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Aoki Orie

Aoki Orie
Species: NH-29
Gender: Female
Age: Recently created.
Zodiac Sign: ???
Height: 4'10“ / 1.48m
Weight: 100 lbs. / 45.36 kg
Organization Star Army of Yamatai
Rank Ittô Hei
Occupation Technical Sentry
Current Placement Pisces Station

Physical Characteristics

Height: 4' 10” Mass: 100 lbs. Measurements: 30A/23/33 Bra Size: 30A

Build and Skin Colour: Petite in all things, Orie could easily pass for a Geshrin or Nepleslian child if not for her ears… a fact that she often revels in, since her small size makes her adept at getting into all of the nooks and crannies in engineering decks. Her skin naturally has a tan tone.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Orie's face carries the Asian features common to most nekos. Her high cheekbones and thin eyebrows give her an almost elfin appearance.

Hair Color and Style: She has shoulder-length dark green hair, very slightly curly and frizzy enough that it tends to defy all attempts at combing it. There is almost always a handful of strands dangling in her face, despite her best attempts to the contrary.

Distinguishing Features: She almost always has at least one 'tattoo' of some sorts, thanks to her holographic projection system… and she usually has several of them. They range from simple words to full-body panoramas, depending on her mood, and she usually changes her line-up daily.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Earnestly hard-working, thoroughly respectful of her superiors, loyal, and creative, anybody who only briefly met Orie could come away with the impression that she is a perfect worker. To her detriment, though, she's guileless, trusting to a fault, easily distracted, has a tendency to wild flights of imagination, and is prone to giving people the feeling that she's a bit slow. In all actuality, she's quite intelligent, especially when it comes to mechanical problems… but between her mind wandering off and things distracting her, even a simple task can take her an hour on a bad day. It doesn't help that her body and mouth tend to get ahead of her mind, especially when she's in a hurry. She also seems to have no concept that something can be inappropriate or odd to talk about, so she has no compunctions about asking her companions personal questions or telling them about her latest fantasy. Fortunately, she's recently found an outlet for her imagination through art, both in her tattoos and paintings.

Likes: Painting, puns, working with her hands, good listeners, her tools, being short, inventing (or, at least, trying to). Dislikes: Chewy food, being teased, her hair, fighting. Goals: To become a famous painter. Or a famous inventor. Or a famous tattoo artist. She really isn't picky.


As a recently-born neko, Orie has little history to speak of other than her basic training. She was, at one point, assessed to see if her odd behavior was the result of psychological issues. Nothing came of this, other than the psychologist's assertion that Orie was fine, if slightly eccentric.


Fighting: Orie is fully trained in armed and unarmed combat in and out of power armors. Due to her technical sentry training, her specialties lie in close-quarters fighting, incapacitating techniques, and ambushes.

Communication: Orie is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She's fluent in English and Japanese, and can communicate through encrypted telepathy. She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.

Technology Operation: Orie is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.

Mathematics: She received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry.

Maintenance and Repair: Orie has a natural knack for repairing most simple items, and she's trained in repair of all common Yamataian starship systems. She isn't a prodigy by any means, but she's competent enough to pull her own weight.

Art and Vocations (painting, tattoo design): What she lacks in formal training in the arts, she more than makes up for with imagination and determination. Her paintings tend to be a bit crude and cartoonish, in accordance with her lack of technical skill.

Engineering: Her knowledge of how to fix things is just as easily applied to making new ones. Most of her ideas for things she'd like to build are either bizarre, unnecessary, or both. Fortunately, she has yet to ever get together the parts to build one of her ideas.


Inventory Uniforms:

  • 2 Star Army bodysuit uniforms
  • 2 stretch bodysuits, blue, green paneled
  • 2 mesh undershirts, light blue translucent with “Hinomaru” patch on right arm, fleet patch on left arm
  • 2 pair mesh stockings, light blue translucent
  • 1 pair leather gloves, dark gray
  • 1 pair leather boots, dark gray
  • 1 pistol belt, leather, dark gray, with holster for Type 28 NSP

Weather Uniform

  • 1 black tricorner hat, thick felt with red border
  • 1 black overcoat, thigh length

Uniform accessories

  • 1 Rank Pin, Santô Hei

Civilian and workout clothing

  • 1 yukata (cotton robe), white, with Star Army of Yamatai Hinomaru logo print
  • 1 black sash for yukata
  • 2 black bikini swimsuit bottom with Star Army of Yamatai logo on left leg
  • 2 black T-shirts with pocket on left breast
  • 1 pair black sandals


  • 4 black panty
  • 6 black sport bras (double as swimsuit top)
  • 4 pair of black boot socks

Items: Weaponry and Tools:

  • Survival knife, solid diamond with rubberized grip and lanyard with black leather sheath with loop and clips for belt attachment
  • Wooden Medal Case, velvet interior, engraved with Star Army logo on top
    • Currently no medals

Personal Belongings

  • One lightweight collapsible easel and assorted paints and paintbrushes.
  • A small portable tool kit.

Personal Hygiene:

  • 1 Bottle of shampoo
  • 1 Bottle liquid body soap
  • 1 Toothbrush and tube of toothpaste
  • 2 washcloths, white
  • 2 towels, white


Medal Name Reason Awarded
Service Award For serving on the YSS Celia


Transaction Change End Balance
Enlistment Bonus +3000 KS 3000 KS
Easel and Supplies -100 KS 2900 KS
Tool Kit -150 KS 2750 KS
Ittô Hei pay begins here
Pay for Jan. 10 - Jan. 17 +50 KS 2800 KS
Pay for Jan. 17 - Jan. 24 +50 KS 2850 KS
Pay for Jan. 24 - Jan. 31 +50 KS 2900 KS
Pay for Jan. 31 - Feb. 7 +50 KS 2950 KS
Pay for Feb. 7 - Feb. 14 +50 KS 3000 KS
Pay for Feb. 14 - Feb. 21 +50 KS 3050 KS
Pay for Feb. 21 - Feb. 28 +50 KS 3100 KS
Pay for Feb. 28 - Mar. 6 +50 KS 3150 KS
Pay for Mar. 6 - Mar. 13 +50 KS 3200 KS
Pay for Mar. 13 - Mar. 20 +50 KS 3250 KS

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