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Anatevka Kuznyetski

Anatevka Kuznyetski is a player character played by paladinrpg.

Anatevka Kuznyetski
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Species & Gender: Nepleslian Female
Age: 22 (Born YE 19)
Organization: Nepleslian Space Marine Corps
Occupation: Marine
Rank: Private
Current Placement: Die Screaming

Physical Description

Anatevka is a fairly average Nepleslian female, standing at about 5'5“ in height and weighing 135 lbs. Her build could be considered to be a bit on the more muscular side, largely from her tendency to do harder work, though it by no means detracts from a decidedly feminine, if sturdy, figure, with a bust size to match. Her white skin is usually slightly tanned from spending a good deal of her time outdoors, with hair that is a dark blonde shade worn in a simple low ponytail when not tied completely back on a mission. Her green eyes sit in a rounded face that many would consider on the cute side, though usually Anatevka appears pretty serious in her expression to offset this.

She is usually never seen without a firearm of some type near, or on, her person, as well as a thick leather belt with spare ammunition on it to “feed her gun if it is hungry”. If she is on leave in civilian clothes, Ana will often be found hiding under her peoples' trademark long, sturdy coat, with a wide-brim hat or scarf.


Coming from a communal living Kuzynetski background, Anatevka is a very hard working person herself who also generally expects others to also do their share of the heavy lifting. There's nothing she can't stand more than a lazy arumloifer hanging around, and she won't hesitate to lecture them on changing their tune before they get a rifle shoved in their ass. But in turn she will not hesitate to fiercely defend those she feels are part of her group or team at the time. Unlike some zhenshina, she is also perfectly at home wielding powerful firearms in a combat situation or just chatting it up about the latest gun releases like any red-blooded Nepleslian should, having been playing around with them since she was literally a baby. Though she has hardened up a good deal having stood up to gang members and the like on the streets, Anatevka also still has a lot of her girlish charm deep down too, for those who can look past the strong, independent exterior she often portrays generally. People like Yigor had tried to buy her love in the past several times.. but its obvious by now she isn't out for money alone in this world.

Even though she no longer has her business, Anatevka still has the knowledge of her mother's secret borcht soup, and never will say no to a chance to relax after action and share the fruits of her cooking craft with those she calls family. A nice bottle of vodka over dissembling a rifle wouldn't hurt either, for a real druz'ya evening.


Anatevka Kuznyetski was born in a Kuznyetski enclave on planet Vandenberg, Kovax System (P1-2). For much of her younger years she was immersed in her people's unique way of life, raised with a great respect for joys of a strong family and village, and so too for the firearms that kept them safe. Though her father was a gruff man, he was also a fair trader, and often times held the traditional gatherings at their modest abode in the urban jungle to both ply his services among his clanmates and show off his wife's delicious cooking. This was how Anatevka came to become quite an accomplished helper at these gatherings, and spent many peaceful days tending the rooftop garden that provided the secret ingredients for her mother's famous soup and roasts.

When she was a teenager, a fellow trader's son by the name of Yigor began to take an interest in her at the local gun parts swap meets, and many Kuzynetski thought that one day they were to be married. Though things changed when Ana passed through her coming of age ceremony at thirteen and managed to modify her first gun, a salvaged GP-1 Assault Rifle that she embossed with many different metal alloys. She started to take a greater interest in self-defense, practicing her marksmanship rather than in gallivanting and kibitz all day with the starry-eyed dreamer Yigor, who showered her with baubles to try to change her mood. It eventually got to the point that when her father finally declared at that he was to be her betrothed officially and began talking of planning a grand nasvhek within the year. The young 17 year old Kutznyetski woman couldn't envision herself marrying Yigor, and so secretly packed her meager belongings and savings to set out one night clear across town to the troubled neighborhood of Vance Bridge Road.

Anatevka, through a combination of luck and good timing, managed to acquire ownership of the former Ralph's 24 Hour Cage Grocery shop after its proprietor was run out of town by the local gangs when he over-invested in an Abwheran cheese everyone hated. She soon after rebranded it as “Fresh Start Foods” grocery store, and started building a reputation for making some great morning coffee, as well as her mother's signature soups and deli meats imported from Kuznyetski contacts she had. The young little entrepreneur also wasn't a pushover, as she had no fear standing up to Masterful Jack and his drug-pushing, hip-hop blaring ne'er-do-well crew on numerous occasions when they disrupted her paying customers. This can-do attitude landed her in a motley group of fellow residents that became the unofficial neighborhood watch group, bankrolled by the rich benefactor Mr. Vance as well as a bumbling set of detectives.

Though she was ultimately successful in cleaning up the neighborhood for her store, Anatevka realized that she might have also stumbled upon a more successful, martial career path. And when Yigor finally found out where his beloved had been hiding and made another attempt to impress her with his newfound wealth, it just became all the more clearer what she had to do to get away from his affections. So, she wasted no time in finding a fellow Kuznyetski immigrant looking to break into the grocery business and sold them FSF. This freed her for next big project that would be sure to take her far, far away from the fashion-challenged suitor who sought to take her back home to the ghetto…

Enlisting as a Marine, of course.

Skills Learned

Anatevka Kuznyetski has the following notable skills:

  • Gunsmithing
  • Marksmanship
  • Military/Survival
  • Cooking
  • Business Entrepreneur

Social Connections

Anatevka Kuznyetski is connected to:

  • Sergei Kuznyetski (Father)
  • Sofiye Kuznyetski (Mother)
  • Lots of siblings
  • Yigor Kuznyetski (Betrothed)

Inventory & Finance

Anatevka Kuznyetski has the following:

  • A GP-1 Assault Rifle, the first firearm traditionally customized by her with parts of several differing metal alloys. It also has a barrel extender, scope and flash suppressor. It is affectionately named Zlata, meaning “golden”.

Anatevka Kuznyetski currently has 7000 DA.

OOC & Trivia

  • Anatevka is the name of the fictional Ukrainian village in “Fiddler on the Roof”.
  • The various Kutznyetski words and expressions in her speech are taken from real world Yiddish.

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