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Anna Horizon

Anna is a Character controlled by club24.

Species & Gender: Clone Nepleslian Female
Date of Birth: YE 20
Organization: Galactic Horizon
Occupation: R&D Team
Rank: Lab Tester
Current Placement: OIF Karakoram

Physical Description

Anna fits the typical image of a tomboy, short spikey brown hair sits atop her boyish face complete with a few small easy to miss scars from her performing days. While she never knew her parents it was easy to guess that at least one of them was likely to have a case of heterochromia having inherited a green left eye and blue right eye. Completing her features is an almost permanent mischievous grin, becoming more prominent whenever she and her sister are scheming together.

Anna's boyish likeness ends at her neck with narrow shoulders and hips and a modest bust creating an obviously feminine stature. She stands at roughly 5'2โ€œ with most of her body made up by muscle from a life of action, though she's no meathead.


Of the two sisters, Anna is far more boisterous and excitable than her twin Bella Horizon with a resolve of steel and absolute conviction in her decisions, except when she makes a mistake and laughs instead. For all her excitement and stubbornness Anna is fiercely protective of her sister, as the twins never had any real parents or family they always look out for one another but can still maintain good relationships with any groups they are a part of.


Anna and Bella Horizon were grown and raised in a traveling circus in YE 20 never being told of their parents, in truth they had been intended to be prototype clones for a new act but the process had failed to meet expectations. Instead the girls were told their family were the other performers who looked after them and taught them various tricks of the trade. As the twins got older they began being allowed to perform in the circus shows with the rest of the gang, eventually starting their own duo act involving a cannon and no safety nets.

In YE 35 Anna decided she wanted to leave the circus and chase adventure through the stars, they had already visited various nations as a result of the company they kept but she wanted to really go out and forge her own path. The bouncier twin managed to convince her sister that it would be a great time if she came along as well and so the two of them spoke to the ring-master.

Before long they had left their only home and family in search of adventure and self discovery, in their hitch hiking travels Anna quickly discovered she had a keen interest in big guns that went boom and other destructive devices that could kill the user just as easily as the target. In YE 41 the pair found their way to Galactic Horizon and were taken in as professional product testers, though Kryss Black only really hired them initially because she found them entertaining. After being hired on by the company they were each given Horizon as their official surname.

Skills Learned

  • Heavy Weapon Use - Of the twins Anna took a liking to wielding the biggest and baddest weapons she could and through continuous practice at Horizon became proficient in their use, now finding plain sidearms and rifles much too lacklustre to bother using.
  • Bare Knuckle Brawling - During their time exploring they stayed in Nepleslia for a considerable time, Anna happened to get into a bad situation now and then and slowly learned to defend herself with the help of some friends she made at various pubs and gun ranges.

Social Connections

Anna is currently connected to:


OOC Information

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