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Apesael Emrys

The estranged son of Seru Emrys, and one of the few powerful telepaths remaining. He serves with NovaCorp, normally accompanying tanjo and Ephesus. In this he has been taken from the Kohana Cloud, onto the YSS Destiny, through its mutiny and aftermath and has now been taken down to the surface of Nepleslia where he spends his time trying to help people as much as he can - without assistance from his family. He is also Zakalwe's first and longest running PC, although one of the least used.

Apesael Emrys
Species: Modified Geshrin
Gender: Male
Age: 22 years
Height: 6'5“ (235 cm)
Weight: 210 lbs (95.3 kg)
Organization NovaCorp
Occupation Personal Assistant
Current Placement Personal Assisant to Tanjo Shen


Build and Skin Color:

Apesael's body was designed towards physical fitness, and then augmented with his physical training and intense martial arts education. This has resulted in a very well built body, sporting the musculature of a gymnast and a martial artist rather than that of a professional body builder, accenting grace as well as strength. However his build is still sufficient to be intimidating, and does not reflect his true, genetically modified, strength. His skin colour is primarily that of a Nordic European but with an element of Chinese to create an interesting combination, although it does look good on him. After all if he wasn't handsome then his father wouldn't have paid for the body.

Facial Features and Eye Color:

While his face is strong, handsome and well chiseled - indeed it was designed to be hard and charismatic - it is softened by Apesaels natural kidness which displays itself in a softness around the eyes. These eyes are however very distinctive - they are somewhat larger than usual, dark cobalt blue not only in the iris but throughout, with no whites what so ever.

Hair color and Style:

Apesael allows his glossy raven black hair to stand naturally, although keeps it short, with only a small fringe.

Distinguishing Features:

Natural tattoos depicting his family's house symbol (in Kanji) on the back of both hands and on his lower back. His eyes are, of course, rather distinctive - it is impossible to tell what way he's looking and some people find the effect rather disturbing.


Apesael it typically a rather quiet person, taken considerable interest in the opinions of others and the diversity of personalities he encounters. While he can be talkative he simply finds other people interesting. He tries his hardest to remain unprejudiced before getting to know people - not allowing race, sex or so forth colouring his vision. This extends to his wish to help other people - but while he is almost always friendly he almost never exposes himself to the risk which is actually having a friend. He always somewhat detached. Despite his physical size and martial prowess (or perhaps because of it) he is rather hard to enrage, but by the same merit once enraged his anger he goes somewhat sociopahtic. Thanks to his father he has a highly developed sense of honour and respect for authority, it largely not occuring to him to question a superiors orders let alone disobey them, and remaining polite at all times.

There is a certain negative side to Apesael however, stemming from being raised by a very wealthy family. This is that he believes people of lower social classes to somehow be less capable. This doesn't usually come out, but certainly on a moral and spiritual sense he considers himself and his ilk to be superior.


Reading, learning, individual achievement, verbal argument, martial or psychic training.


Disrespect to his friends or superior, bullying, blatant stupidity, insolence and obnoxious people.


To make it on his own, without aid from his parents, to reach his full potential. To make a difference, somehow.


Apesael’s parents where sterile in such a way that they could not be helped by medical science, partially due to the complexity of the case - and partially because of Seru (his father) having complex requirements. The honour system of their house forbade them to adopt so instead the father used his wealth and influence to convince PNUgen Corporation to create for them a son that was a fusion of both the mother and fathers genes, just like a son would be. However Seru also wanted to get his moneys worth, and from this point had an interest in genetic modification, and so made sure that the boy had the best possible traits in his eyes and was also genetically engineered to be stronger and tougher than a normal human, have telepathic abilities, and the house markings on his hands. The Blue eyes where a side effect of the pigmentation altering.

Apesael was raised as their son, and he had all the trappings of wealth, fast cars, private education money to spend on whatever he liked, but he grew bored. He wanted to make something of his own life. And so he decided to leave his parents for a time, and their money, and strike out on his own. He joined NovaCorp because he wanted to be somewhere where his fathers name didn’t mean anything. Training at NovaCorp for a few months, he excelled at martial combat especially martial arts (he has a natural tendency for it both mentally and physically), and refined his telepathy.

After a brief period of training he was assigned to Tanjo Shen in control of the NovaCorp personnel on the Destiny. Despite early success in this he was interrupted by having his mind completely rearranged by a hired psychic. He endured the great riot in something of a daze and was vital in maintaining some sense of order after nothing but Nepleslian colonists and NovaCorp personnel were left on the Destiny. When Ephesus, Tanjo and Harold (mayor of the city) went down to Nepleslia in order to discuss the future with their president Aripael went too - and finding Ephesus retreating into a technological fortress and Tanjo left with almost nothing to do save drink and wait, Aripael decided to help people as well as he could. For the last few month he has been wondering Nepleslia using his wages to help people as well as using his gifts as well as he can, while continuing his education.



He began by playing his silver flute competantly, but after two years of training he is approaching the level of virtuoso, capable of playing most music devised, improvising and composing. He is soon aproaching the level of a virtuoso.

Fighting and physical:

Apesael is becoming a master of martial arts, specialising in the art of defence - counter attacks and dodging. Due to his genetically enhanced heritage he is faster, stronger and tougher than someone would expect from his build and training. He is trained in most melee weapons and normally carries a tanto within a hidden compartment on the inside of his sleeve. He specialises in the form of a perfect iron bo with an iridium core - which a normal human could not efficiently wield. He is furthermore competant, although not really adept, with most NovaCorp weaponary, and retains some ability in using power armours. Within a fight he maintains his cool, and adopts a completely cold façade. He also heals somewhat (but not particularly significantly) faster than a normal human.


Familar with basic radio operation and procedures, capable of making transmissions to and receieve transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships and shuttle in combat conditions, although is not amazing while underfire. Apesael speaks writes perfect English, Japanese (thanks to his fathers buisness relations and his own research) and rudimentry Chinese.

Apesael has telepathy due to his genetic engineered nature, indeed being one of the few remaining with powerful telepathic abilities. He has the basic ability to read peoples thoughts and communicate telepathically over a range of several hundred miles. He has been slowly refining his ability over the last year or so, after having his mind completely rewired to internal to external telepathy. His telepathic power is sufficient to create complex and compeltely convincing illusions encompasing all the senses into the minds of numerous people. In addition to this he can create an enormous telepathic screaming which can seriously disrupt the minds of those around them (much as a screaming toddler does).


He received advanced mathematics training at his school, including algebra and trigonometry. He knows the rudiments of dimensional theory and quantum physics.


Apesael is actually a surprisingly good pilot, his father often let him take out one of his ships, and he knows how to drive most types of civilian ships, cars and terrain vehicles. Recently he has run simulations using the basic operating systems of military vessels from most of the major races - when information was available.

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