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Anju Seda Razavi

Anju Seda Razavi
Pronunciation: Ahn-Ju, See-dah, Rah-zah-vee
Anju Seda Razavi
Species: Iromakuanhe Born: AR 892
Gender: Female Height: 5'4β€œ / 164.59cm
Age: 74 AR / 98 YE Weight: 110lbs / 49.89kg
Lineage: Sund Wakir Occupation Assassin/Corporate Saboteur
Current Placement

Voice & Theme

Physical Characteristics

  • Species: Iromakuanhe
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 74 AR / 98 YE
  • Height: 5'4” / 164.59cm
  • Mass: 110lbs / 49.89kg
  • Measurements: 30-22-32 / 76-55-81
  • Cup Size: A

General View

  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Build: Lean, lithe build with some hints of feminine curvatures. She has some muscle tone as per her active lifestyle.
  • Skin Color: Anju's complexion is that of an olive tone. Neither too light, nor too dark for one of the Sund Wakir but somewhere in the middle.
  • Facial Features: Anju's facial features are atypical of Sund Wakir. Sharp Angles, high cheekbones with a smooth aquiline nose. While sharp her face contains some fullness to round it and not leave her with sallow cheeks or sunken facial features.
  • Eye color: Violet
  • Hair color and Style: Long-Straight Black Hair. Anju typically leaves it as is, straight but can sometimes utilize ponytails for missions. When using a helmet typically it is done up in a messy bun to fit.
  • She has a 'Sleeve' Tattoo along her left arm which starts at the base of the shoulder. The tattoo is written in the language of the Sand Dreamers's flowing script appearing as a series of long curving lines each which branch off into sub-lines of further script done in a more intricately detailed manner and on a smaller scale as the lines continue to branch off. While most Temple Guard, and Dream Stewards who study the script would understand its meaning the average Iromakuanhe does not. The meaning however is that of a family tree of the Razavi line going back centuries and this shows with the number of branches, the further down these curving lines go the thinner, and less numerous they become.
  • Typically Anju wears a small stud or ring along the right nostril which she changes depending on downtime or while on a mission so as to not present the enemy with an additional target should she be confronted.
  • She cares for her horns meticulously as they bear the mark of her Caravan in their 'Cant' Script marking her as a Razavi. This script appears closer to Cuneiform than the languages utilized by the Iromakuanhe in general. It should also be noted Anju's horns are 'swept back' much like a males instead of the delicate inward curve attributed females.
  • While she has 'perfect' sight thanks to corrective cybernetics, while not doing a job she adjusts the quality of vision to what she'd had prior to these upgrades rendering her near-sighted. During these times just as she was a little girl, Anju wears a pair of glasses. While she would not admit this is due to sentimentality or longing of a previous life, it is the truth.

Techno-Organic Cybernetics

Anju's 'Cybernetics' are a fusion of organic and mechanical in symbiosis and therefore differ from the standard Symbiotics most if not all other Iromakuanhe rely upon due to an intolerance of purely mechanical designs.

A combination of pliable, yet durable metallic compounds and synthetic organic material built utilizing the latest advances in nanobiotechnology, Anju's cybernetics are not only expensive but based solely around her own genome. This means they will not work for another individual via transplantation, but also means the custom nature results in sparsity of replacements for her. While most if not all of her internal organs have been replaced with techno-organic that perform the same functions, Anju's enhanced biologics result in amplifications in speed, agility, power projection and durability.

  • Enhanced Bone Structure: Through the usage of bio-nanotechnology, carbon nano-fiberous material has been seamlessly interwoven amongst the dense connective tissues enhancing the already quartz-calcium based skeleton of the Iromakuanhe.
  • Prajna/Artificial Blood Substitute: A co-mingling of Prajna and artificial blood substitutes replace her blood and more efficiently repair damage to her partial organic components. While capable of regenerating damage to the cybernetics there is one major drawback. This task requires increased mineral intake, which can result in deficiencies and decreased overall performance if done for extended periods. It should be noted that extensive damage requires cybernetic replacement.
  • Prajna-Gel Based Wound Sealing: A Prajna Gel derivative is utilized via glandular excretion to seal wounds, decrease bleed out and enhance overall regeneration.
  • Glandular Drug Excretion: Anju has several implanted synthetic glands grafted throughout her body that releases a variety of different drugs into her bloodstream. Some produce only when needed while others release a constant supply that may increase or decrease in output depending on certain stimuli or through thought-derived commands. These drugs are high-grade nootropics, pain relievers, and Bherstim.
  • Immune System Her immune system has seen a remarkable increase in effectiveness as a result of her unique physiology.
  • Enhanced Musculature: Artificial muscular strands have been interwoven into the regular musculature to further enhance her physical strength. The normal muscles have however undergone gene-treatments and chemical improvements to further adapt to the artificial strands, and further enhance and reinforce the normal muscle while under stress or during strenuous activity. The result is a greatly increased physical strength as well as enhanced stamina to the point one with these enhancements may perform physical activities for long lengths of time with minimal to no stress on the enhanced musculature unless under very physically demanding activity.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Anju is usually rather quiet unless spoken to and even then depending on the question or person she can be irritable, snappy or flat out ignore the person and question all together. As a result Anju is quite anti-social to anyone she encounters with the closest thing to friendship she has is one of tolerating a given individual's presense. When working her core behavior does not change but instead is complimented by professionalism, and a meticulous focus on the task at hand, or rather the target.


Little is known of Anju's early life with no records remaining. The only ones that know of this time are Anju herself, the Corporation she works for and possibly The Vanguard Intelligence Agency although the latter to a certain point.

While she talks of it only very sparingly, Anju was born into the Razavi Caravan. The Razavi Caravan was one that ran blackmarket goods, slaves, and often made deals with the bandits of the Nuocr Expanse. Closely knit as they were, most other Sund Wakir caravans stayed away from the Razavi seeing them as exiles little risen above that of the bandit due to their trade. It was during one of the Razavi Caravan's travels they were accosted by an unknown group and systematically wiped out. Rumors spread amongst the other caravans of the Expanse saying they'd met their end at the hands of Nok'Nista, one of the more nightmarish and mythical legends of the Expanse. Others say it was one of the bandit clans, but in truth it had been one of the many corporations the Razavi raided, stole, and swindled over the years selling secrets to their competitors. Finally fed up with this and likely being tipped off, they'd sent out a small army of mercenaries to finally snuff out the problem.

Anju often mentions her caravan maintained many hidden compartments and escape hatches in their vehicles as means of escape or as a way to hide. While she will not go into further detail of what transpired, the only thing known that happened after this is that she ended up in the hands of one of the Razavi's allies within the fringe of the corporate world on Maekardan.


Name Relation Age Occupation
Masoud Father Deceased Caravaneer
Suri Mother Deceased Caravan Guard


Skill Areas


Anju is capable of using all standard communications found in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth, in particular those employed by the Astral Vanguard. This includes laser, radio and MASC-enhanced variations in various formats and media. She is fluent in Saalsari, Haidasari, the ancient Trade language, Yamataian; can speak, read and write them correctly. She can communicate clearly even while under fire or in other unnerving situations.


As a Sund Wakir, Anju's early life was filled with constant reminders of her people's harsh existence in the Nuocr Expanse and its deadly desert climate. From an early age all Sund Wakir learn to fight using their hands and feet in the ancient Saal unarmed combat styles. Sund Wakir also learn the value of knife fighting at an early age as both a means of self-defense as well as an aid for hunting prey.

After being taken in by her current handlers, Anju learned the contemporary Iromakuanhe martial arts styles both unarmed as well as armed. Capable of using blades to lethal effect, Anju's true capabilities lie in her usage of ranged weaponry; assassination tools including poisons, darts, bombs and some traps.

Poison Making (Chemistry)

Part of her training included identifying individual poisons, their makeups, effects and how to brew them herself if necessary. With the Commonwealth's contact with the rest of the sector, Anju has begun studying the poisons of the Commonwealth's neighbors now.

Infiltration (Rogue)

Trained to be a silent killer, Anju's training included stealth and infiltration techniques. Adept at using shadows, camouflage and even stealth systems Anju's prowess at hiding and even stalking her targets are top-notch.

Biological Information (Medical)

To perform quick and clean kills, Anju has learned much of Iromakuanhe anatomy and where to precisely strike to take down a target with little to no struggle or pain. However as the Commonwealth has finally made its debut on the galactic stage, Anju has been forced to begin study of the varied biologies of the other races.


Born a Sund Wakir, amongst the first things taught to their young is how to survive in the harsh and unforgiving desert climate. From an early age Anju learned how to hunt across the dunes, find water, hide and navigate by the stars. After surviving the near complete genocide of her Caravan the inclusion of more survival techniques were added to her repertoire depending on locale.


While utilizing bombs is an oft times inelegant means to assassinate a target it has been used all the same. Anju's knowledge of explosive devices covers basic chemical explosives, IEDs and the higher grade ordinance of her native peoples. She has since begun studying explosive devices of Nepleslian, Yamataian, Lorath and even Abwehran manufacture to be better able to recognize, utilize and build such devices.

Hacking (Technology Operations)

While capable of accessing and using Iroma basic linear computer systems including Iroma ready devices, Anju is also capable of defeating common firewalls and safeguards. Her knowledge of software and digital virii is all the way up to a high level understanding of advanced polymorphic viruses, ciphers and encryption softwares utilized by the Iromakuanhe.

Driving (Driving)

Anju can drive basic aerospace/land-vehicles (Shuttles, Low-Orbit Craft, Cars, Motorcycles) of her race. This includes lifter bikes and boards.

Non-Combative Inventory


  • (12) – T-Shirts, Various Cuts, Styles and Colorings
  • (8) – Pants, typically cloth of various styling and coloration.
  • (?) – Numerous sets of undergarments.
  • (4) – Skirts, two knee-high, two thigh-high.
  • (3) – Coats, One Beige with white furred lining, One sky-blue 'lagenlook' styled, one grey and black billy coat.
  • (1) – Yukata (Pale, Pastel Orange with bright blue ribbons printed on it. Each ribbon is attached to a bluebird, whimsically flying across the field of the garment.)
  • (?) – Scarves… so many scarves.
  • (1) – Pair gloves, leather, black
  • (2) – Pair Boots, black
  • (?) – Socks also many Socks.
  • (?) – Lotta belts!
  • (?) – Shoes, do you see a theme here?


  • (1) – Pair of Glasses
  • (1) – Pair of Sunglasses

Combative Wear and Weapons

Combat Wear




OOC Information

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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