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Amy Halsey

Amy Halsey is a player character played by Penguinmafia.

Amy Halsey
Species & Gender: Female Human
Date of Birth: 28日 2月 YE 19
Organization: National Police Force of Nepleslia
Occupation: Drone operator and cyber crime specialist
Rank: Field grade 2
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Amy stands at a height of 5'4“ with a runner's build, lithe with a slightly below average chest. She has long straight white hair that reaches her waist, when on duty she keeps it up in a professional looking bun. She also has a pretty face in a girl next door kind of way. Her eyes are sky blue.


Amy has a friendly and relaxed personality, probably too relaxed considering her generous definition of words like “classified” and “illegal hacking” and “please stop modifying police drones”. When off duty she enjoys messing around with her drones, arguing with her AI, Abigail, finding out just how secure various secure government servers really are and watching old cop films.

When in the field Amy takes on a more serious persona, she is very thorough in her drone scouting and information collecting as well as any electronic warfare the mission may call for.


Amy was born to a Nepleslian mother and father on Planet Nepleslia in Funky City, with two younger brothers coming along a few years later. Her father serves in the military as a decorated platoon leader and her mother is an extremely tough woman, able to handle all three of the children alone most of the time while their father was on deployment.

As she grew up, Amy always had a fascination with technology which was encouraged by her parents. Despite being quite smart she only barely made it out of school, having spent far too much time with a computer and the few basic robots she could get a hold of instead of studying. Amy spent a few years working dead end fast food jobs after school while brushing up on her computer skills, until one particularly boring Saturday night she made the mistake of trying to get into the police forces' servers. Although she made it in and had a fun few hours of browsing classified files, she didn't do it unnoticed, and a few hours later her family's tiny flat was host to a police raid. Thanks to her fathers position she avoided a jail sentence, but after an extraordinarily over the top apology and a lengthy talking to by both her father and a police sergeant, she ended up being forced into taking a job with the police force to better make use of her skills.

Skills Learned

Owing to basic police training and her own self taught technology know how, Amy has a variety of skills.


She is predictably a very quick typist. Thanks to her training at the police academy she is well versed in radio usage and protocols.

Languages known

Amy is fluent in both Trade and Yamataigo.


Thanks to her police training Amy knows her way around a firearm, although she struggles to handle high recoil or heavy weapons so is most comfortable with SMGs and pistols. Her aim is suitably average but unless there is a truly dire situation, she won't ever have to test it.

Strategy (Tactics/discipline)

She can understand and give out tactical commands and work with her team to follow those commands efficiently. She knows the importance of teamwork and works with her team to make best use of her drones and hacking tools to make sure everyone gets home safe.


Amy is a complete whizz with technology, she is incredibly knowledgeable about robotics, shown in her constant tinkering with her drones to improve and customise them. She is also an expert with computers and hacking, able to make it into most secure systems with little effort, although there are some very secure systems that even she can't get into and of course she can't hack computer systems with no connections to the outside world. She works alongside her fairy AI, Abigail, who can perform calculations and think far faster than even Amy can.

Drone operation

Amy is an expert at drone operating, able to manage several at a time and even more with help from Abigail.

Social Connections

Amy Halsey is connected to:

  • Father: Brandon Halsey (Lieutenant, Platoon leader)
  • Mother: Sarah Halsey
  • Younger Brother: Sam Halsey
  • Youngest Brother: Chris Halsey

Inventory & Finance

Amy Halsey has the following:


  • Black Trousers made from a fire retardant Nylon/Cotton polymer material.
  • Dark Grey short sleeve button up creased shirt made from the same material.
  • Black Leather gunbelt.
  • Black, Shined shin-high leather boots.
  • Dark Grey wool trenchcoat (Winter)
  • Black Patrol cap with the NPF badge emblazoned on the front and the officers name and rank on the back


Body armour:

  • Ballistic vest


Tools and other equipments:

  • Earbud radios
  • AI container with leather wrist strap and belt loop Fairy Ai. The AI is called Abigail. She is a bit of a smartass with an equally flippant disregard for data protection laws as Amy, her and Amy often get into bickering matches about the best way to modify a drone or who one is better at a particular video game. Despite this, her and Amy are inseparable best friends and work very well together when on the job.
  • Energy Cell plug in charger for the AI container
  • A plain black laptop she takes everywhere with her that has all her drone controlling software and hacking software installed.
  • 2,000 DA

OOC Information

This page was created by penguinmafia on 06, 209 2019 at 05:09.

In the case penguinmafia becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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