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Araxie Serai

Araxie Serai is a player character played by Arbitrated.

  Araxie Serai  
  Species & Gender:    Caelisolan Female  
  Date of Birth:    Late YE 21  
  Organization:    Independent  
  Occupation:    Tactician/Navigator  
  Rank:    Waifu  
  Current Placement:    ISS Araxie  

Physical Description

Height: 167.6cm (~5'6“)

Weight: 36kg (~78.4lbs)

Wingspan/Shaping: 335.2cm (~11'), Hummingbird-like shaping

Wing Color: Cobalt

Eye Color: Silver

Hair Style/Length: Straight with light curling, often to middle of back in length.

Hair Color: Brown, irregular strands are blonde

BWH:34,28, 36 (B cup)

Voice Pitch: F# +5/-25 cents

Holding an average height of five-and-a-half feet but a nigh-unwieldly wingspan of twice that length, Araxie Lia Serai has had some… personal problems in groups of people. From her silk-like hair to her powerful, muscular wings to the pair of feet support the rest, she is an altogether generic, if pretty to most people, female. Some unexplained error during the process of uplifting her into a Caelisolan body resulted in a curious genetic overlap of sorts, giving Araxie's hair its curious two-color scheme without any dyes or other artificial pigments. With an all-around feminine figure this angel typically keeps herself presentable when in public, but with people she considers close the body language and attire are oft replaced with more casual variations. As with many Caelisolans she has a pale skin tone, very slightly tanned.

As of right now, Araxie looks ill and weak, her skin being a ghostly pale color and clinging to her body as if she was starving. A significant amount of her feathers have been lost to stress, and she often speaks incredibly quietly and fearfully.


A rather off-kilter individual, Araxie seems to possess no real 'filter' to her words and phrases. Typically saying the first thing to come to mind, if not the second, the angel seems to have little regard for whether she is hurting those around her or not… But she can notice their reactions, and she even apologizes if she realized she said something a bit too harshly. She even follows the 'golden rule', showing mild annoyance when people try to beat around the bush on something that seems to have an obvious conversational route. Additionally, she is somewhat misaligned when it comes to sleeping; She is up with the moon(s) and goes to sleep with the sun, typically interacting with people during their breakfasts or dinners.

Naturally accustomed to living, working, and generally operating by herself, miss Serai typically will converse with either herself or objects around her, often shouting some snarky insult or another at sudden audial stimuli. On the occasions where she does work with other sentient beings, Araxie has been known to rarely engage in long, possibly emotionally 'deep' conversations with her coworkers. Additionally, she has an extreme aversion to crowds and directed attention, such as if she were being filmed-she isn't paranoid about these things but often would go to lengths to avoid them.

Having lived through the Fourth Elysian War when she was around the age of four, Araxie had been raised in a household that fostered a minor distaste for the Yanmatai, carrying this prejudice into her adult life, although she will not let a cultural discontentment be the only factor when it comes to securing a contract. She just prefers to look elsewhere before choosing to go towards them or their nekos. It should be noted that, like many elysians, Serai is quite sensitive in regards to her race's past events-especially failures or annihilation.

When faced with significantly intense opposition, Araxie is likely to either become extremely focused or attempt to flee. She seems nearly incapable of a rage-induced surge of energy and ferocity.



Araxie Serai was born near the end of YE 21. She did not have many memories of the Fourth War from her earlier childhood, although she had been raised in the Yanmatai-distrusting streets of New Elysia. Naturally more accustomed to the night as opposed to the day, the young plebian often dealt with frustrated parents and tired days at school as the price for basking in the bright reflected sunlight emanating from the planet's satellite.

Araxie's father, Brandon, was aware of the possible side effects caused by eating the mass-produced Psomi; the young Serai was indeed fed larger than recommended portions of the sustenance for much of her early life which may have had an effect on her social and cognitive development. Even without this potential factor, the young brunette was remarkably asocial for many years, carrying this trait into her new body-and her adult life beyond.

When she had grown old enough to think she had excellent decisions, the slightly underaged woman took her saved money, some food, and a suitcase of clothing to space and what it would hold for her. With little in the way of friends, and discussion with her parents about this action-discussions which were surprisingly in her favor- there was little in the way of regret for the departure.

Joining The OSO

Some time later, the young woman found her way to Osman, being hired by Uso Tasuki to assist in the development of the planet and its nightmare of an infrastructure. Shortly into her career, Arx was ‚Äúaccidentally‚ÄĚ recruited into the Sky Guard by Alex Patton. Although she still worked on the planet's development, she occasionally has flown in missions with the guard. During this time, Araxie grew close to Alex Tasuki, and the two of them fell in love with each other.

During her operations in the Sky Guard, Araxie's generally civilian mindset conflicted with the comparatively dangerous situations she was involved in; during her first proper combat encounter in space, the Elysian woman made an incredibly risky decision to save the life of another member of the force, Jack Pine; though successful, she had nearly lost her own life in the process. An accident in a ceremonial hunting event with the I'ee, however, did kill Araxie.


With her boyfriend Alex taking the lead in decision-making, Araxie left planet 188604 in a journey across the Kikyo Sector. The adventure, however, was cut short due to political and social turmoil taking place back on the planet, forcing the group to return and separate, leaving Alex and Araxie on their own again. After a large portion of the Sky Guard left the planet, the lovers were forced apart by Alex's arrest; mentally devastated by the loss, Araxie's mental and physical health began to deteriorate at an alarming pace, leaving her weak and frightful. Until she can be reunited with Alex, Araxie is going to remain in this state.

Skills Learned

Araxie Serai has the following notable skills:

  • Communications-Proficient in the vocalization and literation of many commonly used languages, the young Elysian can be used as a non-professional translator.
  • Vehicles-Mostly self taught, as long as she is given a relatively safe place to acclimate to a vehicle's controls and general operation she can learn how to pilot nearly anything in a matter of minutes‚Ķ Docking and parking not included.
  • Technology Operation-Both as it was taught to her and from her naturally exploratory nature, Araxie has learned the basics regarding how to operate most consoles.
  • Leadership-After a few years of looking at various maps, trade routes, travel routes, supply lines, and what-have-you, Miss Serai knows a fair bit regarding logistics networks and the like. A few shaky encounters with hostile forces has also caused her to recognize the value of tactics, although her actual experience in command is limited.
  • Starship Operations-When she didn't want to pay, or was unable to pay for passage, the elysian would attempt to offer her services as a sort of temporary crew member; she typically became a navigator, due to her analysis of transportation routes and patterns.
  • Culinary-While not always the cook of a starship's crew, the hummingbird often found that making a meal the right way could boost morale remarkably well. Working with sometimes tight budgets, she also was able to efficiently prepare food to minimize the needed cost of a meal. Working with the improved resource accessibility of the OSO, Araxie's culinary aptitude has improved significantly over the past few months.
  • Domestic-After spending so much time in one place, Serai's relatively sloppy habits had begun to catch up with her-she has recently taken the time to learn to properly clean clothing and living areas.
  • Combat-After she had been killed by Lazarus, Araxie decided to train properly in the use of firearms. She has extremely basic pistol marksmanship, and that's about all she can do in a personal fight.

Social Connections

Araxie Serai is connected to: Father: Brandon Serai

Mother: Ashley Serai

Employer: Uso Tasuki

Close friend/Boyfriend: Alex Patton

Inventory & Finance

Araxie Serai has the following items:

-Several outfits for personal use, primarily revolving around comfort. All outfits have been custom-modified to allow the hummingbird to fly.

-One Sky Guard Standard Flight Suit with a turquoise accent.

-One GP-13 Pulse Pistol

-A functional hemosynthesis chamber, retrieved from salvage

-An elevator car

-An airlock

A set of psionics robes, of Lorath origin

She also has 5000 KS. She also carries her card of Elysian currency around with her; the card sports a small arrangement of black chevrons on a grey background on its right hand side, as well as the account number along the bottom.

OOC Notes

-Araxie was originally the name used for Arbitrated's mother in another Roleplay; the name Serai came from a mobile RTS named 'Red Conquest', who had a human character named Ashley Serai.

  • Can this character be killed forever? NO
  • Can this character be killed temporarily? YES

In the case Arbitrated becomes inactive:   * Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yeah yeah try to not get her killed without letting me know please…

  * Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? Nah.

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