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Species: Helashio
Gender: Female
Age: 25 YE
Height: 6,0
Weight: 132 pounds (60 kg)
Organisation: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Pilot/ Flight Surgeon
Rank: Jôtô Hei
Current Placement: 21st Squadron - Fighting Diamonds
Orders: Orders

Anne in Roleplay

Anne is a player character played by ShotJon.

*Theme song: Invasion of Gracemeria

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6,0 Mass: 152 pounds (69 kg) Measurements: D Build and Skin Colour: Anne is tall and in good shape. She is still young and athletic. She has nice long legs and firm breasts. As many Helashio's her skin is white as alabaster and like silk to the touch. Her tail is also white and three feet long.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her eye colour was blue, however her Lorath mistress disliked the colour so she had it changed to green. Anne has a small nose and thin lips. She is said to have a very cute smile.

Ears: Her ears were altered to look like bunny ears rather than the usual dog-like ears of her species. They are eight inches tall, they do not let her hear any better then normal Helashio ears though.

Hair Colour and Style: Anne's hair reaches down to her shoulders. It is ginger and straight. She usually just let's it hang, but when needed she wears a headband or ties it in a pony-tail.

Distinguishing Features: Anne has a small tattoo of a bird on her left butt-cheek. It was a sign of her belonging to her mistress when she was still a slave. Never needing a surname Anne has none. Anne likes to wear a green scarf. It was made on lorath and she wears it around her neck as memento of her home. It is also something she wears instead of slave collar that was taken from her. When on mission she wears a small green collar instead. Anne

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Anne is a pretty cheerful person, she likes to laugh and have fun. But that side of her did not show up too often until recently when she stopped being a slave. She was a slave for most of her life and even though she had some freedoms other slave did not, it still left a serious impact on her. She is submissive and tends to whoever she thinks of as her superior. She tends to think of her superior officers as of her new masters. Any commendation from them always cheers her up.

Despite her intelligence it is not rarely obvious in demeanor, with no trace of arrogance. She also doesn't look down upon anyone and treats everyone with respect. She also happens to be a little clueless when on her own without orders since she has been given direction most of her life.

She also dislikes aggression and looks for any other means of sorting things out. But she still received army training and knows what she must do when she meets face to face with enemy. She won't like it though. She would rather be helpful to her comrades in arms.

Likes: Pudding, languages, being helpful, being commended for good job Dislikes: Violence, being shouted at. Goals: Find out more about life out of slavery.


Family (or Creators)

Real parents Unknown. Ria “Domino” Seren Tur'lista : Anne's mistress (deceased YE: 31)


Anne was born to slave parents, making her slave from her first day of life. Being trained from birth made her a submissive and well-behaved servant. Her mistress also solidified that with being a master who used sugar rather than the whip when she could. When a servant did well it was good. But Mistress Ria was not soft either.

When Anne got older it was seen that she was a curious and bright girl. Her mistress, noticing this, made Anne her personal toy and slave. But she also had Anne learn a lot of things in order to be useful. From many languages even to medical knowledge. She then served as her mistress's personal translator and nurse. Sometimes even more.

Over time their relationship got a little different from what usual slave/master relationships were. Her mistress favoured Anne and kept her around more often. That, of course, made Anne very happy. Serving her mistress was all to her and it was good time for her.

Anne understood that other Helashio were not happy as slaves. She figured that not all masters were as her Ria. But she did not want freedom herself, she was happy with things the way they were. So when, in YE 29, the first slaves were being prepared for release and freedom she was not one of them. When all the Helashio were given freedom she remained with her mistress while many slaves in the household left.

Her life remain pretty unchanged until YE 31 when her mistress died of an untreatable illness, a very rare thing in Lorath society. The Seren family, who wished to have no more slaves, released Anne into one of facilities for rehabilitating ex-slaves.

There she had a lot to think about. She could find a new masters, after all there were still Lorath who kept slaves. Although they were called servants now. But those Lorath would not be her beloved mistress. In the end Anne decided that she want to try and live free, which was quite a challenge for girl who lived her entire 23 years of life as a slave.

Anne realized that she was not fit to completely take care of herself at the time. She needed to find an organization where she would be given some freedom. She also figured out that it would be better to leave Lorath space, where she was constantly reminded her past as a slave. With that she left for Yamatai with all the money she had received from Seren family. There she joined Star Army.

She first thought about what position to take in Star Army, in the end she entered academy to become a pilot. With her knowledge of languages and medicine she was chosen to become a flight surgeon. A pilot whose primary task is not to fight but to monitor her squadron's surroundings and take care of her teammates after the fight. It was position she came to like and be pretty good at.

While in training and studying she also met a lot of new people. Her classmates were all Yamataians and nekos. All of them were free people and Anne was amazed by them. She talked with them a lot, often telling them of her past. One day one of the other students gave her order to bring him something. Unconsciously and not aware of the situation she just did it. It was her nature and others quickly came to knowledge of this, and used it. Not all of them, but still many. It took her a while before she realised this exploitation, getting angry at herself, it seemed to her like she had taken another step away from life as a free person. Luckily her training ended soon and after graduation she swore never to let this happen again at her next post.

21st Fighter Squadron

After completing flight school Anne was sent as flight surgeon to 21st sqadron. She was to be part of Diamond Wing given that she would do go in interview with squadron leader Numa Atsui. Anne managed to pass and became part of the team.

First mission she was part of was to break open the NMX blockade at the North gate of Ketsurui military zone. She was hard at work in her first mission as squadron engaged in heavy combat with enemy pods. They were to escort gunboats for the torpedo run, which they have done succesfully. One of the gunboats was destroyed soon after and few others were heavily damage by explostion from unknown source. Anne and another member of the wing Tereano Eliso were hard at work with their sensor suite.

They soon found that there were new kind of NMX mines that could phase and then unphase if potential target appeared. Gunboats decided to fire from out of the mines range and Wing escorted them out while being under attack from NMX bombers. Wing managed to fight them off, but some of the Yamataian fighters were damaged. Which resulted in one open canopy and in the fact that Elisto's ship could not land because of the unexploded missile stuck in his wings. Anne flew to him, because his ejection system failed and got him out of the cockpit. During that time a piece of debris hit her ship, making it spin and reel Anne, who was on the life-line at the moment in. It was this act that got her her codename Spinner later on. With Eliso safely in the cockpit of Anne's ship she got back to Heitan, the home carrier of the wing.

Squadron got few days free to get some repairs done and to unwind a little. During that time Anne and Elisto got to know each other a little better while they were trying to figure how the phase mine worked from their scanner data. THough they were called of in middle of the work by superior SAINT agent because of the secrecy.

Soon after another mission came. Squadron was supposed to escort newly constructed ships. In middle of the brifing though a message came that Yamatai was under attack. Squadron immedieatly sortied and light jumped to the Yamatai. The ships they were supposed to escort joined them. Battle above Yamatai was gruesome and rough. Enemy was everywhere and squadron soon found itself in heavy battle. Squadron even lost of its pilot, Yagammi Lynn who got hit by heavy cannon. Even with all this the Squadron prebailed and managed to destroy several NMX ships and experience many moments of heroism, especialyl when highly damaged cruiser rammed NMX battlehips and completely disabled and destroyed it in last moment of defiance.

Right after the battle Anne was getting some rest before headin down to Yamatai to help with rescue operations. Due the lack of ability to fall asleep she went out to explore the ship, only to meet Silic Vas. The two of them got talking and drinking Silic's homebrewed alcohol. They ended up disscussing many interesting facts of their lives, before they were out of alcohol. Then they headed to Anne's room to have some wine. Only wine Anne had though was Lorath Wine, which ended in fiery night of love and romance. Morning was hard though with Silic waking up in panic and soon running away, leaving confused Anne alone.

Anne did not get to find out what happened with Silic. Diamonds were called to battle again soon after and now with completly new mission. They were supposed to infiltrate terrorist compound in Daisy power armours and destroy it. Anne was very displeased with that mission after all, they were no diamonds. Not to mention that Atsui won't lead the team this time. It was mission for SAINT too, which did not pull much more confidence into the young helashio.

On the planetside, they flew they planes as part of cover. After releasing drones that masked themselves as the fighters, Diamonds landed their ships, geared up and went in. Surrounding the enemy compound, Anne was part of support team. When fight started, she tried to cover the others, but her fire was not very successful. During the battle Silic entered the enemy compound and was cut of from the others. That not being enough, enemy tank appeared.

Diamond were not geared up to take on a tank so Anne recalled her fighter remotely and boarded it. Hunter kept the tank occupied meanwhile, giving Anne enought time to get into her fighter and destroy it. She then blasted the doors leading to the compound. Worrying about Silic, Anne jumped out of her fighter and ran off into the enemy basy. Following the usual path of destruction that Silic left behind him was easy enough. There she found him, trying to stop overloading the reactor. With her help he managed to do just that, cooling it off and even repeling power-armoured enemy with just a fire-extinguisher.

Skill Areas


Anne is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armour, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Given higher education when she was still in Lorath she became well versed in most of the major nations languages. She can speak fluently and without accent in Lorath, Nepleslian, Yamataian, Elysian languages and can write all correctly and efficiently to write reports, fill forms, etc. She also knows a little of Abwehran, but she's still learning it from 'learn-by-yourself' textbooks her misstress got her. Anne also knows some Latin, which she learned for her medical studies.


Anne received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. She is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons she is trained in include energy pistols, knives, and power armour. Anne dislikes close combat though. She was trained it but if she can help it she would like to stay at a distance and use her pistol.

Technology Operation:

Anne is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information. That said she's also good with Yamataian networks and operating them. She keeps tabs on good programs and firewalls. Anne learned all the needed computer operations for her occupation as a flight surgeon.


Anne received basic mathematics training, including up to algebra and trigonometry. She learned all maths needed for proper computer operation and basic navigation.

Starship operation (scanners):

While still being a fighter pilot Anne was taught mainly how to operate scanners and navigate. She can work as proper scout and can work magic sometimes when scanning. She was also given pilot training and is an average fighter pilot, her manoeuvring is not perfect. She makes up for that with accuracy when she fires her on-ship weaponry. When she flies in-atmosphere she tends to be nervous though and her landings are not the softest ones.


Although not official, Anne is a doctor. She was trained and educated in the Lorath matriarchy. She learned a lot about the physiology of the Lorath. She is capable of taking care of injuries and illnesses alike. Her education was extended while in army training, she acquired the same medical training that all medics in SAoY receive for her role as flight surgeon. This extended her knowledge so she can properly treat Yamataian, neko and nepleslian patients. Officially she is just a nurse and medic, although her knowledge is good enough for her to be a full-fledged doctor.


As a proper slave Anne needed to know how to tend to her mistress. She is a pretty good dancer and knows how to play flute. She also spent many nights with her mistress so she knows well how to please another person.

Awards and Citations

  • Wooden jewelry box with red velvet interior (for medals)
Rank Pin Date Recieved Reason
Santô Hei 2XF Santô Hei May 11th, YE 33 Starting Rank
Nitô Hei 2XF Nitô Hei September 12th, YE 33 Promoted for service in The Battle of North Gate YE33.
Jôtô Hei 2XF Jôtô Hei December 30th, YE 33 Promoted for service in The Battle of Yamatai YE33.
Award Pin Date Received Reason
Service Award Service Award Septembet 12, YE 33 Completing a mission - Battle of North Gate.
Combat Award Combat Award Seprember 12, YE 33 Combating the Enemy - Battle of North Gate
Star Army War Medal War Medal September 12, YE 33 Combating the enemy - Battle of North Gate
Service Award, 1st Device Service Award December 30, YE 33 Completing a mission - Batte of Yamatai
Combat Award, 1st Device Combat Award December 29, YE 33 Combating the Enemy - Battle of Yamatai
Star Army War Medal, 1st Device War Medal December 29, YE 33 Battle of Yamatai




Pistol Belt

Personal items

  • 1 Lorath flute
  • 1 Wooden flute case.
  • 1 Scarf, green
  • 1 Slim headband, green
  • 1 Leather collar, green
  • 1 Leather jacket, black
  • 1 Jeans, blue
  • 2 Yuuko's Undies Mesh panties - black, low-cut somewhat see-through, stretchy
  • 1 Yuuko's Undies Thong - black, stretchy
  • 2 Yuuko's Undies Bra - front release, black, lace
  • 2 Yuuko's Undies Stocking - Thigh-high, black, stretchy
  • 1 Yuuko's Undies Fancy Stocking - Thigh-high, black, laced, stretchy


Anne is currently a Santo Hei in the SAoY.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2655 KS 345 Bought clothing

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