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Arah Tenner

General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Geshrin Height: 5'6โ€œ
Gender: Female Weight: 128
Age: Born YE 01 Measurements: 32-29-31
Employer: Origin Industries Bra Size: 32B
Rank: Commander Hair: Brown
Current Assignment: OIF Reaper

Arah is an NPC played by Kai

Physical Characteristics

Description:Arah is slightly tall, and somewhat thin, but really, her figure is very average overall. Her face has very pointed features, but she often looks very bored. Her lethargic actions belie her level of activity, and her figure does not seem to agree with what most people see of her actions. Hair Color and Style: Arah has brown hair, just past her shoulders. It is sometimes put up in a ponytail, sometimes down, sometimes not at all. Arah likes to wear hats, whenever she can. Distinguishing Features: Bored demeanor.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Arah is the calmest, most laid back person in the universe. She constantly seems bored, and will often sit around lazily doing nothing, or so it would seem. She spends most of her time mentally calculating things, running through scenarios, and generally thinking about how to do her job in the most efficient way possible. When she does get up, she is very slow and takes her time to do anything. Despite this, she is an avid runner, and enjoys working out, though no one has ever observed this behavior. Likes: Her ship, excercising, mental activity. Dislikes: busywork, impatience, and those who don't take care of themselves. Goals: Arah wishes to some day be at the helm of a large fleet, and become a war hero of some kind, but she lacks the drive to join the military.


Arah Tenner grew up on Delsauria living in a monastary of some sort, where her only fun was plotting out the maze of sewers beneath the compound. She spent much of her free time pondering the outside world, until, at age 12, she was sent to Yamatai for schooling. Enrolling in a starship operations school, she quickly showed great talent in every area needed to be a starship operator, but never showed any sort of drive, and never applied to military school. After recieving her commercial starship license, she flew cargo around the galaxy for 8 years until one Aerin Tatst came accross her, offering her a better job at a new company, which she took.

Arah's first command was the OIF Atuan, which was heavily damaged during an altercation with Pirates in Halna. After limping home, Arah was given command of a new vessel, the Serendipity-class destroyer known as the OIF Atuan II. During an assignment where she was transporting and supporting Origin's powered armor frame test team to Morant, the Atuan II came under heavy attack. After retrieving the Frame team, the Atuan II set on a return course to Dawn Station, but was forced back to Morant where it took place in an altercation with Murakami Kensuke. After the Altercation, Arah was able to bring the crippled ship back to Dawn station, where it sat derelict for nearly two years. During this time, Arah was given a promotion and assigned to the OIF Rammagain, where she served in OriSec's Nepleslian shipping lane escort fleet.

After taking part in several defense actions against Pirate raids, where the Pirates were notable for heavy use of Mecha, Arah was called back to captain a newly repaired and refit Atuan II, which had been re-christened the OIF Atuan III, with the task of hunting down and destroying these Pirates. Unfortunately, the pirates had wizened up and moved on, and with the end of the Mishhuvurthyar war, could no longer operate as freely. with no leads on the Pirates, the Atuan III was forced to return, and the program closed.

Arah remained with Origin, herself and her ship's AI, Ged, transferring from ship to ship on different duties, before finally being set up in the OIF Reaper, making use of their unique skills as a ship commander (and her trusty AI) to perform these more unique and difficult jobs.

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