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Species: Yorna Android with Savtech JANE unit
Gender: Female
Age: 1 Year
Height: 5'0“ (152.4 cm.)
Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg.)
Organization Independent
Occupation Domestic Android

Anya in Role Play

A NPC controlled by Matthew.

Current Events

Anya is currently traveling to New Nepleslia.

Physical Characteristics

While Yorna Androids are customizable by their owners, Anya still has the drivers and settings her previous owner had set up. Because of this, Anya has a small, lithe figure with baby-soft, rosy skin. Her heart-shaped face is framed by straight, chin-length, chocolate-brown hair with bangs cut just above her thin, light eyebrows with a slight arch. A pair of small, round eyes of emerald green seem to stand out the most as they seem to shine with a compassionate light. Anya's face is also decorated with a cute, button nose just above full, pouting lips of pink and an light array of freckles along the tops of her cheeks and the bridge of her nose.

With the resting of her personality, Anya now prefers conservative clothing in the form of loose dresses that reach down to mid-calf and loose, long-sleeved shirts which allow the Android to cover any damage she had on her body and allow Nano-Repairs systems to operate undercover. When not damaged, she may wear trousers and blouses of earthen colors or even knee-length sundresses when she is allowed to go out. Of course, she is always open to suggestions for new styles, but she would be hesitant to wear anything too revealing.


  • Height: 5'0” (152.4 cm.)
  • Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg.)
  • Measurements: 36-18-34 (91-46-86)
    • Bra Cup: B

Psychological Characteristics


After lying in the vacuum of space for weeks, Anya's former personality has ceased to exist. Due to long-term exposure to solar radiation and a lack of glucose for her JANE unit, her personality has reset back to its original personality of a reserved and modest individual. Not knowing who she was before her “subsequent spacing”, Anya is soft-spoken to everyone and curious about her surroundings. Her “previous life” is not important because it no longer matters. Only her present situation and her “new masters” matter to her.

Aside from that, Anya is a very compassionate individual who seems more interested in taking care of others than anything else. Maybe that is a part of her programming or maybe it is some portion of her former personality that has somehow miraculously survived. Either way, Anya is what you may consider the stereotypical house wife at this point. Though it is entirely possible she could develop a new personality over time, since her JANE unit allows her to be in “Free State” all the time.



  • Hasn't developed any likes.


  • Showing any damage she may have.


  • Has none.


Summarized Events

Pre-Role Play

Anya began a full year ago in the service of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia as a Savtech JANE unit for a Sub-Lieutenant turned Lieutenant JG Matthew Lionheart. Used in his duties as Computer Specialist, Anya began to develop a bond with the reclusive Officer almost immediately. Everywhere Matthew went, he would take the JANE unit with him. It didn't come as a surprise to his crew mates and quite a few jokes were made at his expense because of it. After all, what was not to laugh about a Computer Specialist getting close with a computer?

About six months since she began working with Matthew, the Nepleslian Officer purchased a Yorna Android body for her. Of course, it would only be for R&R uses considering Anya was still a part of the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. However, that didn't matter to the developing couple. Anya was getting quite close to developing independence for herself. Of course, it wouldn't happen the way she had planned. While assigned to the Southern territory of Nepleslia, Matthew's ship would come under attack by the NMX and destroyed. While Anya had been in her body at the time, she was still propelled out into the vacuum of space. She is still there even now, floating out among the wreckage and debris.

Enkidu 1st Run

After being floating around for an unknown period of time, Anya was accidentally salvaged by a small girl in a derelict freighter. It would only take a few hours before said derelict had been boarded by salvagers from the ISC Enkidu. Both Anya and the girl were taken aboard the ship where even more salvage was garnered, included the corpse of one Matthew Lionheart. Of course, the body of the former Lieutenant wasn't important, but the brain spider in his skull was. Once extracted and the ISC Enkidu returned to Nepleslian Space, Anya began to search for someone her Master trusted: one Fian Vel Steyr.



Fluent in Nepleslian, Yamataian, and Elysian, Anya is perfectly capable of acting as a translator or a secretary. She can type up reports and letters in standard formats and even operate civilian communication systems. NAM has also programmed her to be use innuendos with her owners/partners as part of the standard package.


As part of the standard Yorna package, Anya is adept at general cooking. This usually means she is good at cooking Nepleslian cuisine considering who programmed her.


Much like her culinary skills, Anya has been programmed with the ability to clean and tidy a variety of environments and clothing the average Nepleslian can be found working and living.


Like all Nepleslian products, it always comes back to the more “interesting” things of life. Anya, like all Yorna Androids, is programmed with plenty of skills to keep the average Nepleslian entertained. This ranges from dancing and playing musical instruments to a variety of games and bedtime fun.


It can't be Nepleslian if it doesn't involve guns in some way. In Anya's case, she has been programmed to be able to use small arms in the defense of her owner/partner. She is also adept at evasion tactics.


Being an Android, Anya has a vast array of general knowledge stored into her memory unit as well as some First Aid Knowledge to aid her owner.

Maintenance and Repair

Much like other Yorna, Anya has the ability to repair common devices such as: household appliances and personal computer systems. She also has the data and skill necessary to repair herself and others of her model if needed.

Currently Training

  • N/A


  • N/A


  • N/A


  • The Yorna Android has a set of skills already programmed into it initially, so I decided to use those and have her learn more later. I am confused about having First Aid in the Knowledge skill set though since it is normally in the Medicine skill set.

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