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Aran'ya "Widow" Lycosa Lmanel

Aran'ya “Widow” Lycosa Lmanel is a player character played by paladinrpg, and is currently involved in the LSDF Dissidents plot.

Aran'ya “Widow” Lycosa Lmanel
Species: Lorath, Lmanel
Gender: Female
Age: 55
Organization: Lorath Self Defense Force
Occupation (civilian): Biochemist / Xenobiologist for Ironhart Research
Occupation (LSDF): Combat Medic
Rank (LSDF): Trooper
Current Placement: LSDF Dissidents

Theme Song: Undertale: Spider Dance - Metal Cover by RichaadEB Dark Romance:Vanessa Mae - Night Flight

Physical Description

  • Height: 6'
  • Mass: 170 lbs
  • Measurements: 34C-28-41

Build and Skin Color: Aran'ya's build is roughly average for a Lmanel, however she tends towards the lanky side with a majority of her height in her long slender legs and arms as well. Her hips and butt stand out as a little bit more plump than expected, however. Her skin is a relatively pale ivory tone, quite common for the race.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her hazel eyes seem to have an unstable coloration, as if they are shifting subtly depending on the angle you look at them. They are set in a heart shaped face with a certain somber quality to it.

Ears: Like all Lmanel she has elongated ears that sweep backwards and have three small points at the tips.

Hair Color and Style: Her naturally somewhat-spikey alabaster hair is usually left undyed, except for special occasions where she will add some green highlights to the tips. During her military days she often kept it very short on the sides, since if it grew out too much it can become quite unruly and difficult to work with – unless she is doing it on purpose to 'weaponize' her hair, of course. More recently as a freelancer, she has taken to wearing it shoulder length.

Distinguishing Features: Aran'ya is a little hairier on her arms and legs than the usual Lorath, in part due to her animal bond. Faint green rings are present around her neck, though she often blends them in with jade colored chokers or necklaces so they are not too obvious. Her vestigal black wings seem a bit more furry than feathery to the touch and are usually held to her back tightly and protectively, having more in common with the elytra of insects. Those with sensitive noses can also detect a natural pheromone she faintly exudes that could be described as 'tropical' in scent.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: As as Medic by profession in the LSDF, Aran'ya is expected to be ready at a moment's notice to aid others on her team, and she takes this job seriously. Her relatively calm and focused manner in her duties is a good quality to have, though those that have more frequent and closer encounters with her can see there is a deeper wound lurking under that surface. Her sometimes pessimistic or sarcastic tone is a sort of defense mechanism to keep others at an arm's length, out of the fear of getting attached to someone who will just be taken away again in a twist of fate she has no control over. This leads to her taking a long time to warm up to others in general, although she is far from rude, though, and will engage in light conversation as long as it is concerning the mission and not about her in particular.

  • Likes: Studying alien lifeforms (insects and arachnids especially), researching chemicals, playing with Pico-Jelly, fermented duqla, secretly reading sappy romance novels, listening to the Lorath Godskeletons, Occestian males.
  • Dislikes: Extreme traditionalist Lorath, overly nosy people, citrus fruits (spider repellant!), cold climates, shaving her legs, the many clones of Dr. Aiesu Kalopsia (Ayetseu Karoupshea) L'manel.
  • Goals: Currently, wishes to discover new biological compounds and put them to use (Mishhuvurthyar poisons are especially interesting), as well as freelance work through Ironhart Research.



Dhes'min “Ironfoot” Lycosa Lmanel (Father) Syon'ele “Dew” Lycosa Lmanel (Mother, deceased) Tian'vir “Venom” Hesperus Occestian (Lover, deceased)


Since she was young, Aran'ya was caught between two philosophies. Her father Dhes'min was a well known Lmanel martial artist who earned his moniker hardening the fighting skills of many a LSDF academy recruit, and one day had dreams of his daughter continuing that legacy. Mother Syon'ele, however, wanted a different life for her daughter, hoping to train her in the peaceful ways of medicine and botany instead. These two titans often dueled it out in front of her verbally and otherwise which ideology would win the day.

At least they both could agree on one thing – that like them, she should follow in the way of an insect animal bonding. But which one? In this atmosphere of constant competition, pleasing both of her parents seemed like a relief. Prodded into the forests studying many different insects all day, her tired mind tended to zone out and wander as dinner cooked on the fire. Her gaze was drawn to a particular unremarkable branch that first night, upon which was ko a large fuzzy spider, as big as her head – a Tarantis to be precise. To many this would be something to run from, with poison bites and nasty pincushion hairs, but instead something different happened… a sort of deep spiritual awe overtook her mind. She stared agape for what seemed like hours (in reality just a few moments), and then flatly said to her family assembled, “This one.” And so, it was settled.

From that point on, it seemed at though the world was seen through new eyes. The spider Bonding weaved a magic through the disparate pieces and brought the conflicts together. Aran'ya became a willing pupil of “Ironfoot” at last, his Way of Nature techniques beginning to make sense when one had morphed fangs. Her mother Sony'ele's encouraging to study the sciences was now listened to with rapt attention for there was suddenly a lot to learn. Eventually, mom's dreams pulled ahead in the end it seemed when she got her daughter a first real solid job working at a biology research facility on Lor, where she was one of the main tenders of the various horticultural experiments there.

During Aran'ya's time there as an intern, she had a fateful encounter with Doctor Tian'vir Hesperus, an Occestian caste scientist studying medical and material science applications of various genus of poison spider venoms and spinnerets. To say the two were a perfect match right at the start was an understatement – she was literally exactly the partner he needed to make history. And Aran'ya could find nothing else in the world she wanted to do more. Busying herself with the care and handling of his arachnid test subjects, she could not help but start to develop a deep emotional bond to him as the days passed by…

This young love was not unrequited either. Little poems showed up in places on lab reports to edit where only she would think to look. He would often drop things to have her pick them up on purpose and touch her hand. Kisses followed, and before they knew it they became secret lovers. Although they knew it to be wrong and had to hide it from her mother who worked close by, the onrush of excitement of the soon-to-be publishing of their years of hard work overtook all sense.

But sadly, the breakthrough never made it to print. For the day before it, a Moon fell from the heavens, and crushed the old Aran'ya's life like the bug she was. Tian'vir and his dreams met an ignoble end as the facility was flattened by a chunk of celestial debris. Although she managed to survive through her regenerative abilities and perhaps luck, she was unable to resuscitate him in the end and cloning was impossible due to the level of destruction planet-wide. To make matters worse her mother Sony'ele also perished that day, being in the same building at the time, as well as her Bonded Tarantis companion animal.

Mourning her lost lover and her dearest mother, Aran'ya spent a year afterward as an inconsolable shell, cocooned away from everything that reminded her of the past. Had the Goddess herself wreaked some form of holy vengeance for her personal sins?, she thought over and over. Eventually her father brought her out of her funk, though, beating some sense into her, literally. She had a purpose, otherwise she would not be here. “One has to honor the dead,” he said, “but live for the living.” With that, she followed the one dream left from her shattered childhood, getting up the courage to finally enlist in the LSDF.

With her fighting skill and biomedical knowledge, she was able to contribute to the resettlement efforts in the Nyli system. While Aran'ya did save and rebuild many lives over the intervening years, an irreplaceable piece of her remained forever lost and buried on old Lor, though, and the rumors of her taboo-breaking relationship continued to haunt her days. But still she continues forward, with the bravery of someone who has nothing left to lose.

RP Appearances

LSDF Akahar

Chapter 3: To Tear Free

Post-Akahar Incident

Promotion to Trooper, 3 years go by as she tries to mentally recover from the eldritch horrors she survived aboard that vessel, forbidden by Lazarus to discuss the now-classified events.

LSDF Val'ta

Prologue: Sing About the Valleys
Expedition 1: One From Another
Expedition 2: Stickin' in the Camera

HX-14: The Lost Colony

Lost Colony (YE 39)

With her people's and the Val'ta's departure from this universe via Project Checkout, Aran'ya chose to remain behind and her search for what she could really believe in, and along the way unraveling more of the horrors and strangeness that lurked in the forgotten corners of this world. With the dissolution of her LSDF unit, she went freelance for a time, falling in with the mercenary scientist Lisa Alice "Thorn" Ironhart and her expedition to investigate the fate of HX-14 and the lost colony of Roanoke. For her contributions, she received a commendation from Thorn herself, and the beginnings of a working relationship on future projects… one of which was the surprise placing of an Eye-III Class Stealth Corvette under her direct command.

LSDF Dissidents

(YE 41)

When the call goes out for assistance in defending the former Matriarchy holdings in the north from a domestic threat, Aran'ya re-integrates into the LSDF forces on a voluntary basis to help investigate the crisis – and inadvertently deal with the old wounds being in Occestian lands reminds her of.



Aran'ya is fluent in modern Ly'thir and traditional Ci'kesa, as well as the more technical L'uri Syti as a result of her work in the sciences alongside Tian'Vir. Her Trade is relatively poor, though, and as such communicating with foreigners can sometimes be difficult. She is familiar with the standard forms of communication present in the LSDF as well as civilian Lorath systems allowing her to clearly and competently communicate and receive orders and information. She is also capable of writing legibly and quickly allowing her to fill out paperwork as needed, and is especially well versed in preparing scientific reports.


Despite appearing lanky and slender, Aran'ya has a surprising bit of toned muscle, thanks to her regimen of martial arts training everyday. Like all Lmanel, she is gifted with great overall physical endurance and athletic ability.

Aran'ya has performed the Bonding with a native Lor creature called the Tarantis, a very large, predatory forest spider with some qualities similar to a mantis. It does not build webs in the traditional sense, preferring to ambush its prey and subdue them with its bristled legs and venomous bite, which contains a potent neurotoxin that can be deadly even to creatures larger than itself. Her bond with this animal makes her capable of the following morphs:


  • Compound Eyes: By widening her irises and faceting retinal structure, she can mimic a spider's huge field of view and low-light vision. Some form of this is always active, giving her keen situational awareness.
  • Venomous Fangs: Her teeth can become sharp fangs, and her saliva glands can be made to release a poisonous alpha latrotoxin venom, though she need not always do so.
  • Arachnid Setules: Aran'ya can modify her hands and feet to be more spider-like, the hairs splitting into thousands of microscopic triangular branches that create a molecular level attraction to surfaces. This could be used to increase grip, move through slick areas or even climb vertical walls.
  • Urticating Bristles: Tarantis spiders are known for their irritating bristles that can be used for defense or attacking prey. She can mimic this by causing her own body hairs to stiffen and sharpen, even detaching on contact. A well placed kick, for example, could leave her opponent looking like a pincushion!
  • Chitinous Skin: Aran'ya can harden her skin to become more like the tough exoskeletons of insects and arachnids. This grants her increased resistance to damage and other environmental hazards. It will oftentimes be triggered without her thinking when in immediate danger.
  • Extra Appendages: Her normally flightless black wings can be molded into two additional functional appendages temporarily that are dexterous enough to hold and manipulate small objects. This can be further combined with her “Setules” to allow for using these extra digits to grip to surfaces and keep her main hands free.


Aran'ya is trained to use all standard issue LSDF infantry weapons including swords, pistols and rifles, as well as powered armor. She tends to prefer closer ranged combat where possible. In addition to the basic hand-to-hand self defense skills taught at academy, she is an accomplished martial artist in her own right, having mastered the Way of Nature fighting disciplines. Considering her animal form manifests poisonous fangs and wicked kicks, she is probably even more dangerous unarmed than not, practicing a fighting method similar to praying mantis kung-fu.


As a frontline medic, Aran'ya has been trained to provide efficient and timely support to keep her teammates in fighting shape, on or off the battlefield. She is proficient in the use of the Lorath First Aid Kit units, bandages, nanomachine injectables, and other tools of a first responder to diagnose and treat a variety of traumas and other conditions. With the proper facilities, she can perform more complicated surgical procedures and extended care if a ship's doctor is not available. Due to her history with caring for animals in a research setting, she could also be considered a competent veterinarian, if the situation demanded it.

Biology & Chemistry

Aran'ya has a strong background in life sciences, holding degrees in both biology and organic chemistry. Due to her Bonding, she takes particular interest in insects and arachnids, though she is well informed about other creatures, both extinct and living. Her recent jobs have only broadened her xenobiological understanding of alien lifeforms. During her years working on Tian'vir's research, she developed a good knowledge of lab procedures and broadened her chemistry skills as well, able to distill, refine and recombine biological and naturally occurring compounds for pharmaceutical and material science uses. These include the use of normally forbidden Mishhuvurthayar poisons, and other exotic biomass Aran'ya can get her hands on.


Aran'ya is familiar with the language, customs and history of the Lorath people, as expected of all Lmanel caste members. Despite her taboo-breaking indiscretions, she still takes great pride in her connectedness to the past, and the important shamanic traditions that keep faith in the Goddess alive in the world.

Art & Vocation

Although she has focused on other areas more than crafting, Aran'ya's parents made sure she was capable as an artisan, teaching her weaving as a child. When she fell in love with Tian'vir, she started developing this into making various types of natural styled necklaces and bracelets he would find beautiful. She still continues this tradition years later in his honor.

Starship Piloting

Aran'ya has recieved a crash course in the basics of how to control and navigate a small spacecraft safely, as well avoiding danger and detection. While these principles can apply to any vessel, her training was specifically focused on piloting the Eye-III Class Stealth Corvette she was tasked with operating.


Aran'ya has the following items:

The Angel aka "Tian'vir"

An Eye-III Class Stealth Corvette given to her by her benefactor, Ironhart Research, in order to further her freelance xenobiology studies. Outside of its already impressive intelligence gathering and surveying abilities, Aran'ya has modified it contain a mobile space laboratory compartment, with containment for numerous types of living creatures, and tools for mixing and storing chemical compounds. It also sports a secondary power system comprised of a salvaged large QNC engine for silent running, and a Bacterial Charge Pack array that can be sustained via recycled waste and biomass.

She has also renamed it Tian'vir, in honor of her departed secret lover – the name itself is modern Lorathi for “heaven's poison”, but can also can be read as “blessing of life” in the L'uri Syti script.

Clothing & Armor



  • Standard issue hygiene and grooming package
    • 1 bottle of shampoo
    • 1 bottle liquid body soap
    • 1 stick of deodorant
    • 1 toothbrush
    • 1 tube of toothpaste
    • 2 washcloths, white
    • 2 towels, white
    • 1 4oz Container of moisture absorbing powder
    • 1 Make-up kit
    • 1 Manicure kit
    • 1 Hair brush
    • 1 Hair dye kit
    • 1 Set of hair ornaments and ties
    • 1 Tooth repair and alteration kit

Salvage Items

Prizes won along with Koga Akemi from SCSC Annual Salvage Giveaway - YE 37 Halloween:

  • Heavy-Class QNC Engine (Salvaging Ultra Variety, TC: 62-34, IC: 2103-9135-89)
  • Heavy-Duty Off-Road Vehicle (NMX War, TC: 91-21, IC: 1968-9654-101)
  • Heavy-Duty Off-Road Vehicle (NMX War, TC: 98-22, IC: 2115-10793-109)
  • Holographic Projector with Speakers (repairable) (NMX War, TC: 56-71, IC: 4033-21570-121)
  • Hostile enemy mecha (might attempt to kill you) (Salvaging, TC: 98-7, IC: 645-120-94)
  • Industrial Cleaning Alcohol (20 Bottles) (Salvaging Ultra Variety, TC: 46-56, IC: 2633-16129-97)
  • Intact medical kit (Salvaging, TC: 97-18, IC: 1803-885-104)
  • Intact medical kit (Salvaging Ultra Variety, TC: 85-19, IC: 1587-3895-94)
  • Jar of Abjection Krill Jelly (NMX War, TC: 28-39, IC: 1149-19440-64)
  • Pico-Jelly (NMX War, TC: 81-82, IC: 6699-46633-154) (Heaven knows what lewd things Akemi is going to do with this.)

Experimental Compounds, Poisons, etc.

  • Nanoinjector filled with her body's own latrotoxin venom from her saliva glands. Enough of this can be lethal.
  • The remains of Mishhuvurthyar Tentacles from an old battlefield on Tange, containing some residual fluids and DNA for study.
  • Compound Alpha, aka 'Spider's Web' - A Mishhu-derived, green adhesive fluid suspended in a Pico-Jelly polymer matrix. Once fired/sprayed from a small wrist reservoir the blobs will adhere to most surfaces, and begin to quickly air dry into bonded organic strands that are both tough and flexible, thanks to the composite nature of the substance. Upon radio command, the picobots inside can subsequently break down the organic polymer strands back into the matrix-jelly form to be collected and reused.
  • Compound Beta, aka 'Soma' - A Mishhu-derived poison that induces muscle relaxation and fatigue in the target, it can be injected directly or applied to projectiles and melee weapons. Good for capturing alien fauna.
  • Compound Gamma, aka 'Stim' - A Mishhu-derived fluid that can increase sensory perception many times over, however it is currently only stable when applied as a thin coating to an object that directly contacts the skin. Currently going through extensive testing with Captain Porrim…
  • Compound Delta, aka 'Eater' - A Mishhu-derived, rust-colored digestive acid that when sprayed can dissolve many types of organic materials, though the resulting reaction rate is still a bit uncontrollable.



Aran'ya “Widow” Lycosa Lmanel is currently a Trooper in the Lorath Self Defense Force. She receives a weekly salary of 700 HS.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 HS Starting Funds
29,000 HS +26,000 Salary for YE 34 (Soldier)
55,000 HS +26,000 Salary for YE 35 (Soldier)
81,000 HS +26,000 Salary for YE 36 (Soldier)
117,400 HS +36,400 Salary for YE 37 (Trooper)
131,000 HS +14,000 Salary for Jan-May (20weeks) YE 38 (Trooper)

OOC Notes

  • Keib reminds her of her old secret lover when he wears his lab coat.

In the case paladinrpg becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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