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Arabella Skarsgard

Arabella Skarsgard is a player character played by Arbitrated.

Arabella Skarsgard
Species & Gender: Caelisolan Female
Date of Birth: YE 19
Organization: Origin Industries
Occupation: Mecha Pilot/Tactician, Quartermaster
Rank: Ensign
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Oif Karakoram

Physical Description

For a Caelisolan, Arabella is slightly on the small size, her height totaling up to 181cm (Approximately 5'11“). Her straight, red hair is typically cut semi-long, typically ending just below her bust. Her eyes are both an impressively sapphire-colored blue. Arabella's smallish, finch-like wings sport a well-maintained array of brown and tan feathers. Moving down her body, the young woman has an impressive bust and a generally pleasing figure, with her BWH measurements being noted as 35DD, 26, 34. She is left-hand dominant, meaning she usually holds things in her left hand.


Though many of Arabella's coworkers often fawn over her body, the elysian woman rarely acts flirtatiously in any way - she's generally more concerned with simply getting through the day. Arabella typically responds to things coolly and levelly; she doesn't seem to recognize or react to subtle flirting at all when it is directed to her. When she speaks, Miss Skarsgard's voice is rather on the monotone side. Combined, these traits make her a relatively easy to forget person when she's not in sight.

Though she often can work effectively with other people, Arabella does in fact prefer the presence of machines and checklists. She's a bit of an oddball, in this regard - she often works the night shift for her assignments, which in most cases is a difficult shift to cover for any company. This does, however, mean that Arabella tends to be tired if she stays awake at what she calls “normal people time”.


Arabella Skarsgard was born in YE 19 in a small Elysian city on Elysia Novus. She was too young to have any real memories of the Fourth Elysian War. Some time between YE 27 and YE 29, the Skarsgard family moved to Planet Yamatai; the Second Mishhuvurthyar War started when Arabella was approximately ten; her father had joined the SAoY shortly after the move, and was determined to be as Missing In Action during the pivotal Battle of Yamatai. Raised by her mother, Samantha, alone, Arabella was taught to not be a hero and to eliminate risks whenever she could.

…Well, she was raised like that by her mother for about three years. In late YE 37, the Soul Savior Pod of her father's gunship was successfully retrieved from a camp of scavengers who had preyed on the confusion during the Battle of Yamatai to steal what they could; the data inside the SSP was still intact and almost all of the ship's crew - Michael Skarsgard included - was successfully resurrected thanks to Yamatai's Soul Transfer technology. An incredibly emotional reunion followed his return.

As she grew up some more, Arabella started to take a part-time job at a convenience store within walking distance of her home, often working on the night shift to prepare the store for its busy daytime hours; since there are significantly fewer customers during the night, it gave the young woman plenty of time to think as she stocked shelves, freezers, and coolers, cleaned the floor and counters, and generally brought order to everything around her.

As she became an actual woman, though, and no longer just a teenager, Miss Skarsgard searched for a more permanent form of employment, eventually ending up in the workforce of Origin Industries.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Arabella Skarsgard has the following notable skills:

  • Vehicles: Arabella was trained by Origin staff on the general operation of their various mecha. She is not an ace pilot, but her familiarity with the operation allows her to no be an active detriment to her allies and coworkers when piloting one.
  • Domestic: Because of her somewhat evershifting past, Arabella has picked up a mixture of basic skills such as being able to clean tools and structures, cook basic meals with a recipe, and doing her own laundry.
  • Communications: While Arabella's general manner of speaking can bore most living things, she has a knack of working with computers and low-intelligence robots (such as expendable combat drones).
  • Leadership/Mathematics: Arabella is not an actual leader. That being said, she is an excellent multitasker, and can observe and compare several complete sets of data at once. This often allows her to coordinate other people1) reliably. Additionally, this skill of hers makes her an efficient and potent quartermaster, keeping track of the supplies of wherever she is stationed.
  • Physical: All things considered, Arabella is slightly stronger than her physical appearance would make other people believe. Unlike many Caelisolans, she is unable to fly - but she can glide in ideal conditions.

Social Connections

Arabella Skarsgard is connected to:

  • Michael Skarsgard (Male Caelisolan, previously Plebian, actively serving in the Star Army.)
  • Samantha Skarsgard (Female Minkan, previously Geshrin. Civilian.)
  • Various Origin workers: Admirers.

Inventory & Finance

Arabella Skarsgard has a couple suitcases of clothing, a duffel bag of miscellaneous non-perishable foodstuffs, and a personal laptop.

She was given the Origin Standard-Issue items when hired; she keeps her energy pistol well-maintained, but rarely used.

Arabella Skarsgard currently has 4500 KS, much of which has been earned through working.

Arabella has a lightly customized mecha, provided by Origin.

OOC Information

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