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Lod'sha Atydl-Aløttrev Arbis

Unit “Arbis”
SPN Number: Ne-M3-DEE0210
Species: Experimental Mechanoid
Gender: Female
Age: Physical 5 years
Height: 4“6” ft
Weight: 340 lb (154 Kg)
Organisation: Kingdom of Neshaten
Rank: None
Occupation: Mobile Weapons Platform
Current Placement: Division 5

A WIP (NOT YET PLAYABLE) player character used by that creature Primitive Polygon.

General Description

Build and Skin Colour:

The default configuration of the “Arbis” unit is that of a short doll-like Daur gynoid, with a glossy dark purple rubberized casing, and heavy ball-like joints on the hips and shoulders. It has a pale diminutive face with bright red eyes, fangs, silver hair kept in a short bob-cut, and sharp mechanical ear-fin module on top. It has a long, bushy fox-like tail in the same colour as the hair, tipped with an additional camera lens. The outside of the shoulders also bear cameras like this. Hand-units are large, paw-like melee gauntlets, good for little other than slicing a person to ribbons, whilst the legs simply end with impact-resistant stub-blocks.

Almost all the material is a very tense plastic casing, though unarmoured, paler and more sensitive areas exist around the face, the belly, the outside of the shoulders and the front of the knees. Both forearms have a socket on the outside for a pistol sized weapon, and there is also a single optional port on the lower back for a oversized My'leke firearm module; Though they must fold their feet-blocks forward and walk on all fours to even mount this.

Overall it looks like an impish little ghoul of a Daur in some kind of highly uncomfortable tight-fitting plate armour.

Psychological Characteristics

Name Meaning: Their full title is Tinacen (Language) for “Cursed Sister Composite Creature Weapon R-10”. The word “Arbis” alone is their specific registry code “R-10”.

Personality: Arbis is a deceptively energetic, elastic and animalistic sort of creature, not behaving much like their mechanical nature would suggest. An abundance of eyes and strong auxiliary senses means they are often enthralled by sensory stimulus beyond mere organic range, making them act very unpredictable and disturbing indeed.

They have no fear whatsoever in combat, always taking the most straight forward and brutal method of obtaining victory. Outside of battle, their social skills are abysmal, often relying on hoots and hollers to get their ideas across, rarely communicating with more than one word in a row.

The verdict is out if they actually like killing people, or are simply desperate to prove themselves valuable enough to keep around.

  • Likes: Making loud noises, being scary, sitting in the trash, bones, sitting by a warm fire, belly rubs, head pats.
  • Dislikes: Being ignored, unfamiliar people looking right at them, being told off.
  • Goals: They probably don't know themselves.



Technically based on designs by a Laibe engineer known as Elfv Nodra, as far back as year ER760 (YE 02). Working for the Neshaten military industrial complex they produced many groundbreaking gynoid and power armour prototypes, but were continually held back by the commonly held belief that such effigies were unholy and might well become crimes against nature.

Foremost amongst their perceived crimes was the collection of so-called 'ghost data'. Recording exact personality patterns and physical stimulus of a living Nesh over the course of many months, and then directly emulating them, rather than trying to create an AI from scratch. Successes were sporadic and dubious, creating androids that needed things like faces and moving diaphragms in order to stop them from going insane.

With the program failing to produce combat-capable results and public moral pressure mounting, the project was eventually mothballed, and Elfv Nodra was forced into a desk job. A position they considered a disgrace. They disappeared almost immediately along with a great deal of their research and prototype materials. They supposedly committed suicide and took their life's work with them, though no body was ever found.

The military paid this situation no heed and put the rest of the materials in mothballs for the next thirty five years… Until raids on anti-government organisation Kingdom Fall safe houses started producing remarkably similar test components and apparatus.

With the whereabouts of the original engineer still unknown, and unwilling to let the enemy gain such a technological edge without a direct answer, the military reluctantly restarted the project in secret. A singular new-model Daur-frame prototype was rushed through production and soon deployed with Division 5, with intention of both collecting combat data and being modified in the field…


Inorganic Body

Technical Specifications
Energy Crystal Life: 48 Hours.
Recharge Time: One Hour.
Service Life: Every Three Days.
Performance Statistics
Maximum Running Speed: 45.2 Mph
Jump Height: 15 Feet
Max Ground Carry Load: 300 lb.
Operating Temperature Limits: -50 to +70 Deg.F.
Internal Temperature: 50 Deg.F.
G-Force Limitations: 26g.
Max Submerging Depth: 58 meters.

Arbis also has an internal radio system, though it cannot be used to alter their programming. Their camera-eyes have a 360 field of view, though only the head-mounted systems have infra-red and night vision modes.

Despite the presence of semi-organic elasticated materials in it's structure, the Arbis cannot self-heal. It is recommended that damaged modules are replaced entirely. It isn't supposed to feel pain, but malfunctioning sensor data from missing components may have a similar effect due to it's organic-based mental structure.

Fighting & Physical

Being a proof of concept unit, Arbis has been strenuously trained and tested in all sorts of melee combat and small arms warfare. Their movements can be a little predictable, but operating at speeds where metal structures act like jelly, it hardly matters. They are a cold and calculating killing machine that latches onto their registered target and will not let go.


Albis comes only with the following items;

  • An instruction and general maintenance booklet.
  • Power leads, for recharging and booting up other devices.
  • A modified datapad that can be used to view the gynoid's personality diagnostics. It can also limit access to certain functions or limit it's physical capabilities down to a more manageable level. There is also a function to make it specifically unable to kill organic beings.
  • Two Sharp - Needler Pistol modules, designed to be attached to the forearms.
  • Two spare pairs of arms and legs.

OOC Information

In the case primitive_polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Only by club24.
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? DITTO

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