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Antibody Scarlet One-One 11-2189-8731

Antibody Scarlet One-One 11-2189-8731
Species: Freespacer Type Two
Gender: Female
Age: 9 (Appears 21)
Zodiac Sign: Pancreas
Height: 5“9ft
Weight: 189lbs (Including cybernetics)
Bra Size: A
Occupation: Marine / Space Crusader
Organisations: The Free State, Star Army of Neplesia
Current Placement: NSS Ichaival
Theme Song: The Girl/Boy Song by Aphex Twin

Antibody Scarlet One-One 11-2189-8731 in Roleplay

Antibody Scarlet One-One 11-2189-8731 is a damn fine player character used by Regantor. Now adopted by Ethereal.

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Colour: Skinny like a rake, alrough all the meat on Scarlet’s body is seemingly pure muscle. This drastically reduces her breast size and hip width, but her shoulders are still low enough that she isn’t in danger of appearing masculine, either. Both legs, her right arm and most of spine have been replaced by rather square-ish black bionics, but only her hand and her legs from the shin down are actually visible for most of the time since her voidsuit tends to cover all of it up. Skin colour is a pretty pale yellow-whitish, sparsely decorated with little red diamond shapes and zigzag formations made up of diatoms.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Large, slightly downward slanted eyes with a pointy nose and wide (frequently grinning) mouth. The only diatoms on her face are pointed shapes arcing diagonally downwards from the bottom of her eyes. Her irises are coloured in an almost golden, light amber tone.

Hair Colour and Style: Very long and jet black in coloration, frequently covering her face completely when it gets out of control. Most of the time it does not have a style to it and it simply hangs straight down to her chest, but she does own some small bronze clips to keep it out of the way during combat or when Nepleslian military dress code calls for it.

Distinguishing Features: Like a typical Type Two, Scarlet spends every opportunity dressed in her dark grey voidsuit, alrough it is a slightly more utilised pattern with a considerably increased amount of straps and pockets layered all over the front of the chest and waist. The chest itself has an extra armour plate, and all of the vital systems have been moved to a cumbersome box on the back of the waist (alrough not including a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator, which as Type Threes is grafted directly onto her chest instead.) The arms and upper legs are still quite loose fitting, but the chest has been modified to become a lot more tight than usual.

Inside a Nepleslian marine uniform she physically writhes in discomfort, and has to wear extra large pants just for it to fit over her chunky cyborg legs.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: A feisty, compulsive airhead who is motivated by a bizarre ideal of universal karma, Scarlet believes that all wrong doings will be made right in the end, and people are only tools of which this will come into practice with. Particularly she sees herself as little more than an object of murder, and welcomes death with open arms on a daily basis.

Her attitude around others is often wild and bipolar, deploying excessive violence against small injustices and then forgetting about it only moments latter. It’s for this reason she makes friends with incredible ease; Regardless of what other people think about her, Scarlet’s self worth is so low that she can idolise others on the smallest actions and become incredibly loyal in a very short space of time.

Typical Freespacer hyperactivity is personified in her, as she is often smiling for no reason, cracking bizarre non sequitur jokes, narrating the situation and spreading “positive rumours” about her current idol, of course made up on the spot. In her mind she’s a voicebox to the universe just as her body is a tool belonging to it.

Absolutely selfless on the field of battle, Scarlet is perfectly willing to sacrifice herself to some grand unknowable cause that she herself admits is beyond her understanding. Following her combat instincts to the letter has her resorting to bizarre, reckless tactics that often do a great deal of damage to the enemy but leave her own equipment (and frequently her own body) in a smouldering ruin by the time she’s finished with it. Scarlet would take on a dark demon with her teeth if she had to, and would openly state it as a fair fight to boot.

To her the universe is always fair in the end, and every punch thrown is a punch she deserves back herself.

Likes: Interesting people, friendly punch-ups, daydreaming, and not having to think too hard. Dislikes: Talking about her past, getting reprimanded for destroying equipment, anybody who openly supports slavery, war or corruption. Goals: To personally hunt down and kill all the evil in the universe.



Created on the Mothership “Solid White”, within a small sized Freespacer fleet known for it’s intense and direct methods for dealing with crime and space piracy. Namely, training half their type twos as soldiers and giving their enemies an offer for “re-education” in return for their lives. Often they would take useful genetic strains from the soldiers of their defeated foes, of which Scarlet One-One herself is somewhat a product of.

The name “Scarlet” was given to her because of her particular love of the colour, leading a lot of her early comrades to joke that she got a little to much “psychopath genes” in the mix. This only made Scarlet try harder to prove herself as a valuable team member, and despite the fact that her duties included little more than acting as a security guard, she made it her personal mission to become a zealous model of everything the Solid White sought to create.

On one particular day, a Type Two automata suffering from manic depression set about blowing up clone tanks with mining explosives, within which Scarlet saw her chance to shine and charged right in guns blazing. The encounter absolutely shattered her body, but persistent as ever, she won out in the end and destroyed the Automata with a last desperate grenade launcher shot… which also annihilated a full quarter of the remaining clone tanks in the process.

This left the involved Type Threes with a moral dilemma. Do they send her to the grinder for her actions and waste a promising soldier, or patch her up and risk more haywire behaviour and collateral damage? Eventually they simply patched her up as thanks and then permanently exiled her from the fleet as penance.

It was a terrible shock at first, but Scarlet soon accepted the punishment like a treasured medal. It was in the following weeks of travelling blindly that she mentally constructed the idea of universal karma, of which she sticks by today.

She would go out into the universe and seek out the bad karma that belonged to her, taking everything upon herself until her very existence was rectified and the strange new peoples she contacted saw the light from her effort.

Literally at random she chose the Nepleslians as the first army for her to join, and after training ended up at the Cirrus Station. The first stop on her journey of universal purification, or early grave at the hands of uncultured Nepleslian brutes?



Scarlet downloaded the ability to speak, write and understand Nepleslian through her mindware, and has been trained to effectively use most basic radio systems with a reasonable peppering of procedure. This includes using both handheld systems and the more powerful models inside ships, ground vehicles, shuttles and power armour, alrough she tends to use them as if she’s in combat all the time and turns the speakers up to full blast. Hand signals and general field communications are another thing she shouldn’t use on a regular basis, but still does.


Since it is something that Scarlet labels as her calling in life, it’s understandable that she is confident with the myriad heap of weapons like handguns, rifles, grenades, knifes and chainsaw nunchucks that she expects to require at any moment. Adding this with her mechanical components and SaoN training, she is a particularly fast and strong opponent in hand-to-hand combat, despite lop-sided body weight and increasingly bizarre experimentation when it comes to using specific moves. Scarlet has also been trained to use land-based power armours, alrough she is still a little jagged in her movements and outright defiant of the AI’s control protocols.


Scarlet still isn’t used to the world outside the Freespacer ideology, and thus constantly takes advantage of her hunting, foraging and shelter building training… including inside foreign spacecraft. At least she gets plenty of practice, I guess.

Strategy (Tactics/discipline)

Trained in basic math, using tactical maps and recognising possible ambush points, Scarlet sticks to orders religiously and can recognise the importance of individual Nepleslian soldiers just by what kinds of funny little pins and hats they wear. She can give out commands a bit too literally (“Shoot the red guys with bullets from your guns!”), but for all her strange behaviour, is an absolutely loyal teammate to the core.


Scarlet acknowledges the cybernetic implant in her brain as if it was a separate being, often outwardly announcing “Hold on, let me consult the Mindware…” as if it was like a ghostly priest or spirit guide. Partially it’s because she doesn’t like taking credit for it, and she tends to use the abilities of exchanging, uploading and downloading information reluctantly.

Starship Operations

Having grew up on a combat-orientated spaceship Scarlet is quite well versed in all the major functions, conventional system layouts and control methods for most modern starships. Only problem is, she flies like she’s in a firefight all the time! Ask her to plot you a course to the nearest empty docking port and she’ll have you performing a sideways drift in-between two parked cruisers at maximum acceleration. “That’s what the hulls for!”

Maintenance and Repair

Alrough not particularly involved with the cult of Mecha-Druidism, Scarlet has a considerable level of skill in working with machines because of her experience with the bizarre and counter-intuitive nature of Freespacer technology alone. It’s a rule of thumb, however, that she tends to max-out the performance on anything she touches (from a SMG to a pneumatic door) to the point where it’s extremely difficult to use for an ordinary person.



Dark grey custom Voidsuit. (Solid White standard issue. Includes removable helmet, sleeves, gloves, webbing and life support pack. Freespace insignia on left shoulder, number 11 on chestplate right side.)


2 Pullover shirts, green, with rank patches on shoulder pads and name plate. 4 T-Shirts, white. 4 underwear, white. 2 Khaki cargo pants (XXL to fit her bulky leg parts inside) 1 Beret, green, with flash patch. 1 Belt, dark brown. 1 Pistol belt, brown, with HHG holster.


2 Tank tops, green, with fleet number on the right chest. 2 Pairs of retrofitted pajama shorts, khaki.


2 Short-sleeved mocks with fleet number on the right chest, Green. 2 Modified work-out shorts, khaki. 1 One-piece bathing suit, green, fleet number on right breast.


1 Revolver, HHG ‘High Hybrid Gun’, with 2 extra HJP magazines


1 pair identification tags, metal, with name, model number and mothership. 1 Canteen, 1 quart. 1 AwesomeCorp DataJockey/beer mat. 1 Wallet with the Marine Corps Insignia plated on it.


Antibody Scarlet One-One 11-2189-8731 is currently in involvement with the Star Military of Neplesia. She receives a weekly salary of 50 DA per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds


Yes, that’s a Freespacer “Finagle's Revenge” Recoilless Rifle in the profile image. No, she doesn’t actually have one at the moment. Watcha gon' do bout it? *^*

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