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Amorette Rinaldi

Amorette Rinaldi is a player character played by SmokeEmpress.

Amorette Rinaldi
Species: Jiyuuian
Gender: Female
Nickname: Aimee
Age: 24
Height: 5'5“
Weight: 125lbs
Occupation: Medic
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Joint Task Force Kaguya

Physical Characteristics

  • Measurements: 38, 28, 34
  • Cup Size: 38D

Build and Skin Color: Amorette is a buxom, athletic looking individual. Her muscles are well toned, though hidden under the clothes she wears. Her skin tone is a pale ivory, almost like porcelain.

Eyes and Facial Features: Amorette's eyes are a hue of blue that is most commonly known as cornflower and shaped more like almonds than round. Her nose is pert with freckles dusting over it. Her lips, though, are rather thin and almost nonexistent, though their color is like a pink rose, making them noticeable.

Ears: Amorrette's ears are pointed slightly like an elf's, but they can move like a cat's slightly so that she can hear better when needed.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is the color of wheat with dark brown low-lights and reddish hi-lights. When loose, it hangs down to her waist. Typically, though, she has it in a long braid and then wraps that around her head to keep it out of the way.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Amorette is a rather quiet individual. She is not withdrawn, for she is willing to be around others, but she mostly just watches. Her speech does not allow her to be more vocal, unless she is more comfortable with those she interacts with.



  • Ferdinand Rinaldi - Father - Deceased
  • Amelia Rinaldi - Mother - Deceased


Amorette Rinaldi is the only daughter to Ferdinand and Amelia Rinaldi. She was born during the last part of YE 13 in a small province located on the planet known as Jiyuu V. Her parents were philanthropists and medics that went from planet to planet, helping out where their talents were needed. When Aimee, as Amorette is known to anyone else, was born, they remained on Jiyuu V until she was four. At that point, she was not only old enough to be a help to them, she could better learn about other cultures and their way of life under their wing. During the next six years, she learned how to read and write in their native tongue, Yamataigo, and she had just started to learn Trade. They were in an outlaying planet in the outer reaches of Nepleslia space when the family was helping with those who were injured in the mining colonies. At this particular location, one of the mines collapsed and Ferdinand and Amelia went into the structure to help rescue those that were still alive. Unfortunately there was another shift causing more of the mine to collapse and Aimee lost her parents. She was at the mine opening, getting water and blankets to those who had made it out, when the second collapse was felt and heard. She tried to go into the mine herself, but the group that she was working with kept her back.

During the next year, Aimee was unconsolable. The typically outgoing girl was so withdrawn that she wouldn't speak to anyone. She did eat. She did do anything that was asked of her. But she couldn't bring herself to enjoy the life she was living as she used to. It took about six months before Aimee started to open up. When that happened, it was clear that she was still very affected by what she had experienced. Her speech seemed to have reverted to how a three year-old would speak. She would only speak in the third person, keeping her sentences rather simplistic in nature. Though she could still read and write fluently in Yamataigo, she wouldn't speak as eloquent as she would write. Another small trait that appeared was her inability to say words with an “L” sound in the middle. Beginning and ending with “L” could be said, but words like “Yellow” would sound like “Ye'oh”. This, however, did not deter those who had decided to adopt her since her parents' death. Though they were Nepleslians themselves, they did not believe in slavery and kept her from that kind of life.

Throughout the next three years, Aimee learned how to defend herself as well as got more into becoming a medic herself. Once she was taken out of her shell enough, she knew that she wanted to continue on with her parents' work in spite of their accidental death. She learned more on-the-job than in a classroom, but knew that she would need to become certified when she came of age. She was still in Nepleslia space when the colonies became their own nation. She wasn't in the fighting itself, but she did help as needed in patching people up. Soon after that, though, she went with her new family to Jiyuu space once more, this time finding work with the mining companies on Jiyuu IV. While there, she grew into womanhood and, at the ripe age of seventeen, was showing that she would soon become a raving beauty. However, due to her nature, Aimee wasn't quite as aware of this as most of the males were.

During this time, she was starting to drift away from her “family” and looking to get into an Academy to learn more about being a medic, or even a full fledged doctor. One night, as she was exploring the nearby town, a small group of young men cornered her. Their intent was fairly clear, and she feared she'd have no way of escaping. Lucky for her, though, a young Peacekeeper by the name of Archander Rathais. She called him “Ander” because it was too much for her to say his full name. Unlike most who first hear her speak, he could tell right away that there was more to the young girl than met the eye. They become fast friends but, because of her commitment to learning, she is drawn away back to Nepleslian space, where she learns to become a medic. This move kept her from the following events that destroyed her home.

After four years of being a formal student, Aimee is now working on the planet Siren, continuing her parents' mission of helping out those who would otherwise have none. She is a medic at the mining colony.



Amorette Rinaldi has the following items:


Amorette Rinaldi is currently a in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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