dodge, but the blade fell against her face, cutting her under her right eye. The third time however, she managed to grab his wrist, halting his slash. They struggled for a moment before Amelia swung the man around and sent him crashing into the table in their kitchen. Ou Fang, now himself sporting a number of wounds from the sharp pieces of the table cutting into him, planted a solid kick on Amelia and sent her reeling back into the wall. He then fled, saying something about how he'd return to 'collect' on the rest of the debt.

Amelia soon left their home with her sister, Terry, once their mother had been properly laid to rest. They had no place to go at that time, so they had to get by the best they could. However, her sister began to suffer from both the injury and fatigue from the life on the streets, which broke Amelia's heart. The hate Amelia felt for Ou Fang burned within her, threatening to devour her. Fearing for her sister's safety, she pleaded with her only real friend, Claire, to take Terry in and care for her.

Claire agreed and Amelia shared a tearful goodbye with her sister. After several years of violent behavior, unstable sanity, and increasing despair, Amelia found a way to both survive and help her sister. She enlisted with the army to train both her body and her mind. She was able to bring herself under control and even reestablish contact with her sister.

Basic training was a bit rough, as her unstable tendencies took a while to go away, but she slowly got better, learning to discipline her mind and body. The fact that she was a female Nepleslian hit quite a few snags in enlisting. Eventually though she did prove that she was capable of serving in the military and her superiors reluctantly allowed her to join the marines despite becoming a walking social taboo by doing so. Later on, her left hand was lost during a drill in which one of the other recruit's pistol discharged suddenly, hitting her hand and basically blasting a hole through it. It was replaced with an old model of a prosthetic hand, the kind with only three fingers as opposed to five. When questioned as to why she decided on that particular kind, she refused to answer, even when her drill sergeant asked for an explanation.

She has recently finished her advanced training and is currently being deployed on her second mission after a short leave. While she will do her job diligently, it is at the expense of distancing herself from those around her, effectively creating a wall around her heart. Recently things have been picking up and she can't help but feel a small amount of anticipation for her next mission, despite how horribly wrong the first one went.

She actually, in fact, is not a true marine. She works partly as a spy in the employ of the Malaise Enforcers. She does this in exchange for both pay and the protection of her sister.

Service Record

-NSS Nerkat-


-Almost immedeatly after arriving on the Nerkat, Amelia was put into a strike team heading for Kennewes. After some running around in circles, they engaged in combat with the garrison of their objective, which was far more than they expected, all the while cursing at Intel. One of her squad mates was killed by an artillery strike almost just as soon as the fighting started. A little ways into it, the stress of battle caused Amelia to black out and give rise to her 2nd personality, Alice. During the fight, a shell landed near her and the shrapnel tore up her leg. After some uncomfortable moments, and Amelia eventually coming to, they managed to defeat the garrison and call down orbital strikes upon their target. It ended on a bitter note, many were injured and almost all of them were still mad at the brass for sending them into such a situation.-

-NSS Acadia-

She has gone on several missions with the old Nerkat crew in their new ship, but has been steadily growing discontent. With the rapidly changing environment due to the Mishhu invasion, among other things, she has begun looking for ways to leave and return to her true employer, Malaise.



Amelia is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions and receive transmissions from other squad mates through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Nepleslian and can speak, read, write, cypher, and correctly and efficiently write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, and so on. Even then, however, she rarely speaks outside of anything important, much like how she is face to face with others. However, she takes the time to learn how each range of transmission works, as is within her interest to learn such, being her main means of keeping in touch with her sister.


While her training taught her most of what she knows… Power armors, how to effectively use a knife, the use of pistols and rifles, and hand-to-hand combat. The drills have been pounded into her head over and over until it was almost instinct. This has caused some cultural tension though as female Nepleslians are generally sheltered because of their rarity. But lately, she has been practicing with a knife and pistol well beyond than what was expected. More than anything, she wants to master the weapons that were used to injure herself and slay her mother. Also, she expects to meet Ou Fang sometime in the future. And when she does… she plans on making sure that she will be the only one to walk away.


Her training taught her the basics; Life support, finding or making shelter, obtaining food and water… as well as different hazards depending on the environment she would be theoretically 'stranded' in, but she also learned a bit of it before hand from having to live on the streets. She also has a bit more endurance than most her age. Mostly from withstanding wounds and her constant push to better herself. She's not exactly one of those who embrace nature, but she is not too comfortable with her surrounds as to be in trouble if stranded for a while.


If one thing sticks out about her, it's her ability to remain calm even in tense situations. While of course, she still has signs of stress when under pressure as any normal sapient creature, she has not been known to panic or forget her duty. She firmly believes that discipline is one of the most important aspects of a soldier and anything less is to invite death. She has also learned different tactics and how to adapt to any given situation. Her calm head was duly noted during her advanced training. This will surely be put to the test soon enough however… she is a marine after all.


While being respectively in shape, thanks mostly to basic and advanced training which basically requires such to even survive it, she regularly exercises on top of that to keep herself in good condition. She is known for remarkable flexibility and dexterity. Even in uncomfortable clothing and armor, she seems to have some amount of grace in her movements. One recruit mentioned off-hand during basic training that she could be a dancer. Of course, this was when she was still mentally and emotionally unstable, and it ended up with him on the floor with a black eye.


She had learned how to take care of her family while they were alive, and even after Ou Fang entered their lives, she took good care of her sister. Most of what she knows is of course from her mother, who was not the healthiest woman around, requiring her to take care of the place. While not exactly a neat freak, she generally does not allow clutter or messes to remain, seeing it as a sign of a lack of diligence… Though sometimes she can seem a little OCD about it.


The only real insight into her character that her fellow recruits have seen in her (Other than her temper during basic training) is when she sings. She has a very beautiful singing voice and loves calming music. It is not uncommon to hear her soft voice when she believes she is alone. However, she rarely sings when others are around. Most of her tunes are without words, often the notes just played by her voice, but she does love the celtic style of singing, believing it to be the songs of angels. Her songs have an almost enchanting quality to them, causing her to once earn the nickname 'Siren of war.'



  • 4 T-Shirts, white
  • 4 underwear, white
    • 4 bras, white
  • 2 Khaki cargo pants
  • 1 pair gloves, leather, black
  • 1 pair Boots, black
  • 6 pair boot Socks, white
  • 1 Belt, dark green (pants)

Physical Training Gear

  • 2 green running shorts
  • 4 short sleeve T-Shirts, green
  • 4 sports bras, white
  • 1 pair, running shoes
  • 4 pair, white ankle Socks

Military Weapons, Weapon Accessories

  • 1 Pistol belt, black, with holster
  • 1 Pistol, semi-automatic, .45 caliber, with 2 extra magazines

  • 1 pistol cleaning kit with 1 bottle of CLP
  • 1 VIAL melee weapon. (Setting is on a saber.)
  • 250 .45 rounds.

She carries a small silver armband with a prayer etched in gold writing around it. It was given to her by her father when she was young. It surprisingly still fits over her arm and she will wear it usually when not in uniform.

She also carries a small locket with pictures of her mother and sister that she keeps very well guarded. At one point in basic, another recruit found it and asked her about it. She completely lost it however, and it ended with the poor kid on the floor, bleeding and bruised.

Personal Hygiene Items

  • 1 bottle of shampoo
  • 1 bottle liquid body soap
  • 1 stick of deodorant
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1 hairbrush
  • 1 tube of toothpaste
  • 2 washcloths, white
  • 2 towels, white
  • 1 pair of shower shoes, flip flops


  • Electronic Money Card


Amelia Weynolt is currently a Private 2nd Class in the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. She receives a weekly salary of 100 DA.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
4440 DA -1560 VIAL melee weapon purchased.
4690 DA +250 Total salary accumulation.
3680 DA -1010 Styrling Silver Special .45 Caliber handgun and one box of 250 rounds of ammunition.
4480 DA +800 Payment from Malaise

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