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Andromeda Halifax

Andromeda Halifax is a PC played by Radioactive. She is not yet approved!

Andromeda Halifax
Species: Separa'Shan Python
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (YE 20)
Height/Length: 18'2“
Weight: 346 lb
Organization: Independant
Occupation: Star-mechanic
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 18'2”
  • Mass: 284 lb
  • Measurements: 33C-32-42

Build and Skin Color: Fairly lithe, albeit barrel-y physiology, though the tail blooms outwards at the waist insignificantly and only tapers down near the very end. A caramel-bronzen skin tone with primarily hazel-colored scales waist down, occasionally accented in a marble-white stripe.

Eyes and Facial Features: Stilted eyes of a bright yellow color, predominant chin.

Ears: “Normal” human ears

Hair Color and Style: Raven-black hair, usually rather straight and smooth.

Distinguishing Features: Beyond her lamia nature and pointed chin, Rommy has no particularly striking, abstract features of note.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: A rather inquisitive woman, Rommy is by no means recluse. Instead, she is a proactive, friendly sort who codifies the term optimistic. She is quick to try to make friends, and quicker to actually mean it on her side of the relationship; she'll remember people and facts about them for years, even if it takes seeing them again to actually jog it back in her noggin. Andromeda barely has a bone of malice in her body, making her striking naive in some regards and all together nonviolent. She is also strikingly dutiful, going at her work like a terrier and dashing away distractions and temptations despite not really enjoying her profession.

  • Likes: Essia, getting to know things, meeting new people, socialization, sugary-sweets, fine art, pleasantly warm spaces
  • Dislikes: Being alone, chocolate, the cold, safety gear that's-clearly-made-for-people-with-feet, tight spaces
  • Goals: Get rich! Go home! Figure out what to do in life cuz being a mechanic ain't cutting it!


Family (or Creators)

The Halifax clan, which includes her ten siblings, parents and far and away more.


Born and raised in the humble city-state of Selven, Andromeda lived her childhood like any other; filled with extravagance and illusions of hedonism, fueled by the fat coffers of a sprawling clan. When the first space ships of a distant, imperialist empire loomed over the clouds she were merely nine years old, the event a hazy memory little more then a mental scrapbook. But it changed her life, as it did to her fellows.

Planned, routine livelihoods were gone as outsiders landed on their shores, space becoming “a thing” and the economy tanking under the futuristic might of their new “overlords.” A petty life was stripped away from Rommy as their culture shifted to accommodate the new situation. Money grew a bit tight, but the opportunities were much greater then before. There was a wealth of knowledge out there among the stars - and a wealth of wealth, for that matter. She was a generation shy of the great star-rush, but her family pressured her into it when her time came, too. After all, there wasn't much back home for to do - not anymore.

Andromeda never really wanted to go into space. She never really wanted to learn how to tinker with vessels, how they worked and how to keep them working. She took to traveling across the stars and seeing all sorts of fantastic things well enough, of course, and she was no more bitter then a grumbling office drone huddled up in their cavern of databases and graphs. Really, Andromeda was thankful for the opportunity; becoming an apprentice under a fat-freighter's primary engineer for a year. She took the practical teaching well enough - enough to be independent, though no savant.



Andromeda can, naturally, speak her native tongue of Selven quite fluently, as well as several other ethnic tongues of the Essians in her native area. However, as she received schooling in it late in life, her grasp on trade and Yamataigo are somewhat sketchy at best, with trade being just-fluent due to use. She can read and write in either language with familiarity on a basic level. As part of her apprenticeship, she also knows how to operate common computer systems and radio use and protocol.

Maintenance and Repair

In theory Andromeda's profession of choice, though the woman has no actual formal schooling in the matter. Due to her relatively broad apprenticeship, which her efforts are focused on interstellar craft in theory she could apply her talents to other “simple” vehicles as well and, potentially, equipment and other small items. What the woman lacks in case-by-case experience she makes up for in identifying issues; by herself she might not get anything done. By herself and with the extranet she can diagnosis things and get kinks worked out in a jiffy.


Have you ever tried to out run a snake? They're pretty spry! Andromeda is rather fit in comparison to people of other species, if only because she has to haul her own lengthy self around. She is incredibly flexible and deceptively strong, although she needs plenty of room to get into what is effectively a sprint for bipedal creatures. Already in her brief time in space she is all to familiar with navigating in zero-g environments, confident in her ability to slither about or spring off surfaces to gain traction. No one wants to get trapped within a python's coils, either!


Space is big, filled with all sorts of walks of life that all mingled together in metallic hulks flung between the stars. All sorts of cultures mingling together far from their own homes, bringing things and meshing them together = like food. Andromeda learned fast how to fend for herself “efficiently” in the kitchens whenever something didn't exactly settled well with her, as well taking shifts as the chef-host whenever it was her turn to do so. Her menu largely consists of inoffensive, simplistic things as a result.



Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2590 KS -410 Starting Equipment

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