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Mei Neis

Angelina Mei Neis is a half Geshrin and Nepleslian young woman living in Los Apagos and is the little sister to Lenz Neis. She likes for her family and friends to refer to her by her middle name, “Mei” rather than her first name. Her mother tends to call her “Angie” which bothers Mei to no end.

She attended the Nepleslian School of Fine Arts and Dance in Los Apagos studying ballet and graduated private school. She graduated from medical school and is a registered nurse.

Neis, Angelina Mei
Species: Nepleslian / Geshrin
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Zodiac Sign: 9/16/YE 13
Height: 5'4“
Weight: 120 lbs.
Organization N/A
Occupation Nurse

Mei in Roleplay

Mei is a NPC controlled by Kim. She first appeared in IPG Operators: Breaking blood explosion Extraordinaire as the hostage of an unknown criminal organization seeking to extort her older half-brother, Lenz Neis. This action is what drove Lenz to cooperate and complete his IPG Operator training so that with the IPG's assistance, he could rescue his little sister.


Father: Trevor Neis (Deceased)
Mother: Andrea Dawn Neis (Deceased)
Half - Brother: Lenz Neis


Mei is a slender, attractive ginger haired young woman with a dancer's lean muscular build. Her long ginger hair is usually tied up in a ponytail. Her skin is pale and freckled. Her eyes are a deep emerald green.


Mei has led a relatively sheltered life and has really wanted for nothing. As a result of this, she is incredibly naïve and innocent for a young woman of her age. Growing up she has had very limited or heavily chaperoned contact with any person outside of her family. And like most people who don’t know how dangerous the world can be- Mei yearns for some excitement in her life and more interesting companionship than her mother or her older brother.

Unfortunately for Mei, Lenz actively forces people away from contact with her but she appears to be oblivious of the notion that Lenz is scaring guys away from her. Her self-image is horribly damaged by her brother’s extreme overprotective nature and she blames herself and her appearance for driving men away. She feels that she extremely ugly and tends to distrust when people tell her otherwise. She takes any attempt to get close to her as some sort of malicious attack waiting to happen. This usually tends to drive possible friends away if Lenz hasn’t. People tend to view her as a spoiled little princess that is only saying she is “ugly” to get attention.

Mei has long periods of depression but she finds her joy in the success of her studies; spending time with Lenz and in playing with her pets (a mechanical bird and an abnormally large spider that lives in their basement).

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Medical journals; music; dancing; spiders; birds
Dislikes: Mirrors; gangs; violence; fire.
Goals: To get into a career in Medical Research or as a physical therapist.


Growing up
Since Mei was born, she was constantly doted on by her older half-brother, Lenz. As she grew older, she idolized her brother and saw him as the projection of all that was cool and yearned to have the same burning passion for something in her own life like he had for Nepleslia. Luckily for her, her father left Mei's education and upbringing in Andrea's hands not wanting to deal with a little girl. If he had subjected her to the same upbringing as Lenz, she would've been a very different person.

Andrea had a very set notion of how her little girl should be. And the essence of culture, etiquette and of course, practical household maintenance were heavily instilled in Mei when she wasn't at the private Academy studying. It wasn't until she went to her first ballet at the age of 5 at her mother's urging that she feel in love with dancing. Her father despised being forced to see girls bouncing about a stage wearing copious amounts of frilly clothing but relented at his wife's request so that Mei good get a sense of 'culture'. Mei sat in rapt awe and wonder at the pretty, elegant movements of the girls on stage and wanted to join them. Her mother was thrilled with the idea.

Lenz was supportive of his sister's desire to dance and spent a great many nights cheering her on as she practiced at home or escorting her to and from class. His ever growing concern was that someone might see his little sister walking alone and try to steal her away. So he did everything he could to keep any strangers way from Mei if they showed a slightest bit of interest in her. The end result was Mei growing up with very few people that she could consider a 'close friend' or even have any sort of non-professional relationship with.

Teenage Years
As she blossomed into a beautiful young woman, she came to realization that while dancing was her passion and fun, it wasn't something she solely wanted to do for the rest of her life. She wanted to do something more that would help people- her interest in her studies went towards the medical and science fields as she flirted with the notion of going into medical research or physical therapy.

When her father passed away, she felt a sense of loss that she hadn't really experienced before. And she felt that maybe if she had been more diligent in her medical studies that she might've been able to help him. She understood eventually that this notion was a little foolish but she still held that odd sense of guilt and responsibility.

Her year was further disturbed when a man broke into their home when Lenz was at work and her mother was at the grocery store. She had stayed home instead of going with her mother to study. She had heard the noise downstairs thinking it was Lenz coming home early when she was attacked. Luckily, the man wasn't able to fully sexually assault her by the time that Lenz did come home and Mei was able to walk away from the incident with a few bruises and torn clothing- but her chastity intact. The man didn't make it away so unscathed as Lenz sent Mei into another room as he proceeded to beat the would-be rapist to death.

In the weeks following the incident, she became incredibly more withdrawn and scared of men as tabloid reporters hounded them for more information on what had happened. They even went so far as to publish photos of mei while she was changing at school. Then, as suddenly as the attention began- it stopped and Mei was left alone again.

She is still in the process of psychologically recovering from the trauma of her attack, her father's death and seeing Lenz brutally beat a man to death in her defense as she continues her studies in Los Apagos.


Angelina Mei Neis was reported missing from her family's home, early Tuesday afternoon when an instructor noticed her absence from class for two days straight. Concerned for the young woman's well-being, the teacher was horrified to find that the house was ransacked and the door was forced open.

“There was… blood everywhere. It felt like I had walked into a layer of Hell… it was truly disturbing that someone would commit such a gruesome act against another living being….” The teacher was quoted as saying. The investigating officers have concluded that the blood does not belong to Miss Neis but her mother, Andrea. Pieces of the woman were discovered in a dumpster nearby their home but they are still currently looking for the rest of her remains in order to give them a proper burial.

The Los Apagos police department have no leads on who might have committed such hateful acts towards the Neis family but they believe it might've been done in response to an old case of former LAPD officer, Lenz Neis, who cannot be located for comment or questioning. A special government investigative team has taken over the investigation and vows that whomever has done this will pay and Miss Angelina Neis will be recovered safely, if she is still alive.”


(Short versions for now)

Entertainment: Ballet
Medicine: Basic First Aide & CPR
Fighting: Fundamental self defense techniques; primarily evasion.
Communication: Nepleslian; non verbal.
Domestic: Cooking
Knowledge: Chemistry
Knowledge: Math up to college level math.

OOC Notes

Art by Kim using a Moe base by Nukebabe purchased through her Patreon.

In the case Kim becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? Yes
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