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Analiese is a player character played by SmokeEmpress.

Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'5“
Weight: 120lbs
Occupation: Mechanic
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. The Wayward

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'5”
  • Mass: 120lbs
  • Measurements: 34C

Build and Skin Color: Due to her overalls, her build is not easily seen. Once it can be, though, it shows that she is rather skinny, may even be a bit lighter than stated, but can get to the weight she should be with better nutrition. Her skin color is what most would describe as simply Pale. She can tan, but only after getting a sunburn.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her face, when one can see it through her hair and the grime, would be considered almost heart shaped. Starting from the top, her eyes are mostly round, and almost symmetrical. Their colors, though, are odd, for her right eye is green and her left eye is blue. Since she was taught to keep her gaze down, none of major import knows of the heterochromia in her eyes. Her nose is neither too big nor too small for her face, but it does have a little tilt up at the end. Her top lip seems almost not there, but her bottom lip is full. Her chin is pointy only due to being so thin.


Hair Color and Style: Her hair, when clean, is a light auburn with a natural curl that makes it more wavy than truly curly. When it's not clean, or covered in grease, it looks like a dark brown and hangs limp.

Distinguishing Features: Analiese doesn't have anything to distinguish her much from anyone else save for her eyes. Heterochromia eyes are a very rare thing, but unless someone were to look for that specifically, she could be just about anyone else.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Analiese is a slave. It is all she has ever known. Though now it has been changed to 'Lifetime contractor', she knows that there is no easy way out of it for her. She has been trained to never be seen nor heard by even the one(s) who own her contract. She shies away from contact with anyone, even her own fellow 'contractors' for she has no desire to live this life with anyone else. She has seen that there is more out there and her deepest dream is to one day be free, but it is unknown if that will happen. In the meantime, she remains strong of will and waits, watching…ever watching.

  • Likes: She has not experienced the world enough to know what she likes.
  • Dislikes: She only knows that she dislikes being invisible and taken for granted.
  • Goals: Her only goal, right now, is to be free of her 'contract' and her captors.



Mother - Genevieve Dubois(deceased)

Father - A man by the name of 'Mikhyael'?


Analiese's history is not much at the moment. She was born into the life of a 'contracted servant'. She does know that there's more for her, but at this moment, she doesn't know exactly what. Perhaps someday she will.

Analiese only knew her mother throughout her entire life. She has no idea who her father is, nor is she in any rush to find out. She doesn't know anything about him other than that he had to go away just before she was born. Her mother, however, was 'contracted' until her life ended when Analiese was 16. She has no other family.

Her owner, Alexius, had put her to work in a sweatshop as the mechanic. It was found out that she had a natural gift of figuring out how the machines worked and could keep them doing so. Because of this, she is usually covered in grease.

During one of her routine breaks from checking the machines, she wandered out behind the shop and had witnessed a group of three males dumping something. She frowned, not quite sure what to make of it, but figured it was none of her business. Unfortunate, for her, they noticed and chased after her. She ran, but couldn't get too far, before they overcame her and realized she was a slave to Alexius.

Alexius was not too happy with this development, for the group of men, named Clay, Fiend and the Snake, had been putting the waste from one of his competitors in his own drains. To keep Alexius quiet about it, they took her and made her their chief mechanic on their ship.

During their flight from Urtullan, the ship had a malfunction. As the three males were fighting over what was happening, Analiese went into the engine room and Jerry-rigged a workaround fix to get them going once more. The three males knew then that they had someone of extreme value to Alexius and were even more determined to keep her around. They had to make a stop, though, at Waypoint Trade Station to get parts for the engine as well as any other supplies needed.

During the flight, Fiend tried to take advantage of their prisoner, though Clay and the Snake were both adamant about not doing so. Clay had plans on trying to sell her at a high price for her virginity, and the Snake had his own reasons for not allowing Fiend to take advantage. One night Fiend tried anyway and he was cut by Analiese with her makeshift knife. Clay just laughed and told Fiend it served him right. The Snake, though, kept quiet as he usually does, but secretly gave Analiese a wink and a nod.


The Wayward

Episode 1.1 The Wandering Medic

Soon after Analiese was taken into Waypoint Trade Station, there was a distraction between Fiend and a stranger. Fiend had apparently been too busy eyeing the women and so ran into this stranger. Analiese, being observant of the others, noticed that they were too involved in what was happening between the two fighting that she took the advantage and ran, hiding for a time in a crate that was only partly full of bottles of liquid.

When she was sure she was in the clear, or at least enough to get out and find another hiding spot, Ana got out of the crate and eventually made her way into Rot Mädchen, an establishment owned by a woman named Veronica. After getting herself a bit cleaner, Ana sat at a table with Veronica and could only order herself a water. When the stranger came in, he introduced himself as Quinn Cathal and had gotten Veronica to help hide Ana from the other three.

Some food, a shower and a nap later, Ana woke up to Veronica coming in once more to talk about what to do next. Quinn eventually took out his data pad and got Analiese to look over some clothes, to which Ana was very frugal and picked only what she would need, though there were times when she'd pause over something she could possibly want in the future.

Episode 1.2 Collection

Analiese arrived with Quinn at the Dawn Station where they were to meet with the rest of the crew of the Anbruch. After making a quick stop for him to buy a violin, they made their way to the bar. Ana was nervous still in meeting the others, but she had started to relax when everyone was gathered. She warmed to Embrel easily enough, though Shadow and Hugar intimidated her. Shadow had tried to give her his toolkit, but she shook her head, knowing she couldn't use his tools since they were too big…though she was grateful for them.

Tanja passed out special communicators (see inventory) to everyone in the group. Ana has planned on possibly taking hers apart and putting it together, just to see how it works…maybe. She may ask for another one first, though.

Embrel had gotten everyone else drinks, all with alcohol in them. Ana had never had anything like that before, so after just getting halfway through hers, she got up to go to the restroom. She thought she had seen Snake, but it may have just been her imagination. Who knows at this point?

Soon after, Embel joined her in the restroom and reassured Ana that things were alright. They both emerged from the restroom, Ana feeling a bit better at the fact that there were more who were wanting to look out for the young mechanic. Once rejoined with the others, they made their decision on what they were going to do next.

Episode 2.0 Distant Memories

The story picks up where the group has taken on a client to go exploring on a distant planet, seeking what was thought to be remnants from a forgotten civilization. Upon arrival, the [i]Anbruch[/i] crashes onto the surface. Ana, being in the engine room at the time, is trapped underneath some of the engine parts that come apart from the ship itself in the crash.

The crew all have various injuries, but are quickly patched up as best as possible by Quinn and then they all gather in the truck that takes them to the first ruins that was noted by Dr. Ruloo, their client. While there, wolves attack as if defending the area. Ana hides under the truck itself, but soon enough the others get the wolves to disperse. They all go back to the ship and Ana stays behind with Nan and Ruloo. She works with Nan to fix up the engines on the ship, as well as any other repairs needed to the outside of the ship.

When Nan and Ana went outside to work on the ship, they encountered a bear that was watching them from afar. Since it didn't seem to be imposing, the two got to work and completed repairs without further ado. As they came down from the top of the ship, Ana slipped and she sustained some more bruising…but she was not one to say anything to anyone else about it.

(More to come…)



Analiese is able to speak, read and write in Trade, but the read and write is not commonly known to those who hold her 'contract'. Her understanding of Trade is at least at a Secondary level, for she was 'home schooled' by her mother in secret, so it's not like she could easily be tested on her full knowledge of the written word. Though she has a good grasp at reading and writing, her vocabulary may not be all it should be because of the same thing…just enough to know what she is tasked with, not enough to know all there is out there. So she may not know what Anti-Matter is, but she could know what Electrical or Solar Powered is, even if she hasn't worked on those kinds of engines.


Analiese is very proficient in cleaning and basic cooking due to working with her mother before she was discovered to know how to work on engines. Though she is not all that good at keeping herself clean since she sleeps by the fire when done with the chores for the day and there's always grease on her somewhere.


Analiese can primarily work on diesel or Petrol engines. Due to her natural ability to 'hear' what an engine is doing, or not, she can usually figure out what is wrong. She was tasked to keep the machines in the sweatshop running. Most were powered by these types of engines. Once she was taken by a group of thugs, she was found to be invaluable in keeping their ship running as well. She learned some basics in Electrical engines just by observing. She was able to make a work around for the ship to function just enough to get to the Waypoint Trade Station.


Analiese doesn't have much in the way of survival, but she can easily hide in spaces most can't. She has also learned how to keep others from taking from her what she won't give up easily, thanks to the space thugs that took her. She made her own simple weapon out of pieces of metal and electrical tape in order to defend herself from them.


Analiese has the following items:


  • 2 sets of Overalls
  • 3 Long-sleeved shirts
  • 3 Short-sleeved shirts
  • 2 Pairs of cargo pants
  • 6 Pairs of underwear
  • 4 Bras
  • Boots



Analiese is currently a Mechanic on the Wayward.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
0 KS Slaves don't earn money

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