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Anaska DePolanskaya

Anaska DePolanskaya is a player character played by SirSkully

Anaska DePolanskaya
Species & Gender: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) Female
Date of Birth: pre-ye01
Organization: Galactic Horizon
Occupation: Production Team
Rank: Head of Heavy Machining
Current Placement: Horizon HQ

Physical Description

Ana stands at a fairly average 4’6”, her figure is lightly toned with measurements of 35c-23-281) and a weight of 53kg. She has skin that is somewhat pale yet not overly so, her bright golden eyes are round and usually have a slightly tired look to them as if she has just nodded off or just woke up, Anaska's long and wavy, golden-brown hair is kept out of the way in a low, messy bun that leaves a few rogue strands loose, with her short ears poking out the top of her head. Ana’s bushy tail is the same colour as her hair (and the rest of the fur on her body), the tail measures in at just over two feet long and sometimes seemingly has a mind of its own.

Anaska’s face is mousy and petite, with pert lips and kind eyes that are almost always hidden behind her glasses, she can usually be found clad in comfortable clothes such as long sweaters and hoodies underneath her labcoat along with a pair of jeans or leggings and a pair of hi-top sneakers.


Anaska is an extremely hard-working individual who never says no to doing a favour or two or taking on more work (despite the toll it takes on her), she simply wishes to do good with everybody she comes across. Due to her workload constantly piling, Ana sleeps very little and as such, can sometimes come across as a little grouchy or quick to anger which is a far cry from her semi-humble, laid back, and at often times cutesy, personality.

Even though she may be the head of a sub-division, there is no cold corporate face she puts on which leads to a slightly unprofessional outward appearance as she slumps back in her office chair, clumsily pushing empty coffee mugs to the side. When she is in a good mood Anaska can often seen very bubbly and kind, if not a bit child-like if people have scored enough brownie points with her.


Anaska was born the sixth child in a hardworking family, a combat technician for a father and a nurse for a mother that eventually had 12 kits in total, she was generally a friendly kid who got along well with most people she came across. As she grew so to did her inclination to tinker with devices and then even to learn how to fix them when they got broken.

At the age of 9, Anaska joined the youth corp, deciding to get her mandatory service out of the way as early as possible and also to raise her level of mechanical know-how to a more professional level before she decided what to actually do with her life.

It only makes sense that she would eventually find her way into some form of engineering, her older sister always said she would. Ana slid into the line of work of a freelance engineer, specializing in ships and other large marvels of engineering, a lifestyle which meant she moved around a lot with her work, she kept a lot of in-depth sketches of complicated contraptions and mechanisms, just a personalised series of references she has built up.

The last ship that took her on as a freelance engineer was a small scouting ship that was being bombarded by pirates, when an explosion rocked the ship and flung a particular Daur engineer into an escape pod, her tail bumping the controls and causing the pod to spin off into space, a dying crew behind her, not that she could look, being unconscious at the time.

She drifted for… a long time until the pod crashed into planet 188604, destroying part of a communications array owned by Galactic Horizon before the pod hit the ground, hard. She awoke some time later, patched up and feeling fine for somebody who had just been in a major accident, they sat her down for a talk during which they explained the damages and she explained her side of what happened. It didn’t feel right to Ana that she just busted through the property of another and they fixed her up without asking for anything in return, so she begged them to let her work off at least part of her debt.

Once that was paid off, she was offered the chance to stay and continue working for them, something she wasn’t expecting but whole heartedly agreed to, she had already proven to be hard working and trust worthy so they offered her the position of being the head technician over the heavy machinery sub-division, a position she quickly fit into.


Intro JP

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Skills Learned

Language - In addition to Tinacen, Anaska has also picked up Trade and Yamatingo during her time at Galactic Horizon to widen her vocabulary.

Technology Operation - Along with being adept in fixing and maintaining equipment, Anaska had to learn the ins and outs of operating anything from the smallest component to a decent sized ship. Her knowledge also extends to the manipulation of software and digital systems, to a level that would’ve gone to waste if she remained a freelance engineer.

Engineering - Having worked with machines of all sizes from ships down to the intricate inner workings of personal devices Anaska is a capable engineer and mechanic with the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot and, given the right tools, fix most equipment.

Combat - Having joined the Youth Corps at a young age, Anaska is proficient with firearms, hand to hand combat and trained in CQC, although she may not have pursued her military career further, the training stuck with her like some kind of industrial adhesive to a coarse surface.

Knowledge - A lifetime involved with technology has lead to an endless collection of notes and diagrams that she quite often calls upon for reference, the actual diagram parts are neat and professional but the notes are can come across as a little scatterbrained.

Social Connections


Bogdan DePolanskaya (Father)

Ludmilla DePolanskaya (Mother)

11 siblings, 5 younger and 6 older than herself

-Barbanov DePolanskaya (Younger Brother)

-Kyeterinyah DePolanskaya (Younger Sister))


Kryss Black (Boss)

Argus Zepheris (Surgeon)

Calanthe Brongus (Nurse)

Inventory and Finance

Anaska DePolanskaya has: 3000 KS

• A specially made pair of glasses that automatically darken the tint to protect her sensitive Daur eyes whenever the detected light level is above a certain threshold

• Personal PDA

OOC Information

In the case SirSkully becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
proportional to her size

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